The Freestyle Games (The Netherlands, 2015): TV Broadcast With Jacky Schrooten & Frank Voogd

The Freestyle Games | TV Broadcast With Jacky Schrooten & Frank Voogd (The Netherlands, 2015)

Jacky Schrooten & Frank Voogd were featured on The Freestyle Games, a tv broadcast in the Netherlands (official webpage).

Jacky Schrooten

Frank Voogd

More videos on the Freestyle Games Youtube Channel.

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  • Kevon Biz Thompson

    Can anyone explain what was going on? i would really like to know.

    • Kaig Thris

      Probably like in those “you have talent” shows, except only for freestyling disciplines, like blading, skating, parkour, etc.

      Not sure about the rules though (if like for example bladers only compete against other bladers).

  • kirko

    same here. i dont get it. this is a game show?

    • Kaig Thris

      It’s a show searching for for the best freestyler, not sure how this works though

  • Trueroller

    I dont know whats going on either. But this is epic! I love how the announcers are all pumped on rolling:)

  • Thsbde

    Talent show kinda thing.
    Multiple disciplines, bmx, skateboard, inline, breakdance, soccertricks. Everybody competes within their own sport.

    These were runs taken from the first rounds.
    the athlete (or freestyler as they are called in the show) gets judged by some “coach” and will or will not advance to the next round just like any talent show and and go to some sort of bootcamp.

    Not exactly sure how it works. Second episode airs monday.