The Gypsy Project in Sweden, featuring Fredrik Andersson, Josh Glowicki & Richie Eisler

The Gypsy Project in Sweden, featuring Fredrik Andersson, Josh Glowicki & Richie Eisler

Quoting Josh Glowicki:

Recently i was invited to visit my homie, Fredrik Andersson in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Fred runs ZeroOneSix skate park which is an amazing skate park. We were also joined by THE MAN, Richie Eisler.

Rich has been living on tour for the last 6 months and Eskilsunta was his last stop of his epic journey.

“The Gypsy Project” is basically describing, Fred, Rich, and myself. We spend a large part of our lives traveling to different parts of the globe to rollerblade, see friends, make new friends and to live life. I never know when im going to see these guys next, could be in anywhere in the world. For this reason we are the traveling gypsies!

Wherever in the world we unite, we will create! This edit was filmed in Eskilstuna, Sweden at ZeroOneSix skate park.

Cameras: Canon 5d 60d, Canon 28mm, Tokina Fisheye 8mm, Canon 50mm, Glidecam 2000.

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    Siiiiiick… Wild cess slides from Fred

  • Oskars

    cess from Fred was sick!!!

  • Bean

    Fuuuuck! I knew I should’ve gone to M83!!!! Such a good edit though! Fred Shreds

  • http://XSJADO.COM The M

    That session looked awesome!!!

  • Anonymous

    does anyone knows the song name?

  • stront

    Fred cess was serious.
    Such a good edit!

  • ingen

    shit that was amazing

  • Tom

    Highway men by.. Cant remember ! Swedish band!

  • j glow

    Hoffmaestro- highway man

    – thanks for checkin out the edit duders!

  • eh

    that was soo cool

  • V


  • Rob

    3 bosses skatin’ Could you ask for more?

  • Courtney Cain

    Was that butterfly seriously chillin on his glasses??

  • J

    That guy knows how to cess slide. Looks like good times! Thanks for sharing!

  • YAH !

    is it just me or does Richie Eisler bring out the best in ppl !

    I’ve never heard of half these crews and then he goes there and you see destruction !

  • no

    it’s not just you

  • Thomas Vega

    awsume guys.. cess master freddd aka Rixost.

  • mihau

    doesn’t work :(

  • Ann

    What is the title of the second song though? It’s like glued to my brain! PLEASE HELP

  • A

    Ann…I think it might be Nas & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – Patience ..but just the negative..

  • F.andersson

    Search for amadu on youtube and you Will find it :)

  • Hang Losers

    Hang Losers baby! HANG LOSERS!

  • Pipo The Clown

    those guys are rocking it . Awesome style and tricks . J Glow fish to ao fish SICK