Travis Pastrana & Nitro Circus Perform “Freedom Flyers” (Conan on TBS), Featuring Chris Haffey

Travis Pastrana & Nitro Circus Perform Freedom Flyers (Conan on TBS), Featuring Chris Haffey

The Nitro Circus version of Angry Birds puts an adult bigwheel to the test.

Thanks Tom Verroco.

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14 Responses to “Travis Pastrana & Nitro Circus Perform “Freedom Flyers” (Conan on TBS), Featuring Chris Haffey”

  1. Travis Stewart Says:

    the stunt wasn’t really funny. some of the stuff flops, but its always good to see Haffey in the mix of whatever they do, just adds to more and more exposure over time.

  2. DJ WREKSHOP Says:

    “that was a huge waist of time” hahaha funniest thing Conan O’Brien has ever said. I heard Haffey wasn’t even featured in this movie. Good thing I didn’t waist my money supporting a bunch of motocross/basejumpers/bmx’ers who all probably make 2-3 times as much money as Haffey.

  3. this guy ^ Says:

    Dj speaks the truth!

  4. smokey macpot Says:

    hey dj it’s
    waste not waist.
    you put a belt around your waist.
    you throw your waste in the trash.

  5. Dr. Sheldon Cooper Says:

    /\ BA ZINGA!

    Pants. Pants. Pants. Pants.

  6. DJ WREKSHOP Says:

    Thank you Smokey^ :)

  7. ermahgerd Says:

    chers herffey mah favrit rerllerblerder



  9. Anonymous Says:

    video not available in australia?! wasnt it all filmed over here!

  10. Sam J Says:

    Not available in Canada either…

  11. rollerblading is gay Says:

    not availlable there? even with intrarweb trix?!@

  12. mgIFProductions Says:

    awh shite! wish i could see the clip… some one find a way of getting the clip.. Please! :)

  13. meh Says:

    You didn’t miss much folks, was a bit of a crap stunt really.

  14. Anonymous Says: