“This is Kuwait” in Switzerland, by Stephane Ryter

this is kowait bulle switerland

One amazing day session with two Kuwaitians Rollerbladers: Hamad Jamal and Talal Al-yagout. Filmed in Bulle (CH) by Stephane Ryter.

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22 Responses to ““This is Kuwait” in Switzerland, by Stephane Ryter”

  1. Rob C Says:

    I used to guard bombs in Kuwait, it was fucking hot there. Sick section.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    They think they’re raw!! Aahhhh!!!

  3. DJ WREKSHOP Says:

    Damn these fools are fucking good!! Nice to see that there are rollerbladers holding shit down from Kuwait. Keep it up guys.

  4. ????? ??????? Says:

    ????? ?????? ?? ???? ??? ? ?? ??? ?????? ????? ???? ??? ???? ??? ???? ???? ???? ???? ?? ????? ??? ????? ?? ????? ???

  5. Anonymous Says:

    lol that guy was so cocky- he landed all of his mad (but sketchy un stylish) tricks in the bank :L

  6. Roces Impala Says:

    you ever killed anyone?

  7. Movez'lang Says:

    Ah bah voila maintenant ont sait qui a fait peter la bouteille de gaz

  8. blah Says:

    he landed in the bank every time and didnt grind the whole ledge once, why was he juiced about that hard topsoul??

  9. donshishi Says:

    putain j ai pas hater ? et en general quand j aime pas je passe mon chemin mais trop c est trop. l edit sans le son est cool (tricks, niveau) Mais putain c est pas possible de foutre une musique merde pareil. et C est quoi l interet du gangsta racaillons style c est franchement insupportable. bref j ai arreter a 1m39 ca fait mal a la tete si j allais plus loin. dommage parce qu encore une fois sans l amalgamme musique x imbecile ca peut etre cool. juste une question on peu enlever le tag suisse j ai pas envie que les gens pensent qu on est tous comme ca en suisse. merci

  10. gin ji Says:

    dam you took the song that i wanted in edit that i am makin i hate you :)
    sick skating
    btw i thought girls in kuwait wear paranja and full body dresses and shit haha coll to se that it isnt like this

  11. Anonymous Says:

    you guys rock! gerdfvybunimo,p.oiuytyvbunmi

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Hamad Jamal is super good! gotta love good rollerblading no matter what country its coming from. Even though every “little punk rock hater skater” thinks the sport is dead this show that our sport reaches every corner of the world…

  13. Corentin Says:

    @ donshishi: dégage de la Suisse immédiatement gros PD! Cette edit est incroyable et tu n’es qu’une merde. Mets tout de suite ta tête entre tes grosses lèvres pas propres et étouffe-toi. Connard.

    Stéphane Ryter fait des pures edits!

  14. Johnny Flasch Says:

    Fuck You! – for that weapon tatoo – really: fuck you and everything you stand for!

  15. your mom Says:

    To Johnny Flasch: you act like no american has a Gun Tattoo… really? finding something to hate huh? your bored.

  16. ghetto gangsta Says:

    Playing with guns? Well playing with roller skates as well? Therefore shoudn’t be that tough…….

  17. Anonymous Says:

    come on guys cant you take a joke?? seriously.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    i didn’t watch the edit but the still with the tattoo is sad…

    guns are silly..

    so are armys.

  19. ALbert Says:

    forcement ca pouvait etre qu’un bronzé pour la bouteille de gaz.hihihihi

  20. Anonymous Says:

    anonymous is an idiot soft ass liberal pussy i assure guns are necessary unless you trust the govt

  21. Anonymous Says:

    maby this guys don’t get enough sex… but at least that guy in the blue t-shirt does roll good :) ps nice skatepark use it well ! you pice of crap I skate on a street ledge and I skate better than you pice.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    you guys suck at spelling, yet talk so much shit!! dumb fucks. (Check my spelling)