The Popularity Contest: Promo Edit (2004)

The Popularity Contest

Coming up on its 10th year. The Popularity Contest began with this gem. It could be argued that this is THE promo for rollerblading contests. – Joey Mcgarry.

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13 Responses to “The Popularity Contest: Promo Edit (2004)”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. senate Says:

    stand up for what you believe in never fail the tale

  3. Matt.G Says:

    That really is the best skatepark in the whole world.
    Watching this makes me miss living there, but then again I’m not too bad where I am now.
    Pop contest is the best contest in Canada. It’s been 3 years I haven’t been to one but it is the biggest and most fun event the country has to offer!

  4. Travis Stewart Says:

    Its the best damn skatepark…In the whole world…


  5. Anonymous Says:

    hahaha this is fucking awsome

  6. Hans h Says:

    lol so blades go for about $4000 nowadays?

    seeing this again madew me crack up.. pop contest looks awesome for sure

  7. walter sanchez Says:

    hell yes. love these fuckers..mushroom blading!!!!!!!!

  8. Adrian Scoseria Says:

    hahahaha $4000 bucks! almost there LMAO

  9. pffffffft Says:

    bunch of fucking squeezers

  10. Anonymous Says:


    what does that even mean noob…….

  11. Anonymous Says:

    very very shit,i think,you are gay.You dont make vedeos,please.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    fuck you mcgarry and band,enough really enough

  13. Anonymous Says:

    wow 1st gen remz !! glad i was there! especially at matts place with andrew and matt!