Tommy Chung: 2012 Vancouver Edit by Danny Beer

Blading by Vancouver‘s one and only Tommy Chung!

Previously: An afternoon with Tommy Chung in downtown Vancouver.

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30 Responses to “Tommy Chung: 2012 Vancouver Edit by Danny Beer”

  1. Tim Says:

    I like it. Thumbs up!

  2. owl Says:

    I like it too even with this lover song.

  3. Diaz Says:

    Great vibe coming from that edit. PROPS !

  4. Damn Son Says:

    Some nice tricks. U roll on the last bit? Looks scary!

  5. Me Says:

    Niiiice, jackie chan is back

  6. Mr.S Says:

    Incredible super smooth style, very chilled

  7. Dallas Kurtz Says:

    Woooooooo what a section bro, Wild Cat reppin the Canadian scene hard.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Chung is great, all you other Canadians pumped for spring yet ?

  9. santa Says:

    Weird choice of music… nice skating for sure HORRIBLE editing and shooting sorry…

  10. Tom Cheung Says:

    Why isn’t this guy pro?

  11. Filip Says:

    sick edit. good song too. tired of punk and dubstep. how does he fit those size 7’s? i had to shave mine out a fuck ton or else they fucking killed my feet

  12. Jason Says:

    that was dope. well done

  13. creature 8472 Says:

    some good style and trick variations!

  14. moldy tent Says:

    possibly THEE smoothest style in blading right now. First trick was one of the dopest tricks I have ever seen!

  15. karma Says:

    Wildcat in heat!
    hot hot hot

  16. LEON Says:


  17. Tico Says:

    Sick skating TC

  18. Brodye Says:

    Tommy-saaaaan! Crushing it!

  19. ::{BMF} Dave Says:

    So fucking sick.

    Loved it.

  20. Shredmontonian Says:

    Barely any hate on Rollernews!? Probably because this was a fucking sick edit!

  21. Jon Nguyen Says:

    Enjoyed this! Great job!

  22. jimmy Says:

    his style is so I don’t give a shit about how hard this is. amazing edit, really creative!

  23. jonk Says:

    that was awesome !!!! killing it .

  24. Frank UHMW Says:

    damn was dope. tommy handled those hammers with such ease.

  25. Pants Says:

    Cool as. He’s got a weird way to place his arms when he skates up to spots. Not a big deal, juste saying. Sick skating.

  26. Timmychanga Says:

    Fresh. Shit’s like cold milk from out the toilet.

  27. pom Says:

    man, this guys style is so casual and controlled it makes me have to watch twice to appreciate that his tricks are actually damn good. he just makes shit look easy

  28. Clynt Says:

    That first trick was ridiculous. Sick edit Tommy.

  29. bryan f Says:

    So sick Tommy! Killing it on the daily!

  30. Cody Sagona Says:

    His style reminds me of Silhan.