Underground: Documentary by Matt Caratelli

Underground: Documentary by Matt Caratelli

Featuring Zack Debaize, Kev San Jose, Robbie Pitts (Valo), Danny Jensen (Razors), Johnny Jensen (SSM). Thank you to you guys for making this possible.

Underground: Documentary by Matt Caratelli

Thanks Matt (forums).

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  • James Mac

    Another cliche rollerblading documentary that wasn’t as good as most of the others i’ve viewed… and whats with the ginger guy!? please pull your socks down, got the styling of a 10 year old schoolgirl.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty awesome for being just a school project, congrats!

  • http://provokerolling.com proVoke rolling

    ahhhh… Nothing like the comments on Rollernews to show how much the rollerblading community respects and accepts all other rollers just as this documentary stated… oh wait.

  • Anonymous

    ´Anonymous Says:
    August 28th, 2011 at 12:44 am

    any video that takes over a minute before skating starts loses my interest….i have ADD….so i dialed out before the skating began, sorry

    ….but you had enough time to write this shit down?

    i m happy to see kids with passion and love for the sport without them
    there will be no:
    vibralux,valo,ssm,vine st.,regardless and all the good shit out there that you “little hater” buy! think about that!

  • http://www.vimeo.com/ohlarkins Pat

    I’m glad all the whiners have a place to congregate at… #shoot yourselves

  • dorian

    Kev San Jose is fucking sick, I want to see more of him

  • Groupie_girl

    I hate you Mr Matt Caratelli. I can’t believe you won’t take me out to dinner and a movie. At least I knew that the time we could have spent together was at least spent on making this. Now that your project is finished will you now ask me out? or do I have to put on a pair of your rollerblades to be with you? call me or facebook me soon. you’re a sweetie.

  • Joshy O

    Come on Loyd put something better together you faggot.
    Matt sick work i think if i showed someone who didn’t rollerblade this it would get across what we do and how we feel about it.

    Robbie Pitts kills it and has earned every right to ride for valo.

    Stop hating this is gold keep it coming Matt.