The Blading Cup 2012: Full Results


1. CJ Wellsmore
2. Chris Haffey
3. Erik Bailey
4. Jeff Stockwell
5. Robert Guerrero
6. Kevin Yee
7. Alex Broskow
8. Montre Livingston
9. Ben Schwab
10. Billy Oneill


1. Gavin Drumm
2. Kevin Yee
3. Michael Froemling
4. Michael Garlinghouse
5. Howie Bennet
6. Paul John
7. Wake Schepman
8. Marcus Benevides
9. Chris Calkins
10. Anthony Williams

Results: Themgoods.

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  • Masterblade

    Sick. Yee is clearly the best pro/am in the world.

  • Ethan Draft

    That’s a stretch^, but he fucking killed it.

  • Anonymous

    Roman should be 2 or 3…

    SMH… fuk yah merica…. :(

  • Anonymous

    despite the final round for the pros, gav the sav had the best trick in the whole comp. cant be denied

  • Anonymous

    Where is Abrate in the ranking ? fucking joke

  • Anonymous

    wheres the edit???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trill Bill

    I said the same thing about Gav the Sav. That course wasn’t easy to skate, but he manhandled that launch.

    I’m positive pretty soon Wake is going to start getting more gold. He just needs to skate smarter. He has some huge tricks though.

  • ajossf

    glad to see Haffey

  • somethatwasthere

    “Where is Abrate in the ranking ? fucking joke”

    You have to be kidding right? he should have been disqualified for skating in EVER other PRO heat he wasn’t in and getting in the way.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Says:
    October 8th, 2012 at 8:28 pm
    Where is Abrate in the ranking ? fucking joke

    do you really think JJ likes French people? Or anyone not on his team (remember, Aragon got shafted too)? If you don’t think prejudice is cool, do what I did 3 years ago. Stop buying Valo/themgoods products.

    can’t wait to try some CJ SEBAs!!

  • AM

    Stockwell shouldnt have been in the finals broskow was bitching about how he didnt want to skate in the semi’s iain mcleod was being a diva and didnt want to skate. Other than that Roman shit on the competetion, Demetrios had the biggest hammer of the day and wellsmore did everthing right. Dont get me wrong all the skating was great i just expected all the people i look up to too take more initiative.