The Farm by Paul John, starring Chris Farmer

March 2010 Repost.

A rollerblading picture produced by Midnight Cinema & The Conference, starring Chris Farmer.

The Farm by Paul John, starring Chris Farmer

This film was created with a character style treatment that has been developed for a true lifestyle entertainment.

With original music by Chicago band Clique Talk. The film has been remodeled several times due to a hard drive crashing which resulted in losing much of the original footage. Auto-save rescued a decent portion of it. Enjoy!

song: Clique Talk – Mutant Women. Thanks Oli Benet.

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  • Salt

    ninja9 just to let you know that cross is like a signature. Anyway everyone needs to realize that clothing
    is only a contributing factor to skating itself.
    You can have a solid style of blading without a good taste
    of clothing, people need to focus more on the actual physical
    style in which the rollerblading is done.
    Clothes don’t do tricks, people do.

  • FUCK

    what would i say here?

  • KV

    gay!!!!!! Paul John you suck you need to quit right now

  • mike

    i felt like i just shot heroin after watching that

  • seth

    I watched it a second time and I’d say it was pretty sweet. I’m not sure what non-bladers would think about it but either way teh farm is kewl.

  • John Dillingham

    A truly inspired and unique edit. All I can say is I wish more edits were done in this manner, telling a story. Anyone can make an edit set to rap music with 50 kink rails but few can pull off an edit that makes you feel something and get pumped to skate at the same time. Major props to both PJ and the Farm for this bad boy.

  • pstewart

    farmer has been good since vg 19…. who cares what he wears

  • nasty

    THis is a fucking Art!! I don`t understand the people can said… farmer gay!!

  • AndrewSmolak

    I enjoyed it seems like a lot of effort and time went into that. Great job PJ

  • dmurder

    that was fun to watch. loved the car scene. edits like this are better for the industry, do u think any outsiders want to watch a 4 minute edit with clip after clip of of some 18 or 20 year old kid skating nothing but rails? fuck no. creative all around

  • mothraw

    pj whens some new taxes dropping ‘
    fuck, its raw shit
    get rory and you and sea and yee and you have i†

  • rory melehan

    as usual i think its one of the best pieces out there today!!
    cant wait to make tax returns
    youall aint even ready!!!!!!

  • Mad Mike

    wicked! good work!

  • uili

    “He could be out there in a dress and still kill it”
    see Farmer on the street, and you can pick on him “yo cowboy, what’s with the girl pants?”, and he`ll be like “i fucking rocked rollerblading from its roots to its tips, and still punking, how about you?”

  • uili

    damn, he could even skate naked with a bleeding opossum in one hand and a dinosaur singing lady gaga, and STILL fucking killing it.

  • shithead

    i wish he would quit trying to be a fashion statement and start rollerblading

    his kc mo section better have more than five clips and a bunch of weird ass montages showing random shit that i don’t care about and has no legitimate meaning

  • Anonymous

    oh just shut the fuck up and let him do what he wants. It’s his life.

    Awesome stuff, as always.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like it, its the same but with different editing clips
    chris farmer feels like a rockstar …

  • Nigga O J

    I’m a fan of anything Farm dog and PJ do ! To me it’s a nice breath of fresh air and creativity !

  • Anonymous

    “the farm” or whatever the hell he is calling himself these days, is just, if not more embarrassing to watch since his mindgame days popping out of water with candles. goddamn, the dude is so in love with his ego and image that he created for himself, its sicking


    “courage is a rough sea”………..hmmm……


    i liked rollerblading better when colin kelso was telling stockwell to choke on burritos on vimeo

  • Blop

    i don’t give a single fuck about how the clip how the tricks are, how chris farmer is doing, but the 2.0 are shitty as fuck i destroyed them in no time seriously i’m pissed off, i’m going to change skate, i was a huge fan of the brand but i’m not a cash cash cow.

  • Anonymous

    Has Farmer completed his Transvestite surgery? Has the dick been officially chopped off yet?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Someone watched Drive one to many times before he made this edit

  • Anonymous

    so fucking glam farmer is a fucking rockstar bitches

  • pro boot

    Sometimes ill drink juice and eat chicken parm, sometimes I say boost when I watch the farm…….ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!