The Dolphin Milk Cult Video (2012)

The Dolphin Milk Cult

A Uk fun based video profiling: Ben Woodcock, Billy Doyle, Harry Abel & Elliot Stevens. Also featuring all the homies like Leon Humphries, Scott Blackmore, Matt Smith, David Chappell, Chris Dafick, Colm Sealy, Guy Bulleid, Dom Bruce and many more!

Contributing Filmers: Scott Blackmore, Mike Simpson, Jordan Maders, Adam Kola, Jamie Harris, Zac Hutchings, Ashley Attwood & Nick Lomax.

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  • Anonymous

    Tom Cheung “Nobody wants to see a bunch of craziness on a handrail anymore. Granted it’s technically really difficult but that generation is over guys, get with the program.” – Do you really believe that?

    Not meaning to be a total nut hugger but that Jacob Juul section on Traitement was pretty much 90% total hammers on handrails, big drop rails and it was the nuts, couldn’t stop watching maybe that’s just my old school opinion though as is yours.

    I don’t just mean handrails though I mean hammers in general granted the British scene was mainly a dirty gnarly handrails thing back in the day.

    As I said, the edit is fun and it’s great to see a feel good edit but throw in a few hammers and quite a few less curby little bits and it would be spot on.

  • the return of HOT_EGG

    “i wanna see more boring handrail skating and dickheads doing ugly tricks” Get the 90s out of your fucking arse hole and open your eyes. Granted – there was a soul on a curb in there which i rate because who fucking souls a curb in a line? big balls. FUCK you losers. :)

  • kboos

    free video means that you don’t have the right to hate ! they give you something, all you have to say is “thank you” or shut the fuck up!

  • kboos

    i won’t be at winterclash by the way, please don’t hurt me

  • BenShelbourne

    Haha is this ‘Hermit’ nugget for real?

    You havnt even put your real name, but no I cant afford Wintertash this year.

    But come to the Boneyard, introduce yourself and I will happily slap you.

  • Portas

    Maybe if everyone focused on their own style of skating rather than biting broskows, the uk scene would be in better shape

  • BenShelbourne

    Portas maybe if you learnt a switch up that didnt involve a variation of a soul people would think you were a good skater.

    But no, another UK wash up on the pile with Ty Brissett etc etc…

  • nnnnnn

    Tom portas had shit style, even when shit style was in fashion.

  • anon

    this video needs more camo trousers

  • cameron Tard

    portas you getting owned pussy ole

  • Billy Doyle

    Portas the UK scene would be in alot better shape if people like you didn’t throw some bull shit hate around. Yeah because Broskow is the only guy who wears tight jeans and Valos. Your ignorance is fucking unbelievable! Instead of sitting there talking shit on the internet why don’t you upload something? And i will happily tell you in advance I don’t like it – because what you class as “enjoyable” is boring to me. And Anon I agree.

  • Billy Doyle

    Portas… maybe the UK scene would be in better shape if you didn’t sit on your computer talking shit all the time. Broskow is the only skater I have ever seen in tight jeans and Valos so yeah you are definitely right… Your ignorance is unbelievable! Why don’t you upload something so I can tell you in advance that I didn’t enjoy watching it and it bored me…

  • really?

    right, are you guys actually intellectually disabled? first; ‘this video is unoriginal’ – ITS A SKATE VIDEO IT HAS SKATING IN WHERE PEOPLE DO TRICKS, INVENT A NEW TRICK AND THEN YOU CAN SAY YOU ARE ORIGINAL YOU MORON ‘ second – ‘i want to see skating like it was in the old days; GO AND WATCH A VG VHS TAPE THEN YOU BORING FUCK. rollerblading is varied just like people are so why dont you just accept it for what it is and just be glad that other people enjoy doing what you enjoy doing. (willing to bet most of the people hating on this edit fucking suck at rollerblading anyway) jesus christ, its dickheads like you that give the sport a poor rep man, not the people who are putting out edits, whatever the level may be their still doing shit. what the fuck are you doing? bitching like a little girl and asking your mother to buy you some adapt skates cause you saw j bah do an edit with lensless glasses on. fucking wastemen. kill yourselves.

  • really?

    ps tom portas your skating lacked any personality whatsoever, romain godenaire can do loads of true spin tricks, that dont make him any less of a butters cunt.

  • Billy Doyle

    Who ever you are ^ please message me on facebook. hahahaha

  • Tom Sharman

    This is fucking gold dust!
    Keep hating and winging people, our man Billy loves it, and will no doubt take you down a peg or three if you complain about his time & effort spent on this if you ever see him in real life.

    Normally I don’t post on this ‘blading community news website’, but people need to take blading less seriously and enjoy is for what it is.

    We all love Videogroove, but that is the past, and we are now in the future no?

  • 2R

    the best bit about all of these comments was someone saying “butters cunt”.

    hahaha, i love that phrase!

    not a massive fan of the vid if i’m honest… still, good skating, for free, people enjoying their vibes and having a good time – it’s all good!

    share the love niggaz!

  • Anonymous

    To be fair as angry a ginger Portas is I did some youtubing and there were some non stinky hammers? And it wasn’t just soul tricks. I was expecting some butters gash grinds or some lanky sweatstances where his ginger pubes got caught on the handrail or something.

  • mans is guna lick off ur headtop, bruv.

    portas edit from a few years back.

    you can’t deny theres some hammers in this

  • portas

    I was so fuckin good people on here are pretending to be me.

  • cameron Tard

    shit portas you have made it son

    you will be going out with kim kardashian in no time

  • Betts

    that edit was gash its really annoying how homosexual rollerblading is becoming these days people really need to stop with the gay shit

  • portas

    what betts said