The Glide to Socal by Quinn Feldman (2012)

5 days worth of skating in southern California. Featuring Iain Mcleod, Winston Wardwell, Tim Franken, Tyler Hester, Jeremy Soderburg, Anthony Williams, Anthony Gallegos & Demetrios George. 2012 Repost.

The Glide to Socal by Quinn Feldman

Music: Santigold – Disparate Youth. Director, Editor, Camera Op: Quinn Feldman ; AC: Alejoh Candelo. Camera Equipment: Glidecam HD 2000, Manfrotto Tripod. Camera: 60D, Gopro HD hero 1. Lenses: Canon 18 – 135, Tokina 11 – 16. Lights: Arri Tungsten 300w.

Behind the scenes:

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  • Dick Wood

    Good shit Quinn! Just a new tool in the kit. Makes your videos so much more watchable. You picked up the technique nicely.

  • Justin Guerrero

    fuck yeah quinn nice edit good skating

  • George Georgette

    “it isn’t anyones style. its a fucking glide cam. anyone can go on amazon and buy one if they have the $$$ and put out similar edits. cool seeing Wiener getting more clips tho.”

    Best comment ever. Don´t know why everyone is so surprised by this. Rollerblading is lame. Glidecams exist for a decade now. Everyone in blading is so impressed by this footage, it´s hilarious. The skateboarding industry and snowboarding industry are so ahead of us it´s ridiculous.

    Still, this was one of the best edits I´ve seen lately. Good work. Iain is not human! Deserved to be TOP pro for some brand, kid kills it!

  • Anonymous

    holy shit that was sweet! I glanced at the above comments but not going to read them because your all dumb fucks! that was awesome so shut up!

  • notanigggggger

    Haha just wanted to add my comment about you copying Vinny’s filming style, scrubbbb

  • henry rules it

    Dude basically vinny and and Quinn who have practiced enough with the glidecam to do this stuff.
    It’s everyone else who makes an edit. You can say he copied him or her because they both used fish eye shots.
    Anyway they both kill it in cinemaphotography.

  • Scott Wilcoxson

    Dude. Well done Quinn. The more people doing this, the better.

  • Anonymous

    “another road block in our way. but if we go we go together… oh ah oh ah we know that we were MORE” saddened to be part of such a unique and exclusive culture :'(

  • Andrew

    Quinn films finally in HD. Great job. Wait for more.

  • shits crazy

    So dam good.
    Anyone can buy or get anything but thats some skill to pan and tilt while skating that steady.
    FAKIE STAIR BASH while filming what an epic shot
    Great job!!!!!

  • Sir.Adamski

    60 comments says it all.. Wouldnt have received that if it wasnt good and good it was.

  • vvvvv>>>>

    shit was really epic
    this will be watched for a long time

  • Krokodil

    Quinn great job man. He didn’t copy anything, Vinny started first, It is not a problem if someone else use it and to make cool video (edit) like this one. Respect

  • pop

    wow what hammering…epic edit…to bad ppl gudge editing instead of apreciating an awesome street sesion!!!

  • Fam

    I invented the Glidecam in 1993, someone stole the idea from me!!!

  • fuck

    yall are gay, i’m still mad that quin buying a glidecam makes him a pro. LULLLLL

  • LuieHond

    Damn nice video, one of the best i’ve seen in a while ^^

  • Anonymous

    nice , still far from the master minton but really ahead of casual edit ! ( don’t forget that ther is no Auto focus on a 60D in video mode ) way to go

  • Rob Dobbie

    Quinn’s a cool guy and does a lot for the sport.

    Great edit

  • Gonzalo

    So since Vinny was the first blade videographer to use a glidecam nobody else is allowed to do it or else be called a “biter” or unoriginal?

    There’s a tree in a forest somewhere tirelessly making oxygen for you dumbasses to breathe. You guys owe it an apology.

  • Anonymous

    Travis Stewart Says:
    May 4th, 2012 at 5:45 am
    Footage is super smooth. Looks awesome. Tricks were solid. No crazy effects, and good jams. Nice.

    all is said, nice edit!

  • Anonymous

    Gonzo fucking true!
    sad to always have haters

  • Anonyme

    Entertaining, thank you Quinn for that free HD video!

  • Ben Shelbourne – REAL

    Editing was so off point, you got nothing on me Quinn


    Four clips on loop? Innovative.


    Also: Queen, Weensteen, Iaeen. Tight.



  • Dan-Man

    sk8 sum new shit cali bitchz

  • Ross

    I skated with Iain Macleod, Chris Farmer, Al Hooi and Louie Zamora on a Deshi Tour in 2004. Iain was hands down the most consistent and technical skater that day. I’ve never seen anyone skate like that before. To put it simply -his skating is flawless, an absolute master of rollerblading.

  • Anonymous

    to Quinn Feldman, dont fuckin try to make Vinny Minton style of camera work cause you suck at it. Or at least dont show it while youre learning, cause our eyes hurt from such transitions and defocused footaged at many times.

    Create your own style.

  • felix

    iain is a true master and if you can’t appreciate these clips you dont’t understand the whole thing…thanks for posting that for free!

  • Anonymous

    i just thought it was corny

  • joshua-roddy

    should have been shorter, too much filler

    I don’t know why there were so many missed tricks in there, that’s boring, if I want to see missed tricks I’d go film myself skating

  • D. Gomes

    Good shit Quinn! Loved everything

  • jbah

    gooooooooooooood shit ! Keep it going : ) !!

  • Anonymous

    All along a fake high five LoL… thought that shit was real… Def one of my favorite edits last year doe.

  • Anonymous


    would watch again

  • Ronnie James Dickinson

    “Sick edit. Ian Mcleod is better than you.”

    Iain McLeod’s left foot is fucking better than any of us.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Edit is dope but if you own and have used a glidecam you would look at this and not be too impressed. When I watch glidecam footage i pay attention to the borders and how truly smooth the footage it, this is pretty wobbly. Practice makes perfect homie

  • jona

    edit was awesome, ike eeeerrrr

  • Jay

    Wow complete fuckin idiots all these stupid ass kids…you think Vinny sayin “this nigga jockin my style”…not at all…yall can keep hatin cause somebody is trying to put quality shit out while you walk around with your shaky ass camera movements…the real niggas are stepping their shit up

  • Anonymous

    you faggots swear vinny minton invented back to back lines

    go pop in a preufs video and shut the fuck up

  • Petey

    It’s crazy people telling Quinn to practice
    Still he is the only one to track down stairs forwards and fakie.
    He put this out a year ago and Vinny put his first one out like 3 years ago and they are still the only two to be doing edits like this. It just videos that look good.

  • funny shit

    Only idiots talk about about someone inspired ny another art and wants to use that technique to make their own better. Vinny style is sick which is why he is a Hollywood cameraman now. That is a legitimate art form. Quinn do you thing and follow success. Nobody talks shit about the rza taking Tarantino style in his movie and Tarantino was proud of him

  • GardenaMark

    Wow… Nearly a year later and the shit talking saga continues.

  • Adam Furr Dogg Swanson

    This is dope, I can’t believe all the negativity! I’m turning my computer off, and going to blade. Good skating, not shaky (yes I know what a glidecam is)
    Good job dude


    stanley kubrick is the master of staedy cam cinematography, not these guys.

    stanley kubrick is the master of staedy cam cinematography, not these guys.

    stanley kubrick is the master of staedy cam cinematography, not these guys.

    stanley kubrick is the master of staedy cam cinematography, not these guys.

    stanley kubrick is the master of staedy cam cinematography, not these guys.

    stanley kubrick is the master of staedy cam cinematography, not these guys.

    stanley kubrick is the master of staedy cam cinematography, not these guys.

    stanley kubrick is the master of staedy cam cinematography, not these guys.

    stanley kubrick is the master of staedy cam cinematography, not these guys.


    Sick Quinn. Loved that man. You and Vinny are amazing. Keep up the good work.