The Conference Euro Tour: In for the kill (2009)

Part 2: Days 2 and 3 – 2009 Repost + video rehost by Oli Benet.

The Conference Euro Tour: In for the kill (2009)

Jeff Dalnas, Ben Schwab, Billy ONeill, Adam Kola, Oli Benet and Matty Watky continue their Euro Tour.

Conference Euro Tour: In for the kill (2009)Flyer
Day 1 | Day 5 | Day 6-7 | Uk Stop. Thanks Oli Benet.

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  • rollerblading is gay

    why’s the talkin so soft and then the music is on ultra blast? haha

  • Smashing Dumplings

    Jeff Dalnas looks very similar to Oli B hahaha

    Man that was some amazing skating right there.

  • rza

    schwab’s got that swagga on

  • A Psychic Asked me…

    Thats it?

    Thats all we get?………..


    was that last trick the Kola Monsta?

  • bibi lencule

    Why skating this stupid curb more than the amazing Fise Event ….
    Powerslide pay the ticket and they totally don’t care…

  • flet

    come to portugal

  • flet

    that’s what you guy’s should do

  • ben

    ben schwab..just one trick…awesomee…

  • barber

    does matty watky make people call him matty? what is he, 10 fucking years old? man up and call yourself Matt, pussy.

  • carlos

    ok, i dont get it… why cut that potential fall on that huge drop rail? to torture us?

  • poop

    Matty what a gay name.

    This guy is stupid, he cuts off peoples heads in almost evey shot, he uses way too much lens glare. The only thing he has going for himself is the good quality….

    Give someone who knows how to film and edit your camera, this is what happens when stupid fucks get good cameras.



  • MB

    Killer. Killer. Killer. That was just…yeah. Plus, I also want to know what happens with the drop rail. Besides that…nothing.

  • song?

    Songname ?

  • Rembert Net

    so much style such good tricks! awesome to see fish back killing it