Underground: Documentary by Matt Caratelli

Underground: Documentary by Matt Caratelli

Featuring Zack Debaize, Kev San Jose, Robbie Pitts (Valo), Danny Jensen (Razors), Johnny Jensen (SSM). Thank you to you guys for making this possible.

Underground: Documentary by Matt Caratelli

Underground: Documentary by Matt Caratelli

Thanks Matt (forums).

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58 Responses to “Underground: Documentary by Matt Caratelli”

  1. Jezza Says:

    Well done Matt sick video i really felt the vibe. And props to Johnny for lacing that triple kink!!!! ive been wanting to hit it up for ages! BRRAAAAA

  2. Loyd Says:

    The things they were saying are all true but the film overall was really cheesy. There have been many little skate documentaries that have been exactly the same. “Oh no, know body respects rollerblading”, “we’re one big happy family” and all that crap. The thing is, anyone that has a hobby could say the same things.

  3. Barry. Says:

    My girlfriend hates me going on Rollernews.

  4. josh_morrison Says:

    he did it for school you dickheads, who cares if it was cheesy he had a timeslot to fill and did it well, stop being homos

  5. Anonymous Says:

    @Loyd your a dickhead. Let see if you can come up with something better…yeah i bet you cant because your dumb and dont know shit about these things

  6. Themanwhoisalwaysright Says:

    That oldschoolhippieseighties ginger has some fucking nice tricks in it haha!
    By the way, I liked ittt..

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Superb quality, great work!

  8. ghim Says:

    robbie pitts tricks here are way better than his below-average section, the kid can skate well!

    some of the interviewees seemed a little dense, like really didnt know how to say what they felt.

    overall, some good points made, especially the benefits and negatives of being “underground”.

  9. Loyd. Says:

    I could easily make a documentary about rollerblading with more interesting content. It’s obvious that the focus of this film was the filming and skating as apposed to dialogue. I do know “shit” about these things. That’s why I thought it was weak. As a documentary it didn’t reveal anything new or insightful. If it’s on Rollernews, weather or not the maker has consented then it is open to discussion. Anonymous: You’re one of these batty mother fuckers fascist.

  10. Ball Bag. Says:

    Robbie Pitts skated very well and was very articulate. He came across well in the film.

  11. Matt Caratelli Says:

    @ Loyd

    You’re entitled to your opinion and I respect that. I am only 17 years old and the reason that the answers weren’t as necessarily as in depth as you may have liked is because I made it as a school project with a limited time to make it and an particular audience to cater for (being those who don’t know about our great sport). Whether you think its good or not please respect the effort people put into the rollerblading industry. I respect this more so after seeing how much it takes out of you. I gave it my best shot and this is what I came up with. :)

    Matt Caratelli

    P.S. Thanks to everybody for the feedback! :)

  12. Hoodrat Says:

    Top work Matty!! Keep it up bro!
    Kev’s a Steez Machine! :)

  13. Loyd. Says:

    Matt, I appreciate how hard it is to make documentaries. My comments where rather crass, and I apologies if they caused offense, I was being hyper critical. I have been rollerblading for a long time and am well aware of the effort that goes into making skate videos, running small companies and organizing events. When a rollerblader makes a documentary there is always temptation to film it like a skate video resulting in a quasi skate-vid/doc. As I said before, I think it’s really important for a documentary to reveal something new about it’s subject. In this particular case I don’t think yours did as many other have equally failed to do. I find the rhetoric repetitive and boring. There seems to be this attitude that see’s rollerblading trying to justify themselves and whilst being very middle of the road. Anyway, you’ve obviously got talent and I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you so. Good luck with your future endeavors.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    @loyd so lets see this interesting documetary that you can make..or your just full of it…rollernews is full of idiots like you..

  15. Matt Caratelli Says:

    @ Loyd

    No worries.

    Appreciate your feedback :)

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Loyd your a cock head, such sick work matt!

  17. Greg (french MOFO) Says:

    @ Loyd (sorry for my english..)

    Who the fuck are you to say “In this particular case I don’t think yours did as many other have equally failed to do.”
    You are Joe NAVRAN? I don’t think so biatch (or damn shit fuck myself)!
    You are just criticizin’ this nice project.
    Dear Matt Caratelli, I’m very impress, pull up for your work.

    Support rollerbladin’

  18. robottung Says:

    have you ever licked a chick its fun

  19. smoker Says:

    i found that a great piece of selfexplanation. just great and legit to showcase rollerblading to the non-blading world.

  20. Neyco(french MOFO) Says:

    Really good work, it’s Real pleasure to watch your film. I wish you that it still improves :)

  21. whatever Says:

    i dont watch this .. even its probably cool … but robbie pitts is in it , LOL

  22. Anonymous Says:

    more skating less talking, actions louder than words. TWO GINGERS one edit, i like that! the quality and post production were great. THE SKATING….. not anything i havent seen before!

  23. Anonymous Says:

    robbie your shits weak…. i have no idea how you are even considered a awesome rollerblader. And the fact that i hear you are flow for valo makes me sick, if you think im just talking shit…. post something and see how many ppl agree with me!

  24. Duck Says:

    Good stuff Matt realy is what rollin is all about.

  25. Jens Says:

    how the fuck can somebody not like Robbie Pitts, hes the fuckin Richie Jackson of Rollerblading!!!!!!!

    go perish you ignorant 14 year old cunts

  26. Duck Says:

    And Robbie is awesome!!!

  27. Vetty Says:

    and Richie Jackson is an Aussie too!

  28. Anonymous Says:

    waaaa waaa we underground waaa waa so elite counter culture waaa waaa no money in rollerbladng waaa waaaa we rollerblade look at us waa waa


    when a bunch of nobodies who’ve achieved nothing talk about our sport i dont give a fuck thats why i didnt even grace you with a view on your shitcumentry

    wake me when you film chris edwards talk bout how you all fucking suck each other’s dick

  29. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Nice skating Robbie!

  30. christopher morris Says:

    loved it, good rollerbladers getting their views put across.

  31. Shima Blows Says:

    BORING. Less talking and more skating please. Please don’t make any more documentaries

  32. Anonymous Says:

    All you people that hate on this are stupid…this was made for a SCHOOL PROJECT….

  33. popsicle pen is Says:

    You know what pisses me off how the last clip of the shit did not get laced and he had to use a different angle where the stuff isn’t on the stairs anymore so its obvious that he hit it from the last part only, You think this is avatar if he didn’t lace it don’t show it

  34. Yobad Says:

    Oh dumbfucks rollerblading is a sport not a way to relax not a hippie mobilization not a way to make friends ITS A SPORT its not about fun also ITS A SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORT

  35. Anonymous Says:

    @ popsicle pen is

    that shit was laced. i was there. he used two angles so it looked better

  36. pete w Says:

    Some 17 year old posts his high school documentary project on rollernews. Almost 50% of the people respond with venom towards him, his work and the skaters involved. I am making my own edit this fall and there is no damn way I would ever show it on this site because of people like you

  37. banging Says:

    Robbie Pitts is one of the smoother bladers you will ever see

  38. Anonymous Says:

    @jens and anyone else who has posted negetave and uneeded comments why are you all getting so pissed off about one video i thought it highlited good pionts and had some good skating in it, so if you people despise it and think you could do a better job @loyd then prohaps you should be skating more rather than making such a big deal over one video. which btw i thought was cool

  39. Anonymous Says:

    any video that takes over a minute before skating starts loses my interest….i have ADD….so i dialed out before the skating began, sorry

  40. Andrew Harman Says:

    My boy Robbie pits killing it as usual

  41. sl. Says:

    enjoyed this.

    in case of a school project – thumps up matt.

    liked the way you introduced into this sport.. to much lifestyle flavor for me, but well done. – some cuts :/

  42. Anonymous Says:

    ha richie jackson is the wackest dude in skateboarding

  43. cash Says:

    I’d watch a Robbie Pitt section any day…dudes really fun to watch

  44. Loyd. Says:

    This is not simply about me being able (which I know I am) to make something better. The dude that made this obviously has an interest in film so, why not give him some constructive feedback? He’s the future of rollerblading and some points to think about will only serve him well in is future endeavors. He should be pleased that people have taken the time out to watch his work and give feedback. I’m not some stupid “yes man’ and I’m not going to dumb down my view points. It’s up to him weather he takes my views on board. If anything all you mugs pouring false praise on him are just being insincere and want to make yourselves look good.

  45. Loyd. Says:

    @Greg(French MOFO) – Go fuck yourself.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    @Loyd, Your such a Faggot.

  47. DJ WREKSHOP Says:

    Good stuff guys. Love knowing that all these types of documentaries are being showed in college classes. I did the same thing. They are all similar but all have the same purpose and should be done. Dude at the end put it perfectly. People will really never understand unless they try it for themselves.

  48. Loyd. Says:

    @Anonymous, typical homophobic and bigoted response. You typify the level of intelligence on this site.

  49. Zack D Says:

    Haters dont get to be on Rn, therefore they hate. Sickest work Matt.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    Robbie pits has style, blades good and its a cool dude, who the fuck you think you are, for saying he cant be a valo flow? are you better than him skating? Who the fuck cares!? where are your edits promoting a brand? I cant fucking see it. Lets see if you are smoother than pitts, you fucking cunt. Let me imagine you, you are the typical retarded 15 yo cunt that does some hurricanes and shit in a box and you think you must be sponsored…look at you, and look how lame you are.

  51. James Mac Says:

    Another cliche rollerblading documentary that wasn’t as good as most of the others i’ve viewed… and whats with the ginger guy!? please pull your socks down, got the styling of a 10 year old schoolgirl.

  52. Anonymous Says:

    Pretty awesome for being just a school project, congrats!

  53. proVoke rolling Says:

    ahhhh… Nothing like the comments on Rollernews to show how much the rollerblading community respects and accepts all other rollers just as this documentary stated… oh wait.

  54. Anonymous Says:

    ´Anonymous Says:
    August 28th, 2011 at 12:44 am

    any video that takes over a minute before skating starts loses my interest….i have ADD….so i dialed out before the skating began, sorry

    ….but you had enough time to write this shit down?

    i m happy to see kids with passion and love for the sport without them
    there will be no:
    vibralux,valo,ssm,vine st.,regardless and all the good shit out there that you “little hater” buy! think about that!

  55. Pat Says:

    I’m glad all the whiners have a place to congregate at… #shoot yourselves

  56. dorian Says:

    Kev San Jose is fucking sick, I want to see more of him

  57. Groupie_girl Says:

    I hate you Mr Matt Caratelli. I can’t believe you won’t take me out to dinner and a movie. At least I knew that the time we could have spent together was at least spent on making this. Now that your project is finished will you now ask me out? or do I have to put on a pair of your rollerblades to be with you? call me or facebook me soon. you’re a sweetie.

  58. Joshy O Says:

    Come on Loyd put something better together you faggot.
    Matt sick work i think if i showed someone who didn’t rollerblade this it would get across what we do and how we feel about it.

    Robbie Pitts kills it and has earned every right to ride for valo.

    Stop hating this is gold keep it coming Matt.