Thomas Martin: Summer 2012 Edit

Thomas Martin

Quoting David Dodge:

Thomas Martin broke his spine, I don’t have a lot of details on it, but what I do know is that the doctors were surprised he was surviving everyday activities. I didn’t get the fall on video, but I’m sure someone did and it was insane.


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15 Responses to “Thomas Martin: Summer 2012 Edit”

  1. cooley Says:

    yupp. no one can handle the Boone posse

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Apparently Thomas was in a car accident that caused his spine to break. It was a drunk driver that hit him. I hate people.

  3. soul2roll Says:

    Lovin those rolls :D

    Hope your doin ok after screwin up ur spine!?

  4. kboos Says:

    sick eit, get well son

  5. Nigel Thornberry Says:

    Hell yeah man. SIck edit and feel better. Goin Against Your Mind is a sick song choice too!

  6. honestly... Says:

    yes, that was a great song choice, amazing edit. I really like all the rolling in your rollerblading, good use of the tool.

    get better.

  7. Scheltza Mahmoud Says:

    fuckin fractured spine in a car accident… “I’m sure someone did and it was insane”

  8. johnnyray Says:

    those rolls were crazy! what in the world man. hearing about your accident is crazy, hope you heal up real soon

  9. Anonymous Says:

    nothing like some good ol fashioned rollerblading.. good shit dude!! get well soon

  10. andy from razors Says:

    too many sole grinds, only sole grinds basically

  11. iLove Lucy Says:

    Watching this edited reminded me of Andy Kruse’s skating, but only better.
    Keep it up.

  12. sokanomx Says:

    WTF Bearded T? Spine injury….Im so sad bro. Get better homie!

  13. Rorus Says:

    Few people actually know that after Thomas got out of the car went to check on the dude, realized he was drunk, pulled him out of the car and then beat the piss out of him, then after all the police reports were filed, we all went out to the bar…it was a pretty crazy night.

  14. Reto Bürgin Says:

    Sick man!!! Great edit

  15. dah Says:

    awesome shit
    rolls were crazy
    2nd to last was a gorgeous clip