The Dolphin Milk Cult: Video Real trailer

Previously: Summer With Dolphins by Billy Doyle.

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  • josh Morrison

    yes boys #dathype

  • holy

    How the fuck can you dickheads honestly sit behind your computers and talk shit when someone has made the effort to film and edit a video to give to us for free!? You stupid cunts, quit rollerblading and do the sport a favor. It’s about time someone started making the UK look cool Cidy Life and DMC boys are putting content out that people want to see. I’m bored of the same old shit and the same old people in UK edits. So what if it has similar vibes to Honey baked and Strange Creatures.. So many people fucking love that stuff and i’m sure Billy is influenced by them so fucking go for it DUDES! fuck this website and these little dickheads go skate your razor skates with mooks on you pricks.

  • Nimh fan

    Well this escalated quickly.

    I’m sure JSA will have to postpone Bills next interview due to him being in protective custody in response to these very stern threats!

  • kaspa


  • Benefits Office

    To who it may concern

    Billy Doyle’s JSA has now been adjusted to disability allowance since his severe special needs were drawn to our attention.

  • JE

    People with a sense of humor like Billy. People without a sense of humor don’t.

    That’s it.