The Meantime: Alex Broskow & Chris Farmer Sections

The Meantime, a video by Brandon Negrete (2006). 2009 Repost.

The Meantime

Alex Broskow

Chris Farmer

The Meantime (2006) By Brandon Negrete: More Sections.
Thanks Weedoproskater.

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  • rollerblading is gay

    i wonder what you ladies will bitch about now

  • Jimmy

    can anyone post brandon campbell section please???

  • Smashing Dumplings

    I love this DVD, all time favorite, and Farmers section is probably his best section in my opinion

  • Grabietz

    was Alex broskow harder, better, faster, stronger in the past?

    anyway. totally like this two section, and they are both the best.

  • Paul C

    im not a fan of chris farmer but i love this edit

  • lol

    This is so shit

    Rollerbladers need to get out of the 80’s

  • Lukas

    @lol: Oh my god are you fuckin serious???? This is by far one of the best vids ever made…but hey do you…

  • Smashing Dumplings

    @lol: you need to quit rollerblading because if you can’t appreciate such quality then film yourself and watch it to see just how much u will always pale in comparison to any section on Meantime.

  • bballog

    this is an amazing video beginning to end. great artistic direction. the chris farmer section wow. the only rock and roll video possibly better than this is it’s predecessor Road to Nowhere.

  • Rooms

    Both sections are great !
    And I agree with Smashing Dumpling about the Farmer’s one (and about “lol” ;) )

  • Ross

    These two sections are awesome – broskow smashed it!

  • rad as fuck

    That broskow section was so amazing, got me so juiced! He just thrashed everything, and the song was perfect for it, hell yes! Im going rollin right now!

  • gay

    omgggg chris farmer is god :O

  • Scott Wilcoxson

    Chris Farmer makes rollerblading in to something else. It is beyond clothes and all of the running mouths. He is untouchable.

  • rza

    Browskow skates more mellow mellow obstacles now because he doesn’t want to fracture his skull.Ya dig?


    sick sections

  • alexFAR

    remind me the last starwars : clone wars!

  • romy dom

    both of them are so ridiculously good. farmers last tricks are death, probably not to many people in the world that would try that disaster hop over fence true miz on the drop side of the rail.

  • Scotty Blades

    3:24 from parking lot over fence tru mizou drop rail. Farmer. wtf.