Themgoods: Sticker Edit

Themgoods: Sticker Edit

Featuring Alex Broskow, Chris Farmer, Jeff Stockwell, Erik Bailey, Brandon Smith, Victor Arias, Erick Stokely, Mike Mcmullen and Jon Julio. Sticker Contest Rules.

Song: Generationals – Ten Twenty Ten. Thanks Anon.

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  • Anonymous

    39 stickers, how do i claim my prize?

  • lol

    so does the same sticker on the same ledge in a different clip count as two? ;-)

  • Anonymous

    //how do i claim my prize?

    There is a link in the post (Sticker Contest Rules), just click on it and read.

  • rollbloke

    good work, great video :-)

  • David

    Counts as one, because it’s the same sticker.

  • FU

    Fs who could be assed describing where each and every sticker is.

  • Andy Ek

    Seems like old mate’ Broskow is falling off…Did you see how tiny that ledge was? Even skateboarders wouldn’t put that in an edit…and dat ender??? come on.

    P.s. Eric Bailey needs tighter pants. So gross.

  • Anonymous

    Song please????

  • Anonymous

    Song: Generationals – Ten Twenty Ten


    Hey Andy ! Do a fastslide more than 20cm and you ll can open your mouth !
    Fuck da mentality ! FUCK HATERS !!!
    This edit is funny, wait Broskow’s profile in V.


    Hell yeah! I’m with you “FUCK HATERS”, Broskow rock’s!

  • reply @FUCK HATERS #1/2

    suck his dick, you guys are fuckin annoying

  • andrew conners

    hes wearing a backpack in the clip. clearly fuckin around.

  • Yi YIiiiiii

    Shred 2 is the big news out of that edit.

  • Rewind

    What has happened to Baileys pants? Sooo bad in how they fit.. Farmers half cab topsoul was perfection, best clip in the edit.

  • Nostradomus

    I give Farmer one more year on xsjado before he’s skating Valo’s.

  • big deal

    Farmers already on valos. And already finished his section for V