The Gypsy Project

Get your popcorn ready cause them Gypsy boys are at it again! Picking up right where Gypsy Too left off and the original, The Gypsy Project: Sweden.

The Gypsy Project

This adventure continues the 2012 summer travels of Fredrik Andersson, Josh Glowicki, Richie Eisler and Dominik Wagner as they search through Sweden, Norway and Germany for the best places to skate and hang.

And as always, we got some new Gypsies to add to the crew. Some of the most talented people in rollerblading, such as Montre Livingston, Nils Janson, Alex Popovic, Jonas Bodtker, Olav Norheim and Toms Krasovskis!

Gypsy Free (3)

Gypsy Too:
More infos: december 2012 post.

The Gypsy Project: Sweden ZeroOneSix skatepark
More infos: march 2012 post.

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  • Josh glowicki

    Man im happy that i had the chance to make this! Montres trick the 540 over the fense still boggles my mind !!! And freds fakie 5 in oslo was insane aswel! Oh damn and doms first banger where he jumped through that little square, was really crazy oh and and and richies soul grind x4? 5 in copenhagen was rediculous!! I like my edit! Hope to make more! Thanks for peepin people

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