The Barcelona Sessions by Richie Eisler (2010)

December 2010 Repost.

December 12, 2010 in Barcelona Spain. The Barcelona Sessions includes a week with Albert Hooi, Dominic Sagona back on the blades, Roll’s magazine cover photo sessions with Richie Eisler, a first glimpse into powerblading with Dustin Werbeski and more.

dominic sagona

Featuring Dustin Werbeski, Richie Eisler, Albert Hooi, Dominic Sagona, Michael Garlinghouse and Mark Heuss.

Filmed by Mark Heuss, Albert Hooi, Richie Eisler, Dominic Sagona, Oli Benet, Jordi Mestre and Michael Garlinghouse. Edited by Richie Eisler. Music: Deerhunter – He would have laughed.

richie eisler

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86 Responses to “The Barcelona Sessions by Richie Eisler (2010)”

  1. Mathieu Ledoux Says:

    Thanks to all of you guys for this wonderul edit!

  2. felix Says:

    the perfect vibe, looks so fun! that’s why we rollerblade!

  3. ivan narez Says:

    that was actually pretty sweet. Looked like a good time. I loves me some barcelona

  4. rolling-a-mindgameinfocus Says:

    at last some frsh clips from sagona…. and yes this is a mad edit…. chill edit in barca. ;)

  5. brett davies Says:

    Sagona skating again :) and Dustin’s true spins with flat rec frames impressive to say the least.

  6. silvstr Says:

    albert hooi… so good

  7. smoker Says:

    richie rich is a beast

  8. YesWeCan Says:

    Dustin Werbeski killed the shit with freestyle skate.

    That was the best conference edit of the year so far (not a matty shitty something), we feel the good vibe of barcelona.

    Tanks to give us a piece of dream.

    Canadian are the best.

  9. a chi town roller says: Says:

    amazing edit exactly what i needed before i get blunted
    great edit it felt like i was whatchin my homies skate and the skateing was crazy really stepping it up for rolling
    dom sagona always beasting hooie madd dope as always
    chi town peace out

  10. Vetty Says:

    A lot of different nationalities, a lot of different styles and a lot of different types of skating but all requiring talent and creativity, rad spots, sweet track, good filming, all in the one edit. It don’t get much better. Well played boys!

  11. marlene dietrich Says:

    this boring song made me fall asleep!

  12. Jens Says:

    those two Sagona tricks made my day.

  13. Ralf Says:

    Great feelgood edit.

    Powehouse barcelona is such a good idea to get skaters to session together..

  14. J. Hansson Says:

    Biutiful biutiful biutiful

  15. icariin Says:

    That was real good, makes me want to be in Barcelona even more than normal, that guy with high metal fitness frames is crazy good :)

  16. ron wolch Says:

    hey marlene watky…
    don’t hate.

  17. Russ Says:

    this was an amazing upbeat edit that had that good feeling to it, that place looks like heaven for skaters

  18. Please.. Says:

    Fitness guy blow your brains out

  19. kmcgloughlin Says:

    that was class! the best edit yet from the conference me thinks!

  20. colin kelso come back !! Says:

    richie eisler ……..perfect style ..nice

  21. colin kelso come back !! Says:

    what’s the name of song ?

  22. flowskate Says:

    was really refreshing to see an edit from one of the big skate companies that gives respect to freeskating too.
    i think it will become more integrated in our sport

    try having a roll on a setup like that so ace cruising about hitting big gaps!

    as for you ‘please’ you know nothing

  23. Doug Cupo Says:

    This edit was really inspirational and filled with legendary bladers…thanks dudes!

  24. Philip Says:

    that reminded me of those days when we had no school and we used to skate for hours everyday… thanks for this edit

  25. nicholas Says:

    so good

    loved everything about it.

  26. david jenkin$ Says:

    great skating.horribly un-motivating song.

  27. taxii Says:

    Great edit ever.

    What size of Sagona’s carbon2? size7 or what?

    Just looks like shoes!!!

  28. james blakey Says:

    average… nice though

  29. jim Says:

    made my day
    thank you

  30. sam crofts Says:

    thats why i rollerblade

  31. Ángel Says:

    just plain awesome to sse sagona cruise and doin his ‘crazy legs stuff’ off and onto grinds!

    …totally made my month!

    its funny how i dont want/need to see big ass gaps and hammers done by sagona…

    hard to top…. well maybe if o’neill + benza + Anne + sean k. would have been there too

    i dont know if its jsut me but i really think that the powerhouse or at least its founding idea was one hell of a significant step in rollerblading!

    great track! reminds me of the mentality over there in spotcity!

    cant wait for next summer…

  32. Poo Particles Galore Says:

    Those hating on the song/editing must be grommets. I wouldn’t understand how somebody could have bladed for a while and not appreciated this edit. Sure, the guy dressed like he’s trying out to be the next Jonas brother with the rec frames and wheels might annoy some people, but the edit as a whole is damn near perfect. Such a great vibe!

  33. homer54o Says:

    “He would have laughed” by Deerhunter is the song.

    Its a cover and tribute to the late great Jay Reatard (RIP) FYI

    Amazing edit.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Dudes, high video for poor tricks. Shitty.

  35. cheetah Says:

    hell yeah dustin

  36. Thanks Dustin Werstdressedrollerbladerofalltime Says:

    I got one word for you all……….VEST

    Completely ruined this beautiful edit.

    Hey Dustin, If your wanna wear that gay shit please do all of us rollerbladers a favor and don’t wear it in a heavily populated area. You just convinced hundreds of onlookers that rollerbladers are a bunch of fags. Thanks to people like Dustin, the average or should I say “not gay” rollerblader has to work even extra extra harder to repair our already not cool image. You should hate yourself.

  37. ^ poser Says:

    hahaha you sound like the GAYEST skateboarder EVER. Youre more concerned about the thoughts of onlookers who couldn’t give a shit if you blade, skateboard, or bmx. Those people think theyre all scum. This isn’t a fuckin Disney movie kid, we only care about good blading, not what random people think. Go play baseball, I hear they have a whole stadium with onlookers to impress!


    im really interessted WHY SAGONA DIDNT RIDE CARBON?

  39. Oli Benet Says:

    ^Wrong size/loves UFS Thrones.

    Richie is admirable in so many ways. This edit is my favourite of the year.
    Dustin is just the best full stop, and is the future.
    Sagona is one of my favourite people
    Hooi has something different to any other rollerblader
    Garlinghouse is pure good vibes
    Powerhouse is beyond what we even hoped.

    Long live Powerhouse, this is family.

  40. Juan Mosqueda Says:

    AMAZING!! LOVED IT!!! great job all around!!

  41. jee-r Says:

    Hooi hooi hooi… Eisleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!! Thos 2 are beast!!!!

  42. Anonymous Says:

    razor who? sagona hooi and eliser take the whole razor team bar none

  43. s.d. Says:

    if there is someone that can lead rollerblading into a future of progression and countless possibilities, vote 1- dustin werbeski… and you’re gonna need some big wheels to keep up.

  44. i would love ollie benet if... Says:

    he told me where the spot is at 47 seconds. 1 min 2 secs.2 mins 38 sec. 3 mins 9 sec. thanks your the only one who seems to know.thanks thatll be a real help.if you can tell me vaguely where it is.

  45. amazing Says:

    thank you so much

    everyone in this is great. i need thos frames/wheels. so awesome.

    why do we all care what other rollerbladers are wearing. yes. we all know. there are trends, styles, and cultures.

    you want people to accept you because you rollerblade. but you cant accept other people rollerblading.

    again thank you so much and please. more edits like this

    ivan narez-what do you mean actually? were you expecting something bad?

  46. JP Says:

    that´s THE VIBE right there : )

    THAT´s rolling

  47. dr. doooom Says:

    cool…..girl-ing-house AKA:sideshow aids. JUST QUIT!

  48. Thanks Dustin Werstdressedrollerbladerofalltime Says:

    ^ poser Says:
    December 27th, 2010 at 9:34 pm
    hahaha you sound like the GAYEST skateboarder EVER. Youre more concerned about the thoughts of onlookers who couldn’t give a shit if you blade, skateboard, or bmx. Those people think theyre all scum. This isn’t a fuckin Disney movie kid, we only care about good blading, not what random people think. Go play baseball, I hear they have a whole stadium with onlookers to impress!

    Thats funny because I actually did play baseball. Division 1 College baseball to be exact. I have been rollerblading 15 years. Thru all the ups and downs of the sport. Yes thats right, I said sport, sorry its not a “lifestyle” to me anymore. I have grown up over the years and have found that you better care what some people think or you won’t get very far in this world. Its because of people like you that rollerblading is still stuck in the current state that its in.

    Good luck my friend.

  49. hmmm Says:

    ^ would you really consider him your friend…. i mean.. have you ever met him

    what if he was naked

  50. greg Says:

    If you’ve grown up so much why are you anonymously talking shit on the internet?
    Why have you not grown up to realize that people should worry about their own style accept that others will and should do the same? Why have you not grown up enough to realize that dressing well is a positive thing to do? Why haven’t you grown up enough to realize that it can be a sport for you, but your opinion doesn’t dictate what everyone else thinks of it. And finally if you are so grown up and care what everyone thinks so much, how did you miss the thought that everyone thinks you’re a fucking retard for your closed minded opinion? Rollerblading is in a great state right now. In it’s supposed “heyday” it was a bunch of spoiled and immature brats. Thank god they all grew up. And apparently left you behind. Shut the fuck up and go back to baseball.

  51. Roussel Says:

    Thanks Dustin Werstdressedrollerbladerofalltime is a homo.


    @ Thanks Dustin Werstdressedrollerbladerofalltime,

    you’re a dummy. it’s rants like those, about clothes, by you and many others, that show your closed-mindedness time and time again, “Thru all the ups and downs of the sport.” ha.

    other then the square this message is directed to, what judges are there to make this personal art/activity a sport. i just do my thing for me, in and on what feels good, to me. while obviously creating a lot more attention, and doing it much more stylishly then whoever you are.

    so if your still sad about the fabric i wear, look at this link and see how much i care.
    or just give it a year and maybe ill switch to skating around looking real not straight, in skin tight pinstripes, numbers on my back and baseball caps just to spite you. and id still look better than you doing it, and what would that prove? that your still just a dummy.

    Everybody else, THANKS FOR THE LOVE.

  53. adrian scoseria Says:

    that was really coo!!! really nice edit!!!! keep up the good work

  54. Notorious Tom Says:

    Dustin is my favourite skater, he’ll always do something that I can never predict. Great edit!

  55. RCH Says:

    truly fucking amazing, more…

  56. Thanks Dustin Werstdressedrollerbladerofalltime is a POSER Says:

    Exactly, after you done playing this “sport” and quit blading, AGAIN, myself and the others who still thrive on this “lifestyle”, even at 30+ years old, will still be doing it cause its more to us than just a baseball game.

    On the point on what Dustin is dressed like and people “respecting” you, he could take off his blades and walk into a job interview “in this world” with that button down shirt and vest and give off a good impression. Thats what professionals wear. I’m sure a grimy t shirt and saggy xxl jeans gets way more respect “in this world”.

  57. Thanks Dustin Werstdressedrollerbladerofalltime TAKES IT IN THE ASS Says:

    Dude seriously, you have some low self-esteem there buddy. The only reason you hate on his clothes is because you couldn’t pull them off and if you tried to you’d feel like everybody was looking at you weird and thought differently of you than all the other faces that blend in with the rest of the crowd.

  58. Thanks Dustin Werstdressedrollerbladerofalltime Says:

    haha I love the responses!! Very comical indeed.
    To dude above, I am 30 and im not about to give up on this “sport” EVER.

    Let me get this straight, I wear similar clothes to Dustin at work and going out on the weekends. I agree people should look professional and nice but who the hell wears that to skate in?? I tell you who, only people craving for attention and the ones who try soooo hard to be different. These kinds of people make me sick!
    NOBODY, not even metro-sexual fags can pull off wearing a vest to skate in.

  59. Brian Says:

    I’m 30 years old and still call people faggots.
    I’m of value to ‘our sport’.
    I can’t just be respectful and cool to people that are at all different to me.
    Life scares me.
    Stop being different.
    I’m real.
    You’re not, you motherfuckin’ metro-sexual faggot.
    Fuck you
    Still angry.

    But really…

    Richie, Dustin and co., Barcelona looks like a beautiful city. I dig that song and it was terrific live :) The freestyle skates made me think I should get a pair. I like the shots of Sagona feet weaving. I absolutely try to steal that everytime I skate and still don’t have it. I’d like to visit this year. hope you’re well and swell edit.


    Brian B

  60. Gazmos Says:

    @Thanks Dustin Werstdressedrollerbladerofalltime-
    One of the most appealing things in this sport is self expression. Everyone has their own style, but that’s the point. We don’t have to wear a uniform we don’t like because it shows school pride. Or run 20 laps because we showed up late to practice. The point is to be able to break off from responsibility for a while.
    Dustin’s style isn’t my favorite either. But you gotta admit, considering the type of skates he was wearing, he was busting out some pretty impressive tricks.

  61. richie Says:

    why should someone wear different clothes to go out on the weekends than they do to skate?
    what’s the difference?
    get a grip. you’re wrong.
    thanks brian.
    thanks everyone with a brain.
    no thanks to matty for the hate. i see you.

  62. Thanks Dustin Werstdressedrollerbladerofalltime Says:

    Sometimes its easy on the internet to get carried away and almost be someone that you aren’t. In all honesty I love Dustin W and every rollerblader out there. Im not a big fan of most trendy things in the industry nowadays but I guess I gotta realize that no matter what I say its not gonna make a bit of difference. And to Gazmos, I completely agree with everything that you said.


    good job on taking a step back or opening your mind or just realizing youre a dummy.

    please continue to talk good and bad about me, my clothes or my blading, cause your still just talking about one thing. Dustin Werbeski. i dig it. with squares like you, i get twice the attention. so thanks.

    ps. wait for my comment from yesterday to be moderated, and youll understand that i really dont care about the pieces of cloth i wear. i like that you do, but i dont.

  64. Oli Benet Says:

    Allright Richie and Dustin, whatchu up to later?

  65. ^ not Dustin Says:

    ^ is this really Dustin???????????????????????????????????????????

  66. valcry Says:

    Richie Eisler is a really cool guy I talked to him one time.

    Dominic sagona is sick as hell that fishbrain he did was stylish as fuck. Dude has mad steeze


    I just got home, and got a new phone. ill find rich and give you a call.

  68. Leon | shop-task Says:

    Sick edit boys.

    @ Dustin Werbeski, please contact me, I have been trying to get a hold of you for months now. Don’t forget your old friends.
    Talk to you soon.

  69. Ray Mendez Says:

    That was OD official…!

    Great to see camaraderie & shredding. Its what life & skating should be about..!

    Well done & well lived gentlemen…

    Great to see cats on big wheels again shredding. We’ve been back on that in NYC &
    its good fun for those of you that dont know the pleasure of crusin’ 80+mm wheels.

    Barcelona is def one city that rivals the caliber of street skating in NYC.

    Thanks for the boost guys..! Peace.

  70. Thanks Dustin Werstdressedrollerbladerofalltime TAKES IT IN THE ASS Says:

    Wow 30 yr old baseball star every comment you make sounds like shit is literally coming out of your mouth. Indeed, we are all entitled to our opinion and will defend your right to say whatever you want, but come on dude – be real with yourself. What your saying is absolute garbage and you know if all your homies wore vest and skinny jeans you would too.A vest is no a “trend” that pertains to our “industry” – its a fucking piece of clothing. You wear something different on the weekends then you do on regular days – who’s the pretty boy metro sexual -really? Honestly no hate -just truth.

  71. Anonymous Says:

    What’s with all the hate over some clothing? It’s not my style personally, but fair play if that’s what you’re into. I see styles in rollerblading every day that are different to me. Its one reason I love the sport
    Back to the vid, amazing vibes, amazing skating, I can’t wait to go there!

  72. Marnix Says:

    good to see sagona back on his blades ! edit was soo tight !

  73. Lee Doig is all about carbon 2's! Says:

    hahahaha!!! its turned into a comedy forum – rollerjokers!

    Wicked edit cant wait to see more and skate those sexy bastard skates.
    Conference smashing anything, best team, best vibes keep doing what your doing mangs!

    much love god bless

  74. mousley Says:

    my fav part aside from the tru acid and bench to stair bash was the shoulder strap pop right after the vert mak stall…. ROFL fashion skater fo sho…. not to say his skating isn’t way enjoyable. i just realise that everyone thinks somethin different when they put there skates on before a session, as well as the clothes the choose to put on in the morning. not my style at all but whatever….

  75. Spen Says:

    That was one of the best edits I’ve ever seen. This really sums up why I love rollerblading! Sagona has always been my favorite skater, just the best style ever!

  76. Boiiiiiiii Says:

    It’s a beatiful edit & that Dustin guy is just being a joker isn’t he, I really couldn’t get all emotional about it he just looks like a fag. In England we call those a waistcoat a wear for Very formal things not for riding around in goof skates hahaha

  77. gagaga Says:

    ok i go skate now !

  78. Hop out the closet Says:

    Thanks Dustin Werstdressedrollerbladerofalltime for showing the world that your Dad’s choice to blow in your mothers cooch rather than in her hair was a bad choice for rollernews 30 years ago.

    Same goes for everyone else you instead of giving props on an edit decided to discuss fashion like a bunch of teenage girls at a mall.

    Let’s not forget all the others who drop ‘faggot’ and ‘gay’ without realising gay and faggot is how the general public see you rolling around on your plastic shoes with wheels ,some even yell out faggot as they drive by.

    When you turn up at the park you may think you look good, but that is just your ego putting some Vaseline on the lense, your not doing a steezy grind as far as the world sees,you are tap dancing on a ledge and glitter as spraying out your candy as,followed by the waiters arm you copied from the kelso brothers….

    Dustin Werstdressedrollerbladerofalltime, your 30, grow up .either grow up, give up rollerblading or man up next time your jackin it with your belt around your neck, do it without a spotter.

  79. Anonymous Says:

    DUSTIN WERBESKI is the fucking man ! <3 that guy and plan to buy his pro skate when my current Xsjados are done (prob a few more months).

    Fuck the haters love the bladers

  80. Anonymous Says:

    Oi! Dominic Sagona! What did that tree ever do to you?! ;)

  81. will bean Says:

    not enough Sagona, but still a really chill and sick edit! fuck the haters!

  82. MARC Says:

    Love love love. How much style does Sagona have…

  83. Lee Says:

    @Hop out of the closet

    I don’t know if you realize this, but your fear of being labeled as gay, faggot, poorly dressed or whatever is exactly why we are labeled that way.

    If we simply stopped giving the gay image kudos by refusing to become upset about it would cease to be an effective way to ostracize rollerbladers. Make a joke about it, some asshole says rollerblading is gay, respond with a sarcastic, “Yeah, we all go home and blow each other after every session,” and let it roll off your back.

    Do our own thing, enjoy what your doing, support each other, and haters gonna hate.

  84. Deubeul Says:

    I miss Hooi

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  85. Anonymous Says:

    whoa dustin werbeski refered to himself in the third, lol pretty arrogant to say the least!

  86. Anonymous Says:

    Sagona’s face looks like crap/Emperor Palpetine