The Losers: Make Money (2016) Teaser

The 1st of February marks the one year of this project being in production. After many months of traveling and filming with our beloved douche bags and assholes from all over the world it’s time to release the first teaser.

The Losers: Make Money (2016) Teaser

The project will continue to grow during all of 2016 aswell so be prepared to spare your sofa and a couple of beers, because we will show up when you least expect it!

Featuring appearances by Nick Lomax, Michel Prado, Peter Kallio, Shintaro Nakayama, Jacob Juul, Fredrik Andersson, Fuminaga Sekiguchi, Richie Eisler, Igor Jovanovic, Joakim Lundberg, Danny Aldridge, Mathias von Gostomski, Josh Glowicki, Emil Sejby, Astral Pitch, Gabriel Gok, Samuel Cabezas, Nicklas Andreas Persson, Axel Bihagen, Julius Josefsen, Joe Atkinson, Dustin Werbeski, Scott Quinn, Carson Starnes, Yutaro Marumoto, Kazu Mori, Thomas Elkin, Andres Vega, Olav Norheim and all of the other losers. Camera, visuals, audio and editing by Vincent Asobo.

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