Toms Krasovskis: The Rolling, SSM Edit

Toms Krasovskis

“We were filming this edit for about 2 months. It was hard because of all the little things that slow you down, also everyone has work or school etc.

So we used the time we have and tried to do the best we can! Its still not even close as good as we wanted it, but it is what it is! And I think almost any blader feels the same and wants a due over for his edit.

So here is what we got, check it if you want to and we hope you enjoy!”Toms Krasovskis.


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9 Responses to “Toms Krasovskis: The Rolling, SSM Edit”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Nice Nice …..!

  2. rudis Says:

    straight from Riga city, a.k.a beef city! Good job, Toms!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    most overproduced grom edit ever

  4. pcp Says:

    was nice… maybe except for these strange half cess/ halfroll 2 grind things…

  5. wild Says:

    to anonymous – why judge someone, becouse he`s putting effort in edit with someone else not Broskow, Bolino, Aragon or Nils. Good job Toms, keep it up!

  6. Johnson Says:

    Toms = Bombs ;)

  7. Bob Job Says:

    @wild…yeah I agree, but stop hating on broscow and those guys. They’ve paid their dues and put years of hard work into the sport. Anyone got any ssm size 12 for sale? Can collect in person or pay for shipping.

  8. Bob Job Says:

    How much would shipping be? I can spend no more than $30 on shipping.

    Are SSM UFS compatible?

  9. Many Fresh Says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this guy skates like brandon campbell but with better landings? I like it a lot!!