The Everywhere Experiment (2008): Trailer 2

Previously: The Everywhere Experiment: Trailer 1.
Thanks Adam Killgore.

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  • talent310

    shit looks hot like fire.

  • Tay³


  • Travis Stewart

    Yay Brett!! Looks so good.

  • Julian

    That royale 360 royale was laaaaced!!

  • Chris TARYF

    Ça fait plaisir.

  • Dan

    why does everyone have to use flashes in their edits all over the place. it’s really becoming very repetitive and boring.

  • blake

    ^shut up
    that was really sick, one of the best trailers ive seen

  • iicents

    yeah the song was cool. skating was good. editing was -TERRIBLE- (sorry). the overly-convoluted name titles along with the lens flare made me cringe. very amateur, certainly what still separates rollerblading and skateboarding most… this trailer to them would be a literal joke. can we work at some talent with editing along with skating? no more fire-overlay over brent hicks and such. there has GOT to be some talent out there?

  • Smashing Dumplings

    Can’t wait for this to drop, Eric Stokely is the man!

  • deven

    Shot from dark trailer was propper i think the film was hand prosessed because i did try to mess with an effect like that on final cut but it didnt look like thiers thiers looked sick as fuck.

    but anyway video looks sick as fuck anyway i thought the trailer was sick

  • Dan

    are you serious blake? yuo must not be on here that much to see the rest of the trailers. all of brett dasovic’s edits look the same. even this. i really have to agree with you iicents.

    it seems to be that anyone with a decent cam now is trying to make their own vid and put it out. and most of them are not that skilled at what they are doing.

  • zach

    I thought the skating was real good, the name thing was unneccessary but I like how it was kind of mellow!

  • killgore

    Thanks guys for the responses. good and bad.

    We worked with what we got this time around. its a new project and with each issue will come better changes and filming and editing….i promise.

    We had a small budget that i allowed.. and this is what came out. Its a rather good video and its fun to watch. Pick it up and see for yourself…

    but i promise with each installment will come a better video… room for improvement….once funds are generated we will travel more, and have newer equipment to film/edit with…gotta build from something.

    thanks everyone… i hope you pick it up. If not watch someone’s who does and let us know what you think.

  • longinus

    that was a much, much better trailer than the first one, reeaaly good shit. Hot editing, some next-level tricks, props.

  • Ulisesortega

    Torque – Backsile Porn…Awesome!

  • Ulisesortega

    Torque – Backslide Porn…Awesome!

  • Rob

    Tim Phang, killing it.

  • wtf

    yea i def. hear what killgore is saying. i also agree that the editing could be better, i mean it doesnt really have to do with the budget, just skill. im sure there are lots of kids that honestly could make a less cliche trailer than that… i mean just watch some of the edits on forums etc… but even though the editing might not be professional video production level, the main thing is at least it has good skating and the editing can be improved in the future.

  • chchtu mae

    it was good, but i think is should have more power if it is trailer…… the work on it is good.. keep it up, and besides if u wanna acritizise a video …. then go make your own ….

  • damn

    there has got to be a standard in blade videos. shops that know whats up should not let this video fly.

    sorry brett

  • victor

    mark wodja should have a part, he’s sick

  • Dan

    we’re the audience, so it kind of gives us a right to give out constructive criticism. it doesn’t mean we have to go out and make a DVD. you criticize the people in government. well it doesnt mean you have to go out and be a government official. if anything it will help if we can give them constructive criticism. that way they can hopefully improve.

  • jo mizohms

    This better be in stores… I wanna see more foreign skaters like Jacob Juul… Theres some skating beasts out there, more than just in the US and it’ll be nice for people to see that. Import videos!!!! kids will buy em…

  • mark

    song: 1 of 10
    editing: 2 of 10 (seen worse, but hate the kind of cheesy effects)
    filming: 2 of 10
    tricks: 7 of 10

    juul and wodja are sooo good

  • der

    The song was so gay. Was this intentional ? You wanted us to turn our speakers off to better concentrate on the actual footage right ? Witty.

  • Jake

    From what I have heard, Brett was NOT supposed to have a section, but kind of gave himself one while filming it. I have seen the video, and the first two sections are really good, and then after that its okay. Tim Phang kills it(even though I don’t like his song) and the opening scene thats a friends section is sick. the rest of the video I was not impressed with.

  • BilAl

    SOOOONG PLEASE I NEEEED IT !!! nice edit ;)



  • BilAl

    i got it : Moby – One of these morning !

  • killgore

    Jake i dunno how u saw it… cuz ive had it since brett was done editing..

    Brett was always gonna have a section, but wasn’t gonna edit the video… That came after.

    i doubt u saw the video though…

  • DCsFinest

    Tim Phang is probably the best thing to come out of DC in a long time. Respect his grind, buy the video for his part alone guaranteed to kill it.

  • sk8rs_s0uL

    reasons why i skate……………

  • deven

    I think the video looks cool im gonna buy it but all the videos ive been hearing that are coming out just seem to be average. the only insane videos coming out in my opinion are the 4×4 video and shot from dark.

  • mattress

    i support this

  • dizzy

    Looks sick, editing on the music wasn’t great.