The City Never Sleeps: Fritz Peitzner & John Sullivan

The City Never Sleeps: Fritz Peitzner and John Sullivan

BKM Pictures released a DVD in 2011 entitled The City Never Sleeps. This is Fritz Peitzner and John Sullivan‘s part.

The City Never Sleeps: More Sections.

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  • Emills

    Fritz with the gap ao topsoul rewind to forward. Mother of god

  • Erik

    Fritz is sick!

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  • whoooo

    both sections are soo clean!! good work!
    and that gap ao topsoul fritz did is impossibru


    enjoyed that 5 back roy

  • FU


  • yeah!


  • Anonymous

    the style of the skating with the music and the filmography and editing is made for one superb section!!

  • Bring It Back

    Fritz’s section … SO GOOD! It was reminiscent of an old Colin Kelso section from the B.Unique days, complete with the music and everything. A perfect mix of hammers and tech-wizardry.

  • Anonymous

    Superb skating, filming and editing! So watchable, all the lighting is amazing too.

  • Joey Yeomans

    I don’t usually leave comments on here but Peitzner’s section killed it. So hammer and technical with really good spot choices and filming, really enjoyed this.

  • Anonymous

    whats the tune in sullivans section?