Through Our Eyes | Copenhagen

I went to Copenhagen to get Gregory Preston‘s impressions and point of view about rollerblading. Stephane Ryter and Gregory Polony joined me for the trip.Geoffroy Dubreuil.

Song: Tobacco – Grape Aerosmith (feat. Beck).
Through Our Eyes: More Media.

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  • Anonymous

    booooyyyy howdyy i love me some copenhagen! especially that minty wintergreen! throw me in a fat hog nut pinch and i know the south gonna do it again! ill run over the fancy pants Mercedes in my john fucking deer! shit i got me a new cross bow the other day! killed me a big thick ole bitch probably a nice 6 pointer! with a hog nut in of course!

  • Defklyn

    Can’t wait to see the others podcast and the full DVD !