The Blading Cup 2012: Orion Livestream

Randy Spizer The Blading Cup 2012

Randy Spizer, Louie Zamora & Friends streamed the Blading Cup 2012 on Orion Live.
Stream Offline.

Randy Spizer The Blading Cup 2012

Randy Spizer The Blading Cup 2012

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33 Responses to “The Blading Cup 2012: Orion Livestream”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Dont Work!!!!!!!……

  2. Anonymous Says:

    dont work neither!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    video was down to setup new cameras & reboot the computer, pro first wave is on atm (2pm)

  4. Chris Says:

    Working so fine here !!! Who’s that guy with red helmet putting his hand down on the floor or quarters on every trick he does ???

  5. Meroller Says:

    watching live from the netherlands 1am. Big up to bladingcup
    liked it so far

  6. A DUDE Says:

    WHo win —————–

  7. Anonymous Says:

    They gave a round to Stockwell and then a wild card to CJ. CJ won that round hands down. WEAK.

  8. Scheltza Mahmoud Says:

    hahahahaha tony rivituso’s face after haffey did 5 tru porn

  9. Al@n Says:

    The Course is tight…and Congrats to CJ For Win 2012 Blading Cup!!!

  10. mj dudley Says:

    thanks for hooking this up guys. was good to be able to watch tis live!

    congrats to cj.

  11. damn Says:

    I thought Roman Abrate should have made finals and Brian Aragon got the shaft.

    glad Cj won though and we got some Haffey hammers too! overall really good

  12. KILLGORE Says:

    At this point of time, i don’t have a relationship at all with Shima, be it friendship or business… He’s ruined that with this bullshit.

    The whole story is too long to type. But basically.. Montre is one of the BEST skaters in the world, He is marketable beyond belief and he DESERVES to be paid what he is worth… and treated like a ‘franchise skater’ you could say.

    I can say to this day Montre still hasnt been compensated in full for his royalties for his pro skate….. and thats unacceptable.

    There is ALOT more to the story that i wont ‘air out’… i haven’t said anything that shouldn’t have been stated.

    PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW WHO AND WHAT THEY ARE SUPPORTING…. when you buy Montre’s pro skate… you think you are supporting Montre… and you aren’t.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I agree, Roman Abrate should have advanced. CJ should have not been a wild card either. Jeff is a great person and awesome blader. But CJ and Roman shut down the course with big tricks

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I was there missed the finals :) o m g shit was so much fun !

  15. Adrian Scoseria Says:

    glad i was there! so awesome.

  16. traducer Says:

    shit was dope man lots of fun watching CJ killed it

  17. DaynaB Says:

    streaming… glad I was able to catch it. Props from Canada

  18. Anonymous Says:

    // Who’s that guy with red helmet

    Roman Abrate. Note that he was the only skater using an helmet.

  19. bro h8r Says:

    i guess when you skate like you dont care like alex broscow did no cares either cj deserved that shit

  20. Anonymous Says:

    i dont think roman advance due to the way he skated. it was a session type of event one person would go then do a few tricks the next person would drop in do a few tricks roman went and didnt stop and just kept skating.

    he didnt advance but billy o niel did get hurt and they let roman skate in the finals

    congrats to SEBA and CJ for the win im really excited for them both!

  21. ^^ idiot Says:

    Anyone who knows a bit of rollerblading will know Roman abrate got robbed, first he never shoulda win eliminated the first time, then he shoulda made it to the finals instead of stockwell. You are a retard if you think stockwell deserved to be there in the finals, he did the same fucken tricks, over and over again in every round, same big air on the ramp, left foot soul/mistrial/tts on the box.

    CJ also got robbed by being given the wild card. Abrate and CJ were the 2 that skated the best in the whole comp. Broskow shouldn’t have been in the semi finals either, Aragon, nick lomax and roman abrate skated better than broskow and stockwell.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    i was laughing watching this thank god for haffey and wellsmore we would of seen alot more action if abrate was in the finals or aragon

  23. Anonymous Says:

    We all know killgore is a fat ass and dub cesar is a joke, why dont u go smoke a personal blunt and get a life.

  24. lajhart Says:

    I think abratte should be on the finals, I think this is oblivious, and every body who see this comp know roman deserve it, let the prejudices and thinks like ” he is from france” this not only hurt to Roman… hurt to rollerblading sport. Roman deserves the final and he, cj, and haffey thoguether would be do a great show… stockwell on the finlas was soo poor.

  25. please listen Says:

    the other dude that commentates sometimes with louie is RUINING THIS SHIT.
    he is the fucking worst and says the worst shit. keep randy and other pros on the mic. when that guy gets on everyone wants to leave. great idea shit co host

  26. Player 1 Says:

    Be on finals ??? Putting his hands on every trick he’s doin, and be on finals ???

  27. cheatonshit Says:

    SEBA cheat and bought the win.
    Wildcard on CJ and ads at the end … damn you money $$$

  28. traducer Says:

    uhhh cj deserved to win I watched the whole thing and he killed it

  29. Terror Says:

    Well deserved by CJ. Any idiot who thinks he didn’t win is obviously blind or just stupid. Abrate deserved to be in the finals too.

  30. Ed Says:

    Shit’s not working!!!!!! :/

  31. flowskate Says:

    Cheatonshit you are full of shit,…..As you can see by the comments above and the footage CJ deserved the win. In fact i have not heard a single opinion other than your stating otherwise. Seba don;t need to cheat..Sick skates ace company and CJ!! ;)

  32. rollerblading is gay Says:

    shit is still working! haha. finally got to watch it. wellsmore was a pretty easy call. laced all these tricks in a line

  33. Anonymous Says:

    anyone know where to watch cjs seba skate edit again??? shit was dope