The Lunchroom

The Lunchroom is a movie about 3 bladers/ friends from Eindhoven: Jeroen Wullems, Niels Groenendijk and Timmy van Rixtel.

Because the Grindhoven crew is very active in blading, they had the chance to meet lots of bladers from all over the world like: Steve Swain, Nick Lomax, Guillaume le Gentil, Maxime Genoud, Seth Nicolas and many more.

The first movie with a Urban Section and more like: Profiles, 1 Week With, B-day Gift and A Special Appearance by Sven Boekhorst.

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  • Tim Dekuiken

    Please no, just no.

  • Jacob


    great filming, feel good vibe.

    more projects like this please!

  • Joss Derrick

    The last thing people care about is the life of douchebags named Timmy Rixtel en Jeroen Willems

  • sdfsd

    very nice,………

  • WHO

    Mike jonessssss

  • Zerfie

    Why can’t the Dutch by a descent HD camera? Shit quality.

  • Grindhoven


  • Ben

    roller hate living up to its name!

    Good edit guys, good vibes throughout!

    Its in HD zerfie, if you werent such a tool you could’ve watched it on the vimeo page in HD.

  • Kut Ralf

    Loved it!

    Haha not HD, Zerfie

    your computer must be the cheapest shit ever.

  • Rollervision

    Oh look the ugly dutchies are mad, buy a descent camera and stop making edits. Douchebags.

  • Anonymous

    that’s a bit weird, buy a better camera and do not use it…

  • Anonymous

    that’s like buying a nice computer that you use to hate on shit you like.

  • Anonymous

    @Rollervision @Zerfie

    A descent camera is a camera that descents something and keeps going lower… I think you mean a decent camera.

  • Kut Ralf

    Some smart haters here hahahaha

  • Anonymous

    Wasted 10min of my life, thx.

  • Erwin

    Haters gonna hate, skaters gonna skate. Nice video!

  • Anonymous

    the only good thing coming out of Holland is Edwin from hell.

    the rest is irrelevant.

  • Kut Ralf

    De laatste “Anonymous” demonstreert hier even ” Steenkolen engels ” beter bekend als een Nederlandse zin vertaald naar Engels.

    Goed bezig Topper.

  • Anonymous

    weak shit

    why is this on rollernews?

  • jack shit

    This is not so bad.

    Beter than all the polish and russian shit that get posted here.

  • anonumous

    What track is playing on 8 minute anybody know??