The Remedyz Project by Claudio Antonelli (2016)

The Remedyz Project by Claudio Antonelli (2016)

So I broke my Rollerblades… Sounds like the 90s i know. These Remedyz skates are out of production since almost forever and i broke the shell and now i’m on a mission to find a solution to fix that.

My plan is to print or CNC a replacement part and cause i’m way to lazy to measure out that whole amorph thingy, i just did some photogrammetry magic and now i’m working on a replacement part.

This is the first part of that side project, I might go on, or not. Enjoy watching me pushing around Polygons.Claudio Antonelli.

Software used: Agisoft Photoscan, Cinema 4d, Octane Render (Photo).

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    That was awesome, thanks for sharing. I had a pair of the all black with the red piping but always wanted these white ones. I never understood why Remz didn’t release a retro… with a fast heel plate preferably. Anyways, good luck on the project and hope to see more videos.