Todd McInerney: Best of Mushroom Blading

Todd McInerney: Best of Mushroom Blading

As we continue to prepare for Mushroom Blading Volume 7, here are Todd McInerney‘s highlights from Mushroom Blading 1-6 and every edit since Better Than Baseball.

For all the lazy people who don’t watch full length videos (which is 99% of people).

Artwork: Mushroom Blading (2007).

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30 Responses to “Todd McInerney: Best of Mushroom Blading”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    so so bad …………….

  2. faeces Says:

    Good god that was shit!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    irritating music, faggoty skating I mean what the fuck was that!? Ballet on wheels?? and on top of it all the guy is a nut job…

  4. Hans h Says:

    i liked it so muchhh. todd for president

  5. kboos Says:

    Best blader out there, the most free man in our “spot”! you can hate I bet he doesn’t give a fuck you motherfuckers!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Noob comments on this site make me laugh – top 3 comments are obviously by little kids new to the game.

    Love Todd and love his care free attitude to skating!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I would love to see him put out a serious edit with nothing but “cool tricks” just so people would recognise his skill but i know it’ll never happen because he’s too busy enjoying himself and not restricting his skating. i’m personally not into doing some of the tricks myself but i can appreciate the care free, creative approach. love all these guys. Whenever im bored of watching spin to win, competitive people i just watch these guys for inspiration. some of there stuff is just comedy genius.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    had to watch twice

  9. Anonymous Says:

    mushroom blading FTW

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Todd was doing shit 10 years ago that people still haven’t thought of yet. He is a better rollerblader than you.

  11. moldy tent Says:

    So much cool shit in there. I had to rewind it a bunch of times to comprehend some of the tricks. Todd is incredible!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I thought it was a spoof at first haha. Proper weird but couldn’t stop watching the chaos!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Kind of a free running with blades on

  14. Anonymous Says:

    haha s o advanced you dont appreciate the difficulty

  15. GrindyMcT Says:

    Maybe not every video has to be of superhuman ninjas doing shit most of us couldn’t fathom. Maybe some of the best videos are of guys doing shit that most of us wouldn’t think of doing. Skating isn’t science, it’s art. There is no right or wrong.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    hard to stay awake watchin that

  17. Mr. T Says:

    I pity the fool who don’t like Mushroom Blading.

  18. todd mcghayrry balls Says:

    Your gay was a bit too Cheung
    please leave a Allan after the Todd
    this is a recording
    fuck you

  19. Anonymous Says:

    That was some fancy footwork. A lot of Latimer influence going on. This guy cracks me up every time.

  20. The ? Says:

    He should persue acting…. The skating was ok …. Just too long…too repetitive ….way too many monorolls…. Way too many spins….I will never ever watch this edit again….nor will I ever really understand mushroom blading!!!

  21. florence nightingale 1820-1910 Says:

    that was really good to watch but not the best blading i have seen. The kick out, spins, grinds, airs and grab was pretty cool including the last trick but the heel rolls and all that shit when they were not even real tricks was a load of crap lol. the ending was funny, overall it was good but there was some gay stuff in there

  22. Yobad Says:

    fuck yeah!!!!! This is what I think most of the bladers should be doing, along with powerblading. Classical blading is just too dangerous to keep up and is very restrictive in terms of tricks. I really enjoy it, thanks guys from mushroom blading for being so creative and not caring about mainstream tendencies

  23. Anonymous Says:

    To me, skating is about moving around your environment just as any pedestrian but your blades help you going faster and allows you to SMOOTHLY use the obstacles on your way to add more fun to the ride.

    I agree that it shouldn’t be all about the tricks, I also love fooling around but no human being can enjoy spinning like that really!!! You’re pretty much just seeking attention with this concept of complete different skating and that’s what annoys me while watching this, almost like a clown.

  24. dbeer Says:

    Todd is the bomb. Listen to that message at the end and realize whats up. Dad boss murking everything! Don’t matta whats in front of this man.

    Incredible talent

  25. Anonymous Says:

    this is how we progress

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Todd McInerney biggest troll in rollerblading.

  27. R Says:

    People arent giving enough love for this seriously. It was very creative and a solid style with its own orginality. I rather watch this then other shit with consitent grinding. The stuff todd pull took skill aswell and isnt easy to pull. Loved it! To those who said some arent ” tricks” , wtf are tricks? They are all the things socially constucted by the norm.

  28. Rob Says:

    That was the best thing for my eyes today! When you put the best of few years it really makes more sense.

    By the way ENDER was ON POINT

  29. Aggressive inline skater Says:

    Todd is clearly having more fun then any other blader -the podcasts are hilarious and very interesting. Also for those who don’t know, Todd threw some serious hammers before most of you know what professional aggressive inline champion rollerblading was……. He also has a decent job and a family and clearly has his shit together – Todd for president

  30. Anonymous Says:

    why do they call it mushroom blading? do they do drugs or somthing!??!?! lol!