Underestimated, Denial First Team Video (2002)

July 2009 Repost.


Underestimated was Denial’s first team video. It was released in 2002.

It features profiles on: Jimmy Shuda, Mike Elias, Adam Killgore, Tim Taylor, Dustin Halleran, Walt Austin, Sean Kelso, Colin Kelso, Will Gordon, Chris Cheshire & Chris Farmer.


Fun Facts:

  1. The majority of this video was filmed in under 2 weeks touring. Philly to Michigan to NYC and back.
  2. It was edited on Ulead Media Studio in 2 weeks. HAAAA!

Full Video

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  • HR

    this video is a Legend ! I love it !

  • gay fags

    Horrible music in this bitch

  • Antoine

    Don’t forget Rob Thompson.

  • romy dom

    I forgot how sick this video wass. the good ol days

  • maybe razors should have a look at this trailer n then think about their one for the apparently most anticipated dvd….

    Sick dvd, grab some popcorn n enjoy!

  • http://rollernews roller/bmx rider

    Chris Cheshire & Chris Farmer are fuckin raw in this movie . Underestimated was the shit

  • JustMe

    In terms of the marriage between style and technicality I think this was one of bladings high points. Perhaps *slightly* too baggy but at least skaters seemed to have an identity in the extreme sports scene. Now we look like we are wanna be *rockstar* skateboarder art students.

    And if the statement in the description is true regarding the footage being filmed in two weeks hell, thats some productive commited skating. Pros struggle to squeeze out an edit every 6 months.

    Really enjoyed this video, first time I couldnt stop watching in a while. You forget get what kind of stuff was getting done 7 years ago!

  • SeeK

    The older the better

  • collin d.

    this was the first rolling movie i ever saw…watching this brings back so much nostalgia. as much as i love skating now, i kinda wish i could go back to those old days when everything seemed so new and intriguing to me. i owe all of my skating to this movie.

  • eric

    Underestimated / VG19 / Words

    Still the three best videos from the best era in rollerblading.

  • charls kuhns

    this is one of my most favorite videos on the face of rollerblading in the planets. a lot of fun to see it has rollerbladers and good stuff

  • Nice

    Cheshire <3

    I love this video.

  • harry k

    i love this movie, i still get pumped up to this dvd. i wish Rob Thompson was still around he was my favorite skater and still is, with his mad hammers and 360s to any grind.

  • harry k

    btw eric you forgot one dvd , its underestimated vg19 and of coarse uncloned

  • Tom Fry

    Cheshire, Gordon and Thompson for the WIN!!!!!!!!!!!Legends!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.theambiance.role.ro seba theambiance

    i forgot how much i loved the sean kelso section , the song made it epic

  • http://chris@chris.com Chris K

    top 10 dvd evar

  • Danny Beer

    SK section is my favorite, gets me pumped!

  • Da_Beat

    best team video along with coup de tat

  • JR

    first rolling vid i got, still love it

  • http://jinjoint.com Sean T.

    Really good video.

  • adobsnc

    i still got this one at the crib i love watching it before i go skate…the teams back in 02 were spectacular…..dustin halleron, walt austin, kelso’s, farmer, the cheshire cat, will gordon, tim taylor, and malik…the second regime team might have given them a run for the money back in the days….that would be an good battle.

  • jr

    sean kelso=NO STYLE … just horrible … same thing now in present day

  • alkolo

    all the tricks are heavy,creative and high tecknikal..make me think that actual rollerskating is shit

  • alkolo

    or overEstimated

  • Beef

    jr i wanna bitch slap u in da face.. sick dvd, makes you wonder if the skill level in videos has gone down hill or just in a different direction…

  • portas

    great dvd. would say this Farmer, Cheshire and Thompson at their best. I think Will Gordan peaked a bit later and Kelso was way off his best ( I would say he was at his best around Legacy time)

  • Decepticon

    My fucking god Cheshire. I forgot how flawless that section was. CHESHIRE IF YOU READ THIS PLEASE TELL ME YOU’VE GOT ALOAD OF CLIPS IN TRUTH 2

  • truth is

    what happened to all these guys? ? ?

  • charls kuhns

    it also has rollerbladers rollerblading places

  • firth

    best hype intro ever. i never get past the intro before i’m out the door n skating!

    maybe staying in though as i live in england and it’s pissing it down :) great times

  • Stubz

    This and Words are the best DVD’s.
    What the fucks happened to Rob Thompson?
    Farmer and Thompson are fucking mental in this!

  • DarthRoller

    People can hate on baggy clothes all they want, but rollerbladers had a style all their own back then. You knew a roller when you saw one, even when they weren’t wearing skates. We just look like skateboarders now.

    That dvd was pure, un-adulterated sickness. Farmer’s ability on rails at that time was insane. That’s nearly 8 years ago and a lot of people are only catching up to that level of technicality now, with nowhere near even half the steez. Insane to think about.

    540 true mizou in the intro…….bloody hell. Nearly 8 years ago!

    Everyone was killing it in Underestimated. How they managed to pack in all that top, top rolling in such a short period is beyond me. I think people were far more juiced back then.

  • stubz

    DarthRoller is true man, not hating on skinnys but its like they stopped being baggy and lost the passion its all about money now and park is going to kill street, out of all my friends theres like 1 or 2 who skate nothing but street.
    If you watch and old DVD and then a new one theres such a difference, everyone was juiced in the old DVD’s

  • Ben

    Does anyone remember that video with the Kelso Bros. and chris chesire, and a bunch of other people. I THINK Denial was apart of it. It had Beastie Boys – Flute Loop in it and had a Jewel song for the ending credits. and at the very end, it has clips of em hitting one spot where they cut chains of the rail and rip it up at night. i cant remember the name!! I have a feeling it was called Heart or something like that, someone please lead me in the right direction.

  • http://vimeo.com/user1111965/videos Richard Karlsson

    This video is so sick..
    And ben i think you mean “Choose your genre”

  • Anonymous

    That video was called “Heart” Pure awesomeness

  • lol

    no wonder rollerblading has died in U.S. kids are afraid to get their hair messed up nowadays. they do safe litte shit tricks on little obstacles and claim to have style. rollerblading has become figure skating.

  • Anonymous

    Back in the day schedule:
    Sunny summer Sat-Sun mornings- wake up between 9-10 am
    Hit up your friends
    Warm up spot- between 10am-12pm
    Food between 12-2 pm
    Skate spots from 2:30- dawn
    End session- peace out homies and call it a day
    (Motivation to actually skate, see cool steeze and tricks, baggie look, and hit up nice street spots)

    Today’s schedule:
    Sunny summer Sat-Sun mornings- wake up between 9-10 am
    Hit up the very few friends that now skate
    Warm up at a skatepark
    Food between 12-2pm
    Either back to the same skatepark or off to another skatepark
    End session- call it a day
    (*No motivation, no “cool” steeze or tricks, rockstar look, and no street spots)

    For you noobs who are new to skating, you all missed out on our era. Wish we could go back to street skating. Those days are long gone.

  • yeahhhhhhhh

    it was sick back then, but it’s still sick now. guys hatin and complaining r just lame.

  • Shifty

    very nice memories from that time!!! Golden Era! (to me)
    my schedule back in the day :): wake up at about 9 am, skating till 8-9 pm….
    good times!:)

  • krusty

    one of my favorite videos of all time

  • noel

    colins section was pure stteeeze

  • SAM

    Classic. Whatever happened to Chris Cheshire?

  • deubeul

    epic video!! a huge bang at that time!

    personally my favourite part’s always been Mike Elias’s… love is skating

    even if the singer has the shittiest voice i’ve ever heard

  • carly


  • pom

    this video is a milestone in skating.

  • Collin D

    This video got me into rolling. Still my favorite.

  • Chicken George

    Alias – Divine Disappointment – Farmer
    The Roots – Thought at Work – S. Kelso
    Cee-Loo – One For The Road – Austin
    (no idea) – Balance Control – Gordon
    The Roots – What You Want – Cheshire

    = best songs and best sections to get hyped up before skating!

  • Siege

    Video makes me want to cry, how skating has changed so much…I don’t even know, Those days were truly the golden age. Don’t get it twisted though, rollerbladers, we still rip…but yeah, a side by side of farmer then and now is crazy, he don’t skate the same…fuck looks or dress style, he doesn’t skate the same…he still rips though and he still has mad hops haha. All these guys still fuck shit up…but yeah it’s just different, idk very strange.