Thank You Haters: Featuring Brian Aragon, Iain McLeod, Dre Powell, Julian Bah & More

September 2010 Repost.


Starring: Brian Aragon, Dre Powell, Julian Bah, Brent Hicks, Fabio Enes, Max Jubin & Iain McLeod.

Filmed & Edited by Brazilionaire.

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284 Responses to “Thank You Haters: Featuring Brian Aragon, Iain McLeod, Dre Powell, Julian Bah & More”

  1. Travis Stewart Says:

    Just to damn good.

  2. Frazer Says:

    my god that was the gayest, funniest, best skating…. I hate to love it but I have to…

    good work and glad to see everyone can take the piss when putting a ‘gangster wannaB’ edit together…

    there was just nothing not to love about it…

  3. .Fx Says:

    Killer, too much good vids this morning. I’m hyped!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Almost too awkward to watch….

    I hope nobody outside our industry sees this….

    ….and we wonder why rollerblading is in the shit hole it’s in

  5. former razors SL skater Says:

    That is it I will newer buy or skate on razors again … I can not relate with this wannabe imagine crated by this so call brazil ! :( ( the new remz os are looking good )

    former razors SL skater

  6. Domi Says:

    I say a big fat fuck you to all the haters out there. this was really dope

  7. Real Talk Says:

    This video is the shit!!!!!!!

    Fuckin awesome!!!!

    The song is awesome, the skating is amazing and so is the editing.

    Razors for the win.

    Brazilionaire for the win!!!

    Fuck all the haters. Most of the haters are probably just other company owners on did user names trying to bring the vibe down.

    This is off the hook! Anybody who hates on this is officially gay

  8. hasan namotaj Says:

    hate on you too…..LOL…made me laugh…
    i only hate bah for being fake raper wannabe….
    skating was on point….

  9. SwaG-Gar Says:

    Thats some awesome skating!!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    @former skater:true true
    Razors skates are rly good,but rzrs skaters are so full of them selves

  11. no way Says:

    how can anybody seriously watch this and be proud to be a roller?

    good skating, but thats the only good thing about it

  12. dsa Says:

    USD brazil edit was way better

  13. sbask Says:

    that was very funny. it was like watching p diddys next rap video but they have replaced dancers with fucking retards.

    what a bunch of dick heads.

    it was like…we skate, we pull girls, we have bbq’s….who gives a fuck?

    I drink stella, shag my bird and smoke embassy number 1…but i dont fuckin brag about it.


  14. Trill Bill Says:

    Stronger than ever? FUCK YEAH!

    Man, I watched it thinking I would dislike Razors or even one of those dope skaters who’s name was mentioned with the edit… Dude I laughed my ass off because the vibe is real.

    Here is my take on this edit, It’s Razors reply to how they feel about the Don Bambrick situation.

    Don is a good skater ( He is better than me and has a skate.) but this whole team has their swag on point. They don’t need his fuck ass. I hope I’m quoted later for saying this. They don’t NEED YO FUCK ASS DON BAMBRICK! You can eat a big fat dick! LOL!

    Real talk, I’ll probably still check out Don’s edits, and I don’t personally know him, But I kinda wanna put money in his pocket and skate the blue sl’s. (They would remind me of the simpler times skating ST 70’s in that color, and I had them set up in the same colors Prince is rocking, and hoes loved it.)

    Basically I’m rambling on about this, I loved the vibe. If Iain McLeod is on Razors, I wanna skate them shits. And on that note He NEEDS a PRO MODEL. Yeah it costs money, and yeah Bambrick got the boot, but Iain is the TRUTH. I don’t care what haters are saying. Baggy just isn’t in right now. Iain needs a boot, he is STILL holding it down.

    Everyone on this current Razors team are rippers. Stoked on all of this.

    These dudes shouldn’t boycott skating, just skate for Razors, them niggas are the truth, and have been repping it hard since day ONE. Remember when Nimh called you homos out, bitches gonna hate, and need to be called out. And from what Nimh has been putting down, it’s legit.

    This is legit, hate if you want. But eat a dick too…

  15. Trill Bill Says:

    They weren’t braging, that is what they do. And you can hate if you want to. That is what they have been doing since day one. I remember reading old, I mean OLD interviews of Dre, way back in the day… dude was always burning, and fuckin’ hoes.

    They are always coolin’ brah brah, but FIRST AND FOREMOST, they rip.

    You drink Stella, and shag your bitch, but do you have the steeze. No.
    Nor the swag. SO sit back and hate. But put your seatbelt on and pump the brakes because you is speedin’ nigga!

  16. .Fx Says:

    Actually, I agree on that the arrogance factor (wether acted or not) is high, but the skating is just too dope to hate on.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    The lyrics are sick for this video…..sick skating….sick edit

  18. . Says:

    A load of FP wannabes… I bet they all have communal wanks while sat round watching this in the Razors house, and the bust off whenever they see themselves do a trick.

    My personal favorite though is how easily they are able to spoil exceptional tricks by pretending they earn enough from skating to by Mercades, when really they are just rich kids from Atlanta or Colorado…

    Any respect I had for their ability, which was a fair bit (except for Julian Bah), has gone out of the window after watching that monstrosity.

    No body hates these guys because they are good at what they do, but because they are a bunch of pricks.

  19. josh Says:

    dudes are all fuckin corny as hell
    and does anyone remember the movie brink, how team x blades all wore cults and razors shwag and how they were all corny as hell…… its all too funny

    and is it just me or do they seem like they keep dropping all these edits showing how “razors life” is and it just seems like they are pissed because don did not try to come back like he already had offers lined up

  20. dsa Says:

    i dont blame the skaters im sure there allright in person,brazilionairs editing is just makeing them look like a bunch of big headed egotistical losers

  21. rol247 Says:

    well the skating is good, but to me those people in there all look like fags, i don’t know if it is the company, the editor or the people in there. probably a little bit of all.

  22. . Says:

    No wonder skating isn’t welcome in the X-Games if that is the impression the world has of skating.

  23. dave shaw Says:

    tgood skating in the edit, but pretty fucking cheesy, the usd edit was better

  24. Logical hater Says:

    Oh how they’ve missed the point. Along with the artist and lyrics of that song, people aren’t hating on you because you’re successful, they hate on you because you all act like pretentious douchebags. I can’t help but to think though, that some of the Razors riders aren’t that way in real life but are made out to be since they’re included in this edit. This was as stupid and as narrow-minded as Kanye West and the shit he puts out.

  25. Youkana Says:

    Ok. So basically a bunch of really good park and indoor tricking combined with awkward shots of the guys pulling some teens. As far as I see it this is a step further from the ghetto gangster wannabe shit Brazil has portrayed so far. Now they went nuts and show themselves ripping it like usually, but changed the gangster swag for the cheerleader pajama party in the kitchen. I love it. Man. You guys are such good at what you do. I really don’t understand why you need to build this ridiculous image around it. Just travel and be the nice guys you probably are, all this pretentious crap is just totally irrelevant.

  26. wow Says:

    something about the word haters that makes anyone with an IQ higher than a dog groan.

  27. Armand Marchand Says:

    AJ should still be making videos for razors. Makes skating look the coolest. Only person who could give skating that G image was Joe Navran FP was the shit. Skating just seeming lame these days with shit tracks and too much posing. Just my opinion yea more skating less sunglasses! Period. Peace

  28. Bimba Says:




  29. wow Says:

    I don’t hate the razors team. As people I don’t care what they do. Just seems they are playing at being rappers or something no one fuckin cares nevermind hate! lol. Just put your skate video out etc don’t give everyone grief trying to act like assholes all the time. I mean how old are you?

  30. C.Smith Says:

    Don’t film yourselves chilling with a random girl that works at Ed Hardy, or cooking a BBQ and put it in the edit, not unless its interesting B-Roll or gives us some insight into the skaters personality.

    Everything from Razors these days is just edited the same as a fucking music video. Give us something DIFFERENT.

    I can’t wait until the wait is over…

  31. wow Says:

    I second that point about AJ KFC are my favourite films!

  32. Tion Says:

    as long this is gooing on with razors I WILL STOP BUYING RAZORS PRODUCTS !!!

    Razors skates are very good but this new imagine is not good at all for them..
    And the title ‘Thank You Haters’ maybe the haters bring COMMENTS and VIEWS but they will stop BUYING RAZORS PRODUCTS … and the money will go to others companies !

    If you dont’t enjoy thin new Razors thing just buy something else is the best for US for RB and for Razors !

  33. Anonymous Says:

    I fucking hate the razors attitude / image. Reminds me of those early Brian Bell videos.. just a bunch off dumbasses.

  34. sl. Says:

    nice skating – sillly personalities.

    razors pr is made for kiddies.

    the team acts like clowns..

    nothin i wanna have to do with – and i love this sport!

  35. Maximoe Says:

    You know how u always hated that dude, he was good, very good in fact but he would always talk about himself and how awesome he was and how people that “hated” were just jealous!

  36. mad se Says:

    julien bah chicken brest!
    stupid acting with the girls .. dont like how they present themselfs to be the craziest “ladykillers”
    skating is awsome as always .. except dre powells skating in my oppinion

  37. tw@t Says:

    didnt like the song and the quality was shit but enjoyed it.
    ive just got myself the don razors and think there amazing really good quality compared to conference and others on the market. so a poor edit isant gunna put me off buying razors when there the best things to skate. imo.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Too many park edit (Dre, Julian, Brian et Iain used to be real street killers)… I’m fed up with… Street skating needs to make a FAT come back !!!

  39. Anonymous Says:

    “the team acts like clowns..”

    it’s so true. There are in mainstream rap norms, which are so gay & empty.
    “yeah i wannabe like those rappers on TV” ahahahha
    Why guys like Mathias Silhan & Mc Leod deal with these fake humans ?
    Brazil is just a teen educated by TV, he dont know nothing about what life is thats why he brings us this shit.
    And saying ‘thank you haters’ will not cover the truth. Its so easy to bring hate and much more difficult to bring love, we all know what they did with this edit. Rollerbladers are not a bunch of teens who will eat this all day.

  40. Sandy Says:

    I think I just puked a little in my mouth, this sums up everything I hate about rollerblading the now. Razors are trying to be like the nike of rollerblading, being all trendy and popular and its horrible! They prolly fired Don cause that guys got far to much gnar to pretend to be some wannabe gangster

  41. good jobz Says:

    fail sooooo hard! these guys are silly american shitheads, no class and poor image.

  42. DarthRoller Says:

    I personally found that edit to be waaaaay too MTV for my tastes.

    Some sick tricks in there all the same.

    More street footage please (although to be fair, they’re not all 18 anymore and they’re perhaps looking at the longevity of their bodily health to keep rollin’).

    More tricks, less BBQs, women and sunglasses. Personal taste-we follow sections, pro model boots/frames/wheels, interviews and photographs of you guys because you roll and roll HARD. That’s what we all want to see. I don’t wish to sound like I’m whining, to get to see high quality tricks like true mistrial to topsoul for FREE is a privilege, but I think most of us want to see tricks and little to nothing else.

  43. qwerty Says:

    wow after seeing that i now am a hater of razors

  44. hasan namotaj Says:

    HAHA..RAZORS is still in da ….hmmmmm
    razors….well Andy, haven you realised we DONT HATE SKATING….but the attitude of your skaters…they arent hiphop stars , rockstars orwhatever…and that mercedez….HAHA….fucking morons….like u have money for that..hah…LOL TO ANDY!!!!
    oh…and please…get rid of that BRAZIL….he is IDIOT….

  45. hasan namotaj Says:

    oh and another thing…
    before calling us HATERS…..
    we buy rollerskates…not you!!!!
    we support the industry not you….

  46. Marcus Says:

    “the team acts like clowns..”

    completely agree [2x]

  47. drobones Says:

    hahahaha you kids need to stop taking everything so seriously. These guys are obviously having way more fun than you right now, and if any of you had that kind of skill you would be doing the same thing they are with the opportunity Razors has placed at their feet. This video was completely necessary given all the unprecedented hate that’s been spewing out of the rollerblading community as of late. You all need to get off the internet and into a pair of blades and start promoting instead of hindering the progression of our sport. My hat’s off to Brazil for all the time and energy he’s committed to rollerblading. It’s my guess he loves and appreciates it more than most of you. Respect.

  48. . Says:

    hasan namotaj said it best.

  49. Fu-CK Says:

    guys im sorry but you start realizing that prince arogant is a arogant little prat just now? hes been years ago and nobody complained.
    gay-bah always was a wannabe rap star and if he could make money with crapmusik he would drop skating – beside the fact that hes beating up girls – whats cool about that guy?

    skating was predictable – i dont want to see the razorsledges penetrated by prince arogant anymore.
    how comes nobody noticed that weve already seen some of the tricks? cause they all look the same?

    anyway – go on selling skates without investing money back in the sport – when was the last time you seriously put out a new mold? not talking about slightly modifying what you already have. yeah its too expensive – funny how other companies manage.

    ah – the edit sucks – it pissed on my good mood. Thank you haters? whats wrong with your “slightly” too big egos?

    Razors – WEAK AS USUAL

  50. dan Says:

    this makes us look pretty gay. they all look conceited by this edit. good job idiots. tell the whole world.

  51. Youkana Says:

    “I think I just puked a little in my mouth, this sums up everything I hate about rollerblading the now. Razors are trying to be like the nike of rollerblading, ”

    The problem is first, this lacks the quality of anything Nike would put out to advertise. Second, there really isn’t a book that says you can not have your own personality. So you may hate wheareas another person will love. But in this aprticular case I think most of us are upset by the way the skaters are portrayed. From all these guys film there must be anything less shallow than what we see in every second bullshit program on MTV, who still besides their crappy programming make well crafted and designed promos and screens.

    Noone is bashing on the skating or the brand. They make good products and know how to skate more than good. The problem is if the team behind the brand really made a good decission over their marketing. Obviously this image right now doesn’t appeal to the consumers. SO something is going wrong. And worse, I say the claim “stronger than ever” stands in total dissonance with what the clips portray.

    Just my opinion, but there is a huge problem going on here with their brand identity. it’s starting to crumble… it neds more cohesiveness and honesty.

    Also, even when I found the USD mockery funny, I think if you really are that strong and centered you just go and transmit that strength not fighting back like a child.

    USD and Razors are with Remz, maybe the three brands that have been in here the longest after all. They all have good products.

    USD have a huge determination right now and work hard as a team. Remz barely advertise and still provide a niche that the other brands don’t and they know their place and work it well. Razors right now is trying to portray a team where the individuals don’t seem to add up for a common goal other than fooling around Aragon, who is still portrayed as a leader. Like that you don’t go anywhere.

    After all you get the I went to USD casue I wanted to find my way back to fun again kinda deal.

    Not cool. Razors need to lock up in a room and be creative and honest about their commercial focus as a company. This aproach is an epic fail. Just becasue it’s not real. Those guys must be nicer than they make themselves look in those crappy videos.

  52. John Says:

    For once I agree with all the haters on this site. Unfortunately for pretty much everyone on the Razors team they’re probably not super pysched either about the way they’re portrayed. Brazil wants us to look like we’re super cool trendy party animals that do cool tricks. While that is kind of the case, obviously a lot of us don’t like the way it’s portrayed in this vid. And lemme get this straight…. If you’re on the Razors team you’re allowed to show off the Razors crib with at least more than one Razors team rider in it. It’s cool, especially if it jocks current rap videos. If you’re just making a joke and have the Vibralux team with you at the Razors crib you’re fired. Okay now don’t get your panties up in a bunch. I’m talkin’ about the kids who are gonna say that’s not really the reason Don was fired. I get it, there were probably other more important factors involved in him getting fired. But gimme a break. Don’t site that as a main reason, though. This is a big fuck you to everyone on this site who has wised up to the whole, “Look at us, aren’t we cool? Not only can we skate well, but we can pretend like we live like celebrities.” Don’t get me wrong. The lifestyle these guys live has gotta be great. But don’t toss it out there right after you fire a guy for basically doing the not as “gangsta” thing that you basically did in this video. Like a lot of people have said, only stupid little kids will look up to this. As for the rest of us, we’ll go find some other skates to buy. Sad that this shit is so annoying it makes me want to buy another pair of skates even though Razors products are top notch.

  53. dan Says:

    everyone is actually giving good constructive criticism. this is good.

  54. dave shaw Says:


    you hit the nail on the head, Valo edits are so much better, so too was the USD one, dre powell with all the young white girls in the kitchen was fucking pathetic, everyone knows that pro skaters don’t earn much money so why is this video making it out that they live in mansions and party all the time the reality is they have to get other jobs and go to college so they can earn money when razors drops them when the next young hot shot comes along……………..I’ve skated razors for 10 years and i’ve gone to valo as the razors image is just plain gay as fuck

  55. Giliam Says:

    i skate razors myself….

    the skating is obviously good too, the way brazillionaire is trying to mtv this razor image just pisses me off…

    + i always have to turn down the music volume to a minimum since nearly every song in there is shit.

    but he doesnt give a shit about what i have to say about it , cuz ur head is up ur ass and any critisism towards ur style is just hating…

    thats obviously the point ur making with this edit, so just fuck u.

  56. kevin Says:


  57. deubeul Says:

    brazillionaire just makes skaters i like for many many years look dumbass.
    hope they’re not like that in real life.
    but speaking about girls… it’s cool for them… i like to do girls too…

  58. deubeul Says:

    and btw who the fuck is this brazillionaire?

  59. Burger King Says:

    I am sorry the team is sick but this fucking chump the brazilabitch is ruining the scene he is making these normal pro skaters to look like rock stars, dre powell partying with some white girls how much did razors pay those high school girls to hang out with those clowns. I will never buy another pair of razors nor watch another edit from this wanna be baller ass clown. USD FTW

  60. cavalier Says:

    Enes always killing…

  61. Outsider Says:

    The problem here is that several members on the team are a bunch of arrogant clowns and it brings down everyone. They’re their own biggest fans. The playful sarcasm in the video would have been justified if it wasnt a retaliation towards the feedback people are directing towards them. All it was is confirmation to what everyones been thinking. PAY ATTENTION TEAM RAZORS *Nobody is hating on you because of lack of skill, you’re just getting feedback DIRECTLY from your fans and the very people buying your products. Humble out! Nobody likes an athlete with their heads stuck up their ass.

    Note that I said several members, not all, are arrogant clowns. Dre is actually a very humble person. Easy to talk to. Gives kids attention at skate demos and a big high five. A legit individual.

    Aragon on the other hand, though a very skilled blader, he acts like he’s too important to have a chat with the kids. He ignores people when theyre obviously speaking directly to him. Headphones on at the park shutting out the kids? Bad show! You need a reality check Brian from colorado. Those kids you cant give a high five to are the ones buying your skates.

    Another clown, Brazil. The image that hes placed upon your brand is damaging. No hate there. Thats a valid opinion. He’s a child. A product of the MySpace and Lil’Wayne era. Though a skilled editor and filmer, as a branding instrument he’s just doing what HE likes to do and not necessarily what your customers like. Game Theory was an epic failure. Deal with that reality.

    Truth is Razors as a brand and Team need a huge reality check. So instead of kicking and screaming like a bunch of little girls, maybe rethink a few of the decisions youve been making, and try to reconnect with your fans. Right now things arent looking so good for your brand at all. But hey, Andy got rich right? If Razors goes under he wont care. Hes made his millions, that house belongs to Andy, not Razors. Check yourselves.

  62. yep Says:

    bunch of lowlifes

  63. Youkana Says:

    Like Outsider said it’s not a bad idea to take criticism like this. Take it as tough love from the fans and deal with the situation. You are portraying an image your team doesn’t represent fully. Also, it isn’t making the team look as a team. At this stage you would think everybody knows who is skating, no real need for names other than in an opening or an intro text above the video. The video failed for two reasons:

    1. Getting back at the joke-diss, call it what you want of the USD video.
    2. Putting up the cribs show again.

    I say, now that you are going to tour South America, forget about all of this and just try to have fun yourselves, then gather enough material to make a nice video of the good guys you probably are, man.

    As for the Brazil thing. I understand you like a certain type of editing. But we know you can do that, so just try to broaden your horizons casue if you really have love for what you are doing I am sure you will get over yourself and come up with a much better result.

    As far as personal experiences with the guys I don’t know Outsider. I mean, I have met other perfomers, athletes and such and I don’t really care. I mean… further from the skating I am not really interested in the guys. But if they want to promote the brand through clips I say do it like Vibralux or the Valo guys do, just take the camera and gather material only being yourselves. In all these Razor videos we only see a few slang swings at the camera or just random limousine shots. We don’t get an idea of the skaters personalities because there simply isn’t anything happening in the videos. No story or anecdotic value in the non-skate parts.

    And if you just want to do skate videos, do them like Nimh. With balls… I know the Razors team has those. I have seen Bah and he could deliver that adrenalin.

    As for USD… right now. Superproductive with an overall solid International array of top notch skaters. Produce a lot of videos and document their tours thoroughly.

    Anyway. Have a nice day. I love rollerblading, it’s just that the way it’s handled on a corporate level is superamateur at some points.

  64. joeman95 Says:

    Team is amazing & edit was really dope. WIN.

  65. chris s Says:

    Good skating and it looks like those guys are having a great time..

    ..but that song, for the love of god, is plain douche baggery..I just can’t understand how someone can like that kind of shit in their ears..I had to stop the edit before it was over. Horrible.

  66. ummm Says:

    Outsider Says “Game Theory was an epic failure.”

    How do you know it was a failure. It wasn’t done when world premiere happened because they are still filming. So you totally know how good or bad Game Theory was, right?

    As for the rest of this Razors stuff. I’m a fan of Brazil’s work and have never been let down. he knows what he’s doing behind the camera and tends to know exactly what he wants.

    The Aragon=Arrogant comment you must have never met the guy. he is far from arrogant and is actually pretty chill. So where did you get that from?

    For the Julian Bah haters that hate on his rapping FYI Dre does it to.

    Everyone that sits here to boycott razors let me tell you something. Razors is so big that the small amount of people on this message board that boycotts it I promise you they make enough money that you aren’t hurting them. As you can clearly tell they are more of which having fun with your hate.

  67. Anonymous Says:

    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you motherfucking haterbitches !!! suck razors dick !!!!!!!

  68. Anonymous Says:

    pretty much the exactly what i would expect from somebody who gets BOOed off stage at his own premiere.

    this video was horrible and i would never ever show this to any of my friends…..should be taken offline and locked away in a vault, never to be see again

  69. Stevie C Says:

    fucking embarrassing.

  70. Outsider Says:

    Having a “world premier” to watch an unfinished movie isnt a failure? What planet are you on? At this point saying “its not finished” is just an excuse.

    Brazil: “Hey boss, I finished that project you had me working on for over 2 years, only thing is, its not really finished. But I put a ton of Kanye West and Lil’Wayne in it though… Cool?”

    Andy: “Whatever, just get it out the door.”

    Thats bad business. Everything done in this industry for the past few years is amatuer and the lack of effort clearly shows. For every 1 good thing thing this industry does theres 100 failures that render that 1 good thing forgotten.

  71. laf Says:

    remember how good razors used to be? shima, elliot, lievanos, etc etc

    razors needs to take their fucking heads out of the sand. bullshit fake gangsta edits, no one likes this ridiculous image they have given themselves. it appeals to stupid mtv kids

  72. Anonymous Says:

    Scheitern? Welche Planeten sind Sie auf? An dieser Stelle sagen: “noch nicht fertig sein” ist nur eine Ausrede. Brasilien: “Hey Boss, ich, dass du mich Projekt arbeiten hatte seit über 2 Jahren fertig, einzige Sache ist, das ist nicht wirklich fertig. Aber ich habe eine Tonne von Kanye West und in Lil’Wayne obwohl es … Cool? “Andy:” Was auch immer, nur kommen sie aus der Tür. “Thats schlechtes Geschäft. Alles, was in dieser Branche in den letzten paar Jahren getan ist Amateur-und der Mangel an Anstrengung deutlich zeigt. Für jede 1 gute Sache, was diese Branche funktioniert theres 100 Fehler, dass 1 gute Sache vergessen zu machen.

  73. Anonymous Says:

    Denken Sie daran, wie gut Rasierer verwendet werden? shima, Elliot, lievanos, etc etc

    Rasierer braucht, um ihre fucking nehmen Köpfe aus dem Sand. Bullshit fake gangsta Bearbeitungen, niemand mag dieses lächerliche Bild, das sie sich selbst gegeben haben. Er appelliert an dummen MTV Kids

  74. Anonymous Says:

    pretty much the exactly what i would expect from somebody who gets BOOed off stage at his own premiere.

    this video was horrible and i would never ever show this to any of my friends…..should be taken offline and locked away in a vault, never to be see again

  75. oh no Says:

    id rather watch “do you skate?”

    i couldn’t even finish this one

    God damn, how long is it gonna take for brazil to get the fuck out of our industry?

  76. Anonymous Says:

    Text oder Webseite übersetzenfailure? What planet are you on? At this point saying “its not finished” is just an excuse. Brazil: “Hey boss, I finished that project you had me working on for over 2 years, only thing is, its not really finished. But I put a ton of Kanye West and Lil’Wayne in it though… Cool?” Andy: “Whatever, just get it out the door.” Thats bad business. Everything done in this industry for the past few years is amatuer and the lack of effort clearly shows. For every 1 good thing thing this industry does theres 100 failures that render that 1 good thing forgotten.
    Geben Sie Text oder eine Website-Adresse ein oder lassen Sie ein Dokument übersetzen.
    Übersetzung von Englisch in Deutsch
    Outsider Says “Game Theory war ein episches Versagen.”

    Woher weißt du, es war ein Fehlschlag. Es war nicht getan, wenn Welt, weil sie noch gefilmt werden passiert Premiere. Damit Sie ganz wissen, wie gut oder schlecht Game Theory wurde, richtig?

    Wie für den Rest dieses Razors Zeug. Ich bin ein Fan von Brasilien die Arbeit und waren noch nie im Stich gelassen. er weiß, was er hinter der Kamera dabei und neigt dazu, genau zu wissen, was er will.

    Die Aragon = Arrogant kommentieren, müssen Sie noch nie getroffen haben, der Kerl. Er ist weit von arrogant und ist eigentlich ziemlich kalt. Also, wo hast du das her?

    Für die Julian Bah Hasser, dass auf seinem Rappen FYI Dre macht es zu hassen.

    Jeder, der hier sitzt zu boykottieren Rasierer Lassen Sie mich Ihnen etwas sagen. Razors ist so groß, dass die kleine Menge von Menschen auf dieser message board, dass es Boykotte Ich verspreche Ihnen, sie machen genug Geld, dass Sie sich nicht verletzen würden. Wie kann man klar sagen, sie sind mehr von denen Spaß mit Ihrem hassen.

  77. Anonymous Says:

    im gonna buy some razors skates !!!

  78. Anonymous Says:

    im gonna buy some razors skates !!!!!!

  79. Anonymous Says:

    im gonna buy some razors skates !!!!!!!!!

  80. Anonymous Says:

    we want buy some razors skates !!!!!!!

  81. Anonymous Says:

    fucking haters !!!!!!!!!

  82. Anonymous Says:

    remz, valo, rollerblade, nimh, usd, anarchy,xsjadoo, aalll are shit

    RAZORS the truth
    BRASIL 4 life

    martin roosar

  83. Anonymous Says:

    ill buy 111110 razors skates

  84. Anonymous Says:

    fuck you

    fcking haters





    and spuks

    iam martin R.

  85. Guy Says:

    ouch. The steeze isn’t coming naturally here. Valo, Vibralux, Shred till you’re dead, USD and so in – That is blading, I personally get a sense of realism from it. This seems incredibly false.

  86. Cheerleader Says:

    J Bah J Bah is a pussy
    Beating girls makes you a woosy
    Wooooooooooo \o/

  87. Urbn1nja Says:

    I love Razors. Extremely dependable brand :)

  88. ir0nblood Says:

    i like razors cause they work and i like when my skates work

  89. SCiiilly Says:

    SHIMA COME BACK fuck these hiphop dudes. And how are u gonna kall us haters if we are buying ur products dumbass bussiness. i think the only reseon they kicked bambrick off the team was bcuz he was 2 rocker for there taste. STICK 2 THE SKATING AND NOT SHOWING OFF UR CARS AND HOUSES. remember that video !!EGO!!!!

  90. Anonymous Says:

    i dont think anything i could type could express how bad that was

  91. 1234bomb Says:

    u dont see VALO doin this nor nimh nor remz,usd…wat ashame. rollerblading is going downhill just like the lame ass rap industry. fuck kanye and lil wayne. new songs or differnet genre of music buddy

  92. x Says:

    used to skate razors , not anymore
    i feel disrespected by this video , fuck you razors :D

  93. bmo Says:

    I’ll comment on the back farv up to hurricane topsoul because that was sick

  94. john Says:

    HAHA, THANK YOU HATERS?? YOUR SUPPOST TO BE SELLING SKATES NOT TELLING ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS TO FUCK OFF AND ACT COOLER THEN THEM. FUCKING WACK. THE EDIT WAS TERRIBLE WITH ALL ITS SUBTITLES GOING IWTH THE SONG? SKATING IS AMAZING, AS ALWAYS BUT SERIOUSLY. ANDY you should definately rethink your image. skaters are great but SOMEONE is really fucking your image over. MIGHT BE BRAZILLLIONAREEE!!! Come on, dude even forgets to put JBAH s section in the fuckin’ premier. Just sayin…

  95. private Says:

    im a poor skater …why are they doing this 2me. showing off there blingBliNG isnt cool. skating was awesome though

  96. ummm Says:

    As far as I know they weren’t done filming when the showed the video. JBah section was going to be a surprise but due to some razor rider “fucking up” not mentioning any names. they decided to tell everyone he is pro for razors. From what I can tell his section was going to be his entrance to razors.

  97. Anonymous Says:

    Armand Marchand Says:

    September 10th, 2010 at 11:49 am
    AJ should still be making videos for razors. Makes skating look the coolest. Only person who could give skating that G image was Joe Navran FP was the shit. Skating just seeming lame these days with shit tracks and too much posing. Just my opinion yea more skating less sunglasses! Period. Peace


  98. Fu-CK Says:

    “Everyone that sits here to boycott razors let me tell you something. Razors is so big that the small amount of people on this message board that boycotts it I promise you they make enough money that you aren’t hurting them. As you can clearly tell they are more of which having fun with your hate.”

    yes? so if razors is so big and we little fucks dont count – which is exactly the feeling i get from this edit “thank you haters” – kind of insulting – but what would you expect if you let a kid that calls himself BRAZILLIONAIRE do your marketing for you?
    so we dont cunt and the razors guys are much cooler than we. sick.

    razors weak as usual

  99. guaranteed Says:

    100 bucks says Trill Bill is a razors rider

  100. guaranteed Says:

    or more likely brazil himself.

  101. . Says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is, video is sick. Not a huge fan of the music, but if you listen to the lyrics its nothing but good vibes. Seems like the dudes have a good time with life and blading, totally into that vibe.

  102. Tom Says:

    It’s nice to see that Razors has nothing but contempt for their customers.

  103. TomBish Says:

    it does all seem very “yeh we’r living the dream and everyone wants to be me because im living the dream” who fucking cares man have some dignity, why do they feel the need to put out an edit thats just like saying “we’r the best, no one likes us, but hey, we’r the best!’ i honestly couldn’t give a shit if he’s got a nice merc, or if murda’s got a sick house. everyone always goes on about how ther is no money in the industry so who’s bullshittin? the next time any of these idiots are crying in an interview about how little cash they earn someone needs to remind them of this stupid edit. kids are either gonna look at this and think “wow thats how i want my skating to be, and how i want to be” or their gonna see it and want to remove themselves as far away as possible from all this fake gangster crap. im not gonna say boycott buying razors coz undoubtedly a lot of people will eat this up, but i hate the sport that iv loved being part of for the last ten years to be represented by these clowns. i loved having no insight into the scene because ever since i have its really jaded my view of the sport. they always say you should never meet your hero’s, aint that the truth

  104. Ian Freunscht Says:

    hahahaha fuck yes… this shit is awesome

  105. octavio Says:

    song is disgusting

  106. Trill Bill Says:

    Actually I’m not a Razors rider, and haven’t skated their product since the FLATS, from TEAM PARADISE. Thank you very much… Shima wasn’t even repping them then.

    Dude, the video isn’t making fun of you if you buy their products, it isn’t even mocking Don Bambrick, who is good like I said, better than me. (But not by a huge margin… And dude shoulda atleast showed up at the comp if he was such a stand up guy.) It’s saying thank you for this thread getting 100 plus comments, in this industry right now ya’ll are gonna talk smack no matter what. I’m here saying I love the current Razors team, I wanna get a pair, even though they are Uglier than my Nimhs and Valos, they are. People are saying they are a great product and they have a great team.

    This is all I’m gonna say… Iain McLeod is on the team. I’m screaming like Tarzan because I thought he was on Usd, and he isn’t so I’m on this teams nuts right now. I hope Iain gets a boot, dood deserves it, and RIPS!

    Rockillas all day!

  107. Trill Bill Says:

    And that MERC is OLD! Ya’ll are lames my S550 is cleaner than that shit. Git yer game up. Ya’ll are whack hatin’ on this one sided lifestyle portrayal. Just enjoy the skating.

    Stronger than ever. Cop a pair. Get dons skate. It’s blue nigga!

  108. j Says:

    this not razors anymore cocks suckers more u hate more they are happy because u put coments fuckin assholes THIS IS NOT RAZORS,NIMH is the NEW razors…watch the past mother fuckers…these asshole are a football club…the new razors is nimh..whatch the team..whatch the actual razors team…makes me pukes…except the old legend

  109. skate harder Says:

    What most of you don’t understand that they ARE living like that. They have chicks over almost every day, the brunette girl is Brian’s girl and the blond one is J Bah’s. Murda is driving a Lexus, Brian a Mercedes and they are all making decent paychecks and don’t have to pay rent. Aragon makes bank with prize money (8K in the X-Games alone) and you don’t hear him whining. They are living in that house, have a key to their own skate park and skate hard every day. There is nothing staged or faked. Everything is how it is.

    If the music or the way they dress and live is reason for you not to buy their skates you probably picked the wrong activity.

    Stop hating and skate hard. May be one day you’ll be living the dream too.

  110. Anonymous Says:


    Brazil, this is your response to Jero’s edit?

    also, i guarantee this edit made don’s day. if i skated for razors i would quit today

    you fucking idiot! hahaha but thanks for the pretentious comedy!!!

  111. smoker Says:

    USD USD USD !!!!! fuck you j blah

  112. Anonymous Says:

    Hold on, that’s Andy’s house and Andy’s Mercedes, are those Andy’s 15 year-old daughters too? Get some grown up girls.

  113. Rodrigo Lagoa Says:

    brands fight! round one: jero hits a big righ, round 2: brazil responds and start to punch.

    round 3: still on hold.

    please keep it going!!

  114. Anonymous Says:

    lmfao seriously how does brazil still have a job?

  115. Youkana Says:

    “What most of you don’t understand that they ARE living like that. ”

    If that’s how it is, they really don’t seem to have much fun apart from skating in that room.

    Seriously. Noone is bashing on the team. We just don’t see any appeal in anything they film besides the tricks. More than that, everything they film apart from the tricks makes them look pretty narrowminded. And that is just sad.

    There is a tone in visual communication as in spoken language. And these videos certainly say a lot of boring stuff.

  116. Elvis Says:

    i feel like i i just saw this video on

  117. Says:

    skate harder ^ speaks the truth.

    I like everything about Razors and their team. (just like I love and respect every other rollerblading company and team) It might not be your thing but whats the point of telling the whole rollerblading world that Razors sucks?? Razors is still going to be successful with or without you and your critical opinions.
    The Razors guys sure are living their life to the fullest and they have the tricks to back it up.

    No hate here, just another rollerblader showing love and respect where its due.

  118. skate harder Says:

    It might be Andy’s house but these are their cars.

    It would be good if every company would get their riders a house like that. The company owners behind USD, RB and Valo/Roces have money too but they prefer to keep it for themselves

  119. Kartal Says:

    War between 2 rollerblading companies? lame…

  120. fcukleoo Says:

    I love skating razors, and they deff killed it . . . but fuck Brazilionaire, I would never eveeeeeeeeerr show this edit to my friends. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR COOL HOUSE, I could careless if you make money out the ass or if you have no money to wipe your ass! I want to SEE SKATING, not this gay shit on rollernews, the song wasn’t good, the subtitles were stupid as shit. I hate watching brian aragon skate those ugly yellow frames and laces, jbah’s skates aren’t cool, the graffiti on the sides make em look cheap and ghetto. I would rather watch the old ‘Icons’ edits, than this new shit. Brazilionaire is literallyy KILLING skating. If i never skated and saw this, I would automaticallyy hate it, and think skating is gay and full of douuchebag rollerbladers. I’m ashamed of skating razors, and ashamed of this team because of this edit. If I watch any more of these dumbass edits, I’m buying a planeticket to cali, and beating Brazilionaire’s ass. Ohhhh and burn my razors, and buy some nimhs.

  121. EPIC COMMENTS Says:

    very scary seeing J Bah with women

  122. Russ Says:

    this was the GAYEST edit ive ever watched to put something out like this and have Razor sponser it is just a bad move nothing against the skaters in it but the edit was just pure stupid

  123. fcukleoo Says:

    “If that’s how it is, they really don’t seem to have much fun apart from skating in that room.

    Seriously. Noone is bashing on the team. We just don’t see any appeal in anything they film besides the tricks. More than that, everything they film apart from the tricks makes them look pretty narrowminded. And that is just sad.”

    I agreeeeee 100%.

  124. inliner Says:

    why they have haters?

  125. roll4x4 Says:

    FUCKING reeeeetaaaaarrrdeeeddd!!!!

  126. Anonymous Says:

    what a fucking embarrassment. seriously the more brazil puts out the more he kills the sport.

    he started with an amazing chaz sands edit and has been slowly declining ever since.

    in all honesty, this edit makes me contemplate quitting rollerblading….

  127. marco Says:

    oh my good. i will never never never buy razors again.
    can`t believe what i saw the last minutes…
    now they are all official gay :)
    please look in the mirror razors team. this is a gangster freak show!!!

    sorry for the hate, but its the only thing the whole scene got for you right now.

  128. martin v D Says:

    too bad these guys are full of themselves (or thats how this video portraits them)… good skaters but very bad vibe…
    THIS really motivated me to to support that AJ project thingy, that stuff is just the real deal at the moment.

  129. wow Says:

    Dude get Brazil out put Aj back! Send Brazil to mtv to edit super sweet sixteen he is making us look like tweens, its quite gay and getting gayer than ever.

  130. wow Says:

    Even the women sucked ergh short haired fashion models gimme a curvy girl any day! haha. gay.

  131. Deeznuts Says:

    its wicked scary seeing Jbah around woman and this team is a bunch of clowns minus a few support AJ and his project and down with this Razors crew

  132. JAM Says:

    I like this vid, I dont know why all the haters say that just wanna see people skating in the edits, I love this sport and love all the things behind it including the lifestyle of the icons in our sport, if this is the lifestyle of the razors team what is the problem??…maybe the haters are jelous of them

  133. girl x Says:

    arrogant? there is another word for that…. NARCISSISTIC a-holes. I could give a crap less about blah, arrogance, and powerless. I love the shit out of hicks, mccleod, howard, and murda. The 1st three I mentioned can suck a leper’s cyst-boiled nut sack…

    Yeah, they all skate great, but this shit is gayer than a purpler unicorn floating on a neon pink cloud with a blue double headed dildo hanging out itz ass n mouth..

  134. Mr. Happy Tree Says:

    I almost never talk shit on rollernews, but this is fucking embarrassing.

    RAZORS- I’ll be as objective as possible in the following statements.
    1. Firing Don was a big mistake
    2. Making Julian Bah pro was a big mistake
    3. Brazil has some decent talent, but grab the fucking reins on this kid already! Do you even realize how much you have allowed one person to change the perception and reputation of your company?
    4. Get your god damn shit together, Razors!

  135. bonusssssss!!! Says:

  136. Says:

    u guys are puttin way to much extras on it.dude yeah razor teams a bit arrogant but not even 1/2 as close as u fuckers made it seem before i actually watched it.nice blading.i will say there was a bit of a corny theme goin on but i actually like all the skaters so it very well coulda been the edits fault.but either way its not anywere as bad as i thought it was gonna be.good job guys.

  137. RPD Says:

    Seriously. I enjoyed this video. It is a bit of fun with some ok skating in it. Im not a huge fan of Razors personally (the skate that is not the team). For me the SL boot looks like a wellington boot.
    But really, where is the crime in enjoying yourself when skating? Whats so freaking bad about sitting in a FAT house with some hot laydees? I mean seriously, if some guy came up to you and said “here, live in my mansion, have bbq’s in the sunshine, go get some birds and skate every day, wherever you like and we will foot the bill for all of it” I cant see any one person in the blading community turning that offer down.

    If we ever want the sport to move past the barriers that have been set around it we have to stop putting more barriers up ourselves. People say that it is edit’s like this that make the world hate blading. Actually no. Its annoying little pricks with bad fucking attidudes that think that they are ‘underground’ or ‘alternative’ that diss their own sport and everyone around them, make people hate rollerblading.

    Maybe the Razors team are trying to be gangster, who cares, nobody gives NIMH shit about being the ‘emo’ team or Valo for being the Fashion pony team, Xsjado for being the dirty interbred cousin lover team. Or USD for being, um, well Orphans?

    In summary, stop being retards. Get behind your sport. Rollerblading is awesome and the majority of people involved in the sport are awesome too. Our time is coming. And even though it may not be perfect…………

    Ill bet Razors are right at the forefront of the biggest comeback sinse Lazarous.

    Nite all

  138. RPD Says:


    Dont give Brazil shit either. Ok so that do you skate video was balls. But Ill bet he felt more obligated to make that than anything.

    Love ya Brazil.


  139. Anonymous Says:

    sick skating, razors ego was amazing, then they actually got them egos and razors turned into aids.

  140. Anonymous Says:

  141. Trill Bill Says:

    RPD thank you! Someone QUOTE that nigga!

    I feel the same way about them skate teams!


    Long story short people are going to be labeled shit. So have fun.

    These dudes have fun, and this team is NUTS!

    Stronger than EVER!

  142. Fu-CK Says:

    weak as usual ;)

  143. bill litz Says:

    “To become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them.”

    Charles de Montesquieu

  144. Anonymous Says:

    This is the same shit as we can see on MTV.
    This is a fucking normalization with what society told us to do :
    work for a big car and a big house and try to have a model as girlfriend
    Then, you will be happy with that… kind of pathetic, an illusion for a slave.
    I’m already enough old to understand that, but the problem is so much people are too dumb, or too young to see that. The impact on kids can be more important, thats the TRUE problem. Do you really want kids to be as dumb as this team ? acting like “superstars” (of nothing) ??? wearing sunglasses at night and putting egos above the community ??? You have to think with time parameter. We can let this kind of edits go on, but do you measure the future impact of this ?

    Then, “pictures lie and dont told you what is around”, you really think they’re partying all day/nite ? having fun 24h/24 ??? etc etc… FUCK OFF, they ‘re all in depression, read between the lines, i can hear them thinking before sleeping. And please Razors, dont take us as good sheeps, Rollerblading is so much subversive in its roots, you wont lead us like that.

    There’s no hate in my voice, how can i hate on unknown guys ? beside good skating, who the fuck they are ?! NOTHING !

  145. 14yrin Says:

    what is going on in rollin right know i do not no?

  146. 14yrin Says:

    sick sk8in on the other hand

  147. BOOMSHANKA Says:

    Brazil needs to wake the fuck up & use what talent & position he has aquired & get with the programme, make skating razors relate for fuck sake!! This team look like a right bunch of ballbags even if their skating is on point. & who the FUCKKK is Brent Hicks??! Iv been skating longer than him probably & don’t know where this scroat came from his style is the worse EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  148. dirteelegz Says:

    i don’t agree with some of the things razor does but the new SL boots are badass and I fucking love them! Nothing a pro/edit can do will keep me from buying a product that lasts long and rides great.

  149. rachard johnson Says:


  150. Anonymous Says:

    What most of you don’t understand that they ARE living like that. They have chicks over almost every day, the brunette girl is Brian’s girl and the blond one is J Bah’s. Murda is driving a Lexus, Brian a Mercedes and they are all making decent paychecks and don’t have to pay rent. Aragon makes bank with prize money (8K in the X-Games alone) and you don’t hear him whining. They are living in that house, have a key to their own skate park and skate hard every day. There is nothing staged or faked. Everything is how it is.

    HAHAHAHA Julian drove HIS Benz from ATL to Cali for a month, doubt it. Cool they got girlfriends, most people do, and as far as living in someone else’s house, congrats. Heard people come through with homies and steal and rob, didn’t Brazil get his phone stolen?

  151. Anonymous Says:

    all i can say is thank god rollerblading is still big enough to where these guys (specificly brazil) arent the main powerhouse in the industry.

    jesus chris this edit was fucking embarrassing

  152. that other Says:

    Yeah man, love South America.

  153. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, since brazil took the reins, Razors’ image has been on a freefall.

    Such a fucking joke, and Andy is just as big of a douche for letting his company get to this. Congradulations you fucking idiots!

  154. MB Says:

    Weaker than ever!

  155. . Says:

    As the technical ability and level of skating climbs ever higher each year, the unique character of skating sinks ever lower and lower.

  156. mossie045 Says:

    im very opposed to giving hate on rollernews but the skating was unreal,the editing was pretty dismall,they need to sack brazilionaire and promote Mulvaney,he’s a much better editer,could have done alot more with that footage,

  157. kev Says:

    makes rollers looks like dickheads

  158. wow Says:

    Brazil been put there by the one eyed monster if yah know what i mean, who the fuck even is he?

  159. The Truth Says:

    Holy shit people get off the conferaces dick for once, so they flont there shit SO WHAT whatch the video it says it all.
    Oh and heres a quote…. “They don’t NEED YO FUCK ASS DON BAMBRICK! You can eat a big fat dick! LOL!”

  160. Trill Bill Says:

    Sorry if you think they are better than you. Some of them are.

    Stronger than ever.

  161. Maximoe Says:

    Its sad to see that there is someone like Fabio Enes becoming a poster boy for razors and busting out this “living the dream” attitude, and apparently really believing it, where its perfectly clear that if razors finds a more marketable strategy/skater they will drop him in a second!
    This image that is created is a complete exploitation of the skater! They are sending the message that you can be real good, have a house, bitches, cars and also an unbelievable confidence in yourself if you skate razors, if you buy razors! Because of that message it really doesnt matter how much hate they encounter, things will change when the sales numbers change!!!
    But in the end it doesnt matter who represents that message as long as you make sure you show what represents that message, the cars, bitches, the party and the house and that is how it is a complete exploitation! We have a perfect example with Don having to leave and also who is Max Jubin? (Good skater, this is not a personal attack, but who is he where did he come from????)
    Have fun living the dream for 2 seconds but dont complain when you realize that you have been an instrument to Andy´s growing empire and fortune!

  162. commets are for fags Says:


    writing thesis papers on this shit, if you dislike them that much why bother watching them????

  163. Gasp Says:

    Stop hate! they? fucking worked hard for this life and deserve it!

  164. Danny Beer Says:

    that was soooooo dope!!!!!!!!!

    keep it up. skating/editing/track perfect!

  165. Anonymous Says:

    i wanted to skate today …. thanks razors for completly taking the drive out of me to skate

  166. Pilot Says:

    Andy should hire whoever edited the Bittercold pilot for his video work and fire this clown who doesnt have any original ideas that are worth a damn…

    i mean how can anyone take soemone seriously who calls himself BRAZILLIONIRE?? and even that’s a huge rip off of the rapper Chamillionaire. this guy is a fucking joke, and the more freedom he gets the more he ruins our sport

    RAZORS (the company, not the skaters) YOU NEED TO CHECK YOURSELF!!!

  167. darin Says:


  168. Youkana Says:

    I really don’t care who gets or doesn’t get rich. Anybody in this professionally should already know how the business works and make the best out of it for themselves. I mean, noone is forced to skate. The ones on top, know if it compensates at the end of the day and for many I guess money is not really the main issue.

    Let Andy make more or less money, like any other person with a big responsibility over a business. I am sure it’s not easy to lead a company like this the same way it happens with any other company, sakte or not skaterelated. Business is hard and this guy surely puts a lot of his own luck on the table.

    I am not mad at the team, nor am I dissing anybody. I just don’t like the new style of the brands image. I canot relate to it, even when i respect the skaters skills and preaise their abbillities. I love the skates also.

    I watch becasue I want to see and what I am seeing is kinda embarassing in my opinion, so I complain. I think this brand that I respect is starting to look childish in a way for my standards. I am sorry, but there is nothing aspirational in the videos. I don’t want to have a huge mercedes, nor do I find it exciting to see a room full of girlfriends. I think all this wannabe hip thing eclipses the skill of these guys, who are and probably will keep ripping it.

  169. Maximoe Says:

    @Comments are for fags

    U just made yourself a fag!

    How can we decide to not like it if we havent seen it!

    If these are thesis papers in your opinion then you must have never written or read one! Also most people dislike the editing style not “them” at all.

    Shit if you aint trolling you need to get your head checked, if so then pretty fucking well done! Got me!!!

  170. John Says:

    As Dan posted, “everyone is actually giving good constructive criticism. this is good.” I agree. I like that a lot of you are mentioning that you HATE giving overcritical comments on Rollernews. I’m sure that’s also what this video is taking aim at. The problem here, is not that the riders are supposedly arrogant. Pull your head out of your ass kids. The reason you get the feeling that these riders are arrogant is because of the way Razors vids have been edited as of late. Brazil is more a director than an editor it seems as of late. Where as Ego was beautifully directed and edited, and was having fun being sarcastic about how awesome the riders thought they were, this and a lot of the more recent edits gives the impression that Razors riders really do think they’re cooler than everyone. I’m sure a lot of you are like me. I hold down a decent job so I’m renting a house from a friend, I skate with my homies, go to movies, bars, parties, bowling, and just enjoy the fun in life in general. I don’t think this makes me cooler than everyone else, and I don’t see why Brazillionaire feels like he has to use certain non skating clips the way he does. I hope the comments are not so dead on here that people won’t have a chance to read my comment. The reason I say that is because I want to know how many of you feel like me. When Brazil first came onto the Razors scene I really kind of liked his approach to editing. It was more polished than a lot of other edits and it had a pretty good vibe with a slight boost of a somewhat commercialized feel. The commercialized feel didn’t really take away from the heart of the rollerblading though, so the vibe was great. I’ve liked his attitude from a couple of interviews I’ve seen and read of him. As of late though I feel like he has nearly completely lost the sense of what it is to be a rollerblader (or at least how to portray it). Every edit now seems like he thinks if I just try my hardest to show off the life we’re living, outsiders will take note and want to get into rollerblading, and the true spirit of rollerblading will not be crushed. Unfortunately, I feel like this edit, and a lot of his more recent edits are crushing the spirit of rollerblading. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth like so many of you have said. Razors: Weaker by the Edit.

  171. zach Says:

    Shit.. This is embarrasing to say the least.. You made incredible skating look arrogant and lame.. I made up my mind just now.. gonna go get the remedyz OS!

  172. zach Says:

    John! you just spoke my mind!

  173. Anonymous Says:

    fuck skinny jeans and mainstream

  174. Trill Bill Says:

    Fabio Enes is holding it down for South America, dude ain’t goin’ no where so keep his name outta yer cum catcher fuck boi. Dude has been repping Razors for a grip and hence his swagger is on point because he knows he is stronger than ever.

    This team rips, and I like how Brazillionare has all you faggots crying. His editing is powerful, and I LOVE WHERE IT’S GOING. I’m not into subcultures, but this reminds me of old senate ads so controversial but really over nothing.

    You dudes are crying about nothing. If this isn’t the image you like change it. Sitting on here typing aint gonna do shit. If this makes you not want to skate today you need to not come to this website.

    Dude when I see a shitty edit, I go out and rip.

    Keep ripping guys. Support Razors great company. Sure the marketing seems weird, but they are getting the posers out. We can thank them later.

    Stronger than ever.

  175. dave shaw Says:

    @ Trill Bill…………. getting the posers out that edit was full of posing… weaker than ever

  176. Adam Says:

    its official: never ever gonna buy razors again in my life..

  177. rollerdude Says:

    damn son… weaker than ever

  178. frat house Says:

    fucking razors fraternity

    cappa sig andy

    weaker than ever

  179. frat house Says:

    that does it, i’m never watching another razors podcast

    this ruined my fucking day.

    makes me wanna pick up a skateboard

  180. arschpirat Says:

    okay so the razors them can probablay skate park obstacles !! the last 10 edits had no street skating and the game theory is still not out in europe! soo fuck razors! i really like the razors skates but after thinking about their concept etc. especially about their team and their wannabe villa and about wannabe jbah who poses infront of an mercedes and infront of girls! im rally thinking abou the fact taht those girls were kidnapped from jbah haha!
    i´m glad that i found my alltime favorite skate the old abdiel colberg ufs throne! the usd teams just is normal and not so wannabe gangster!

  181. Anonymous Says:

    I guess it’s not so bad that Don got fired…..cause he’d probably quit after this dropped

  182. Anonymous Says:

    Taken straight from Brazils facebook:

    “Helton Siqueira Brazilionaire: our biggest fans, who keep buying the products and adding to our google hits, what can I say, i love those little guys!”

    He’s not hating on the everyday haters…..he’s hating on the customers. the people who buy razors products!

    What the fuck razors?????????? How the fuck does this guy still work for you????

  183. brink Says:

    Game Theory isn’t out here either. The only way that edit could have been worse was if Nick Uhas was in it.

  184. brink Says:

    and that facebook post is messed up. Him and Murda basically saying that they are better than us because we’re haters who support their lifestyle. That’s fucked up.

  185. Youkana Says:

    Well… I really hope they aren’t making fun of their customers on top of this.

    On his facebook I just found this:

    “A work of genius fundamentally alters the expectations of its audience.”

    Well, it’s sad, man… what can I say. You are not working cinematography as an art. You are more of an advertising mercenary. Plus, we are not your audience… we are razors’ audience and customers.

    You got your shit pretty confused Brazil and your employer is jeopardizing his brands image with you.

    Pure nonsense here.

  186. neurosis Says:

    Jeremy made a post on Brazil’s facebook prior to launching the edit, so this may actually be a prank between both of them. In that case let’s say they would all be making fun of the way we perceive them all and how we care.

    Everything is just so superlative… hahaha. Fuck it all.

  187. Jens Says:

    If i buy a razor product now, and go out to skate, and someone has seen this edit, he would automaticly think im an asshole… Great work braz~ :S

  188. Anonymous Says:

    cool man looks like a fun life good on them

  189. fail Says:

    who ever says there a wana be gangster you cant be one with skinny jeans

  190. (A)?? Says:

    goshh i hate brazil…. what a dumbass

  191. skate harder Says:

    Brazil’s marketing must be working well for well for Razors. Ever noticed how they stepped up their support for their team since they hired him? They got them that bad ass house, raised their pay, got them health insurance, fly out their international riders to the US, … and everybody seems happy. They must be doing better now

  192. The Truth Says:

    Its funny how when non skaters see this edit they say ” wow i didnt know skaters were living like that ..Maybe i should put some skates on!” This edit showed professionals skating very well and enjoying there life. If you think they are arrogant you are just insecure. everyone is crying about how skaters cant make a living off skating and all people want to is make a living of skating and do what they enjoy… these guys show you that its possible and you bash them? you guys that are hating are probably just lame skaters that hate on who you want to be because your not there. most likely if you hung out with them youd see theyre the coolest dudes ever. Theres not one thing anyone in this industry that knows these guys can say anything bad about them….anything. so hate if you want to on them but theyre own top of there shit.

  193. Trill Bill Says:

    They are doing better, and they are doing BIG things!

    Every skate company is trying to make it happen. If you don’t like what RAZORS is doing don’t support them. There are plenty of great skate companies, and GREAT boots coming from EVERYONE.

    Just because you or Dom’s punk ass ain’t rolling on them won’t make stop them from being…

    Stronger than ever.

  194. Trill Bill Says:

    The Truth is right, we don’t have bad things to say about them because they are nice guys, and on top of that their skills are on point. The people that are hating are doing that because of said reasons. I NEVER claim someone sucks because they are getting money and certain other person isn’t.

    Dude I REPPED Salomon for a grip, before Feinberg was repping them boots, and I did not complain when they stopped making skates, I got back on Roces, when they stopped making the shorts… Valo.

    Just roll guys, stop bitching. I’m only making my points because to me it’s funny you guys ARE bashing people that are trying to make this work. The Truth is right, I showed this edit to friends of mine that forgot I even roll, and they got a kick out of it, and some of them are even like, “Why isn’t this sport BIGGER?”

    This sport does need more of a mainstream angle, it will only help more people get into it, and become curious, and hell even try the products out, and right now the products are GREAT.

    Fuck, Razors IS stronger than ever!


  195. skate harder Says:

    I don’t think the edit was directed toward skaters or customers. Anybody who ever met a Razors pro know that they are THE nicest guys.
    Razors seems to be getting a lot hate lately. No matter what they post people always hate and this edit was probably directed against those guys, which probably are their competitors or people close to them who think their only weapon left is to badmouth the company. This definitely picked up steam after the riders moved into the house and are living the vida locca.

  196. Trill Bill Says:

    Everyone that knows what’s up you are the reason we are stronger than ever!

  197. Anonymous Says:

    i think what we say here (i mean, the non-cocksuckers , those who can explain with real argument why this edit sucks so much), they (of course, razors team , you read us, Hello!) can’t understand it with their little brain, they put their ego above the sense. ahaha completely dumb guys, welcome in 2010, where guys want fame and no brain. Come in Europe, we will rape you little ass MickeyMouse

  198. Anonymous Says:

    ” these guys show you that its possible and you bash them? ”

    Possible to live in the house of someone else ???
    Possible to travel around the world ???
    Possible to pose around the car of a friend (mercedes) ???
    Possible to make party with true good friends ???
    Possible to pose with some random girls ???

    oh yeah SKATING with this huge skills, i accord you that.
    so , juste skate and stop trying to make dreaming kids.
    stop being so humanly fake.

  199. Anonymous Says:

    the truth, skate harder & trill bill….
    HELLO RAZORS, we see you and you false propaganda

  200. coco sanchez Says:

    jbah=bitch slapper

  201. Anonymous Says:

    So , you don’t understand why we dont give you love ?! Your brains are off or what ?!

  202. FAKE ASS THUG Says:


    420 ALL DAY

  203. Anonymous Says:

    the track and editing made me wanna munt!!

  204. brink Says:

    stronger than ever my ass. did you watch that piece of shit?

    Valo4Life will kick the shit out of your team video x 10. and I don’t even ride their skates.

  205. brink Says:

    Trill Bill should be making their edits cuz he’s got it hot for the team more than Brazillionaire

  206. dp Says:

    everybody who once met a razors teamrider knows they are the nicest guy?

    well i met murda and hes one hell of a arogant prat -he was supposte do go to a meetingpoint and the others asked him why he wouldnt move (cause he was chilling on the bed and he was already 5 minutes late). by the way the meetingpoint could be seen from out of the window, there stood like 30 lil kids and some “grown ups” waiting for supermurda – you know what he said?

    we make them wait caus they have to wait for us cause were the stars.

    wow yeah thats one hellof a nice guy. lol

  207. Plong Says:

    All the Haters….Just wait for Game Theory…

  208. firth Says:

    i remember a time when i was excited for game theory. i’ve still got a bt of hope left

  209. Anonymous Says:

    love aragon hate brazil

  210. game boring Says:

    dont get your hopes up. i wen to the premiere and was one of the first people to start booing brazil off stage. this guy sucks.

  211. Thanks Andy Says:

    Fuck andy for letting Razors News get to this.

    We should start a world-wide boycott of razors news. maybe that will open this dumbass’s eyes

  212. Trill Bill Says:

    I skate Valo’s homo, I purchased AE skate betch, that nigga was my fav-o growing up so watch your cocksucker homie.

    Valo does have a great team so does Razors. Europe has great skaters, so does Razors.

    ALL of these comments are making Razors Stronger Than Ever!

  213. LTBFTH Says:

    Love the bladers fuck the haters !

  214. Sha Says:

    Let me guess it was J Bah’s idead and because of him Razors will be down!
    Emberassed myself and it was the roght decission to change from razors to XSJADO! CONFERENCE 4 LIFE

  215. Maximoe Says:

    I would like to know how all you Trill´s define this so called “Hate”?

  216. Oli Says:

    Hating is free promo! thx :D

  217. Anonymous Says:

    So, if I’m not feeling brazillionaire’s trailer trash hiphop style depiction of rolling then I am automatically a hater and a peon. How is that not arrogant again?

  218. MaxNYC Says:

    i seriously wont buy razors again, cause those fools are gonna get paid with MY fuckin money

  219. Trill Bill Says:

    Then don’t buy their skates anymore, quit crying about it. Man NYC is makin’ soff niggas…

    If you don’t like what Razors is doing. Don’t support. I don’t own K2’s but I don’t bash ‘em.

    Support another company, there are plenty to rep, quit hating.

    Ya’ll crying and talking about what you wish you could do won’t stop Razors from being Stronger than ever!

  220. nick davis Says:

    Someone get hold of DAP. Vg’s were the business. Someone out there needs to use that as a platform for inspiration when looking on how to portray rollerblading. Peace.

  221. what about Says:

    Yea but what about ALEX NUNEZ he is one if not the best people on razors but you dont get to see him alot why dont they send him up to the cali house and let him show dudes how to really act profesh and put in real work!

  222. wow Says:

    I don’t think Alex Nunez would act like a douche for them, nor Don Bambrick nor Eric Perkett for that matter.

  223. wow Says:

    Apparently murda deliberately tapped the lens off someones camera at a skate park, seems like an up himself jerk to me.

  224. kevin Says:

    Trill Bill is obviously Brazil

  225. Maximoe Says:

    haha Trill! If you dont like these comments then dont read them!
    Quit crying about other peoples individual opinions and try to make them what you wish they were!

  226. Trill Bill Says:

    I ain’t hurtin’ ’bout these comments ‘Moe. I like all this hate, I already stated that it only makes Razors Stronger than Ever.

    But the hate shouldn’t be directed towards Razors one of the biggest companies in our scene, or their skaters.

    Get your weight up playas!

  227. Anonymous Says:

    Trill Bill is a troll who cant form a cohesive sentence. Nothing you say is worth the time it takes for me to take a shit on.

    Aragon is another member of this new generation of douche bag skaters. Young arogant idiots who couldnt do anything outside of rollerblading. Underachieving myspace twitter farts.

    Sorry, but you have no argument. Grow the fuck up.

  228. Trill Bill Says:

    I’m not here to argue with a dude that goes under “Anonymous” and cannot even sell arrogant. And for me to not be able to form sentenes that you don’t even wanna waste your precious time on, you certainly dropped my name outta yer cum catcher. (Or dick beaters should I say since we aren’t “talking”)

    No one is in here disputing with each other. Some like yourselves are perplexed as to why Razors released this, well they don’t really care what any of you in here think. I don’t blame them, you guys are gonna cry about them only making skates in black or white, or whatever makes that sand find your vagina.

    Aragon is a member of this stronger than ever generation. Young guns who don’t know how to do anything outside of balling like a true PROFESSIONAL.
    Showing up at every comp. freshers than you is.

    Sorry but Anonymous doesn’t even have a say i this because who is he? Go roll.

    See what I did there… STILL… Stronger than ever.

    Man for the drop of the new razors vid I’m gonna make a count down clock, that reads like this “00days, 00hours, 00 minutes, 00 seconds, until… STRONGER THAN EVER!)

    That shit would get me PUMPED!

    The only reason I keep posting in here, is I’m HELLA PUMPED!

  229. Anonymous Says:

    So we’re right, you Brazillionerd or one of his stupid friend (you suck well too), trying to be anonymous too (“I’m not here to argue with a dude that goes under “Anonymous””…hum hum thats exactly what you try to do…you’re a joke trill bill). ahaha you can’t say nothing but “yeah were strong”, KanyeWestSucker, no brain, the only things you know in life is what you heard in low music, true bullshit. You live life at its halfest , you fake life itself, pour little guy, you nobody, just like me.

  230. The Truth Says:

    game theory will not justify this horrible edit, this will go down in the history of hating and skating but it deserves all the hate the brazillionare is a wannabe and for the pros no one is hating on their talents well maybe Jbah since he cant be trusted with girls.

  231. crybabies Says:

    it is funny how much hate this is getting and everyone is watching it and posting more comments racking up the views. jealous much? these guys hating must skate different skates and are just jealous because they see razors doing good things. saying you dont want to skate because of an edit? looks like razors and brazil have power over you already! lol. great edit btw how can you hate it with this good of skating i dont understand it

  232. Anonymous Says:

    The skating sucked. Same 3 obstacles as the last 10 edits, as a matter of fact even the same tricks wait the SAME CLIPS!
    Yo crybaby the skating wasnt good! respect to Jeff Dalnas for busting out impressive edits in the streets and not resorting to the same old ledge to do that same old tricks!

  233. McBlader Says:

    The increasing number of facebook likes, I saw that in the Rooney’s part of the Nike Commercial. It was good there, here just a copy. crap

  234. craig Says:

    good skating,, but them thinking we give a fuck about there lifes? um dumb expecially that cunt dre powell

  235. millet Says:


    Good products, good talent, WORST marketing?

    Even if these guys are rich and get girls and drive nice cars, is this the way Rolling should be portrayed? My opinion is no.

    I’ve criticized Brazil many times, and I think the majority of people are beginning to agree. The current marketing is hurting the Razors brand.

    Let’s look at the facts Brazil:

    1. You talked yourself up when the making of Game Theory was announced and lost credibility.
    2. You missed the release date by far, losing credibility.
    3. You messed up your video premier, missing sections and having some technical difficulty.
    4. Your Be-Mag interview says you plan to be at BCSD in 100 years. Do you plan to live past 120 years of age?

    Your work ethic is good, but GET REAL. Please. And to all of Razors, stop allowing yourselves to be portrayed as arrogant pros.

  236. a chi-town roller Says:

    how can anybody seriously watch this and be proud to be 2 roll? honestly brazil makes me sick, this (image) is not relateable to anyone that cares or doenst care about rollerblading. braaudzilla ewwha fareala.

  237. shane Says:

    alright heres my take on this. first i respect what razors is doing for their riders right now. i beleive every company should be taking care for their riders just as much. the whole bambrick thing was stupid, dumbest choice ever, but in all honestly i dont give a shit cuz don didnt fit the image, hes to badass for razors in the first place. let me say that this edit was horrible! ive noticed this as well, brazil putting same clips into different edits skating the same ass thing. also brazil is a fag. he lets his mtv producer like shit get to him and puts that same style of filming and editing into skate videos, grow the fuck up i thought we were a badass different culture not this too good for everyone look at me bullshit. i usually dont hate on riders but this is pathetic. murda your a fuckin pussy, you complain not filimng a good section for icons cuz you were hurt, had a super short section in thruth2 cuz you were hurt and didnt even have a section in game theory. thats two years of being hurt skating ledges. step your game up. and god damn it julian your the biggest fag of them all. wannabe rapping girlfriend beating lame ass gucci mane/ lil wayne listening fuckin homo. sorry for the long rant just had to get this one out. all this being said i will not buy game theory. support skater owned so the real fuckin rollerbladers get the good shit.

  238. PTZ camera Says:

    Great piece of facts that you’ve obtained on this web site publish. Hope I will get some much more of the stuff in your weblog. I will appear again.

  239. god Says:

    KEEP IT REAL is the best advice if Brazil or anyone of his ‘homies’ are listening.

  240. sergio.h Says:


    i just had to say something about this.
    but this whole dissin stuff is really gay

    i really like the team and there skating to…but this brazil guy is really annoying


  241. Urbn1nja Says:

    Man Razors knows how to catch fire ;). If it was their choice to get as many comments as they have right now I commend them. I love this brand and i still do. what the company or skaters do outside of actual performance doesn’t bother me… just gives me laughs are keeps me stoked like I am again right now. For everyone claiming that Brazillionaire is killing skating I find it unbelievable that you have placed so much of skating’s culture on just one leading brand’s shoulders. Razors does not define skating. We do. Razors, like most other brands provides us with the means and gives us a guide as to what we want to do with our skating. They do not do anything else aside from that. If you are skating for anyone, skate for yourself not for Razors. It’s immature if you are contemplating ending your career or support for a company based on film styles, editing or what happens to pros who are released from companies. Realize that skating is not about any of this. Skating is more :D

  242. (A)?? Says:

    NUKE THE RAZORS HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HANG BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  243. ?? Says:

    Gorgeous Stuff! My spouse and i had been only contemplating that there’s too much wrong important info on this theme and you also just simply updated our judgement. Appreciate your sharing a very effective piece of writing.

  244. Jho Says:

    iain’s full true fish was still beter than aragons little switchups

  245. rollerblading is gay Says:

    too many of you are too serious. you guys say offensive things about razors, then theres an edit jabbing back and you guys lose it.

    sounds like a kid with a big mouth that got smacked and didnt do shit but talk back. hahaha

  246. THE MATRIX Says:

    hahaha helton does exactly what he wants with you ahha he has forseen this, and what 246 comments? what video in rollernews hits that mark? ahahah indeed razors is stronger than ever, they are in your heads, and it works.

    haha, I love the matrix, how it can bend things and work at its will… you guys are so blue pills. and lets say Elton is the Architect hahahaah

    IM OUT

  247. THE MATRIX Says:

    THE ARCHITECT BITCHESSSSS ahahahhaah viva o brasil

  248. Jho Says:

    For 16 months of filming game theory sucked

  249. Trill Bill Says:

    Still Stronger than Ever!

    Like Kat Williams says you need Haters… And Razors does indeed need a few more.

  250. Maximoe Says:

    Trill! since you like Razors and this edit as well would you say that Rock&Roll edits are crap? I mean do you turn into a HATER when we are talking about Joey Chase or whoever?
    Im guessing haters are people that express an opinion that is not yours. You love Razors and you are pumped for them, I actually appreciate that since it does have to do with Rollerblading! Also I can see how this gangster-teeny MTV production style could have a niche in Rollerblading, as does Rock skating or whatever so why not?
    But you are the True Hater! You are completely Hating on everyones comments that dont reflect your own point of view!!! That is pure HATE and not helping anyone, not even Razors!

  251. Anonymous Says:

    did i just watch a skate edit or MTV cribs?

  252. nick Says:

    thank god for valo

  253. my sweet 16 Says:

    Ok.. Skating was ill… NO QUESTION… i am not a hater… im real!!
    stop being a bunch of fags…
    aragon you look like a fake tan model…
    the music sucked balls.. and the message is also bent…
    you dont need to tell haters you dont care… just means you do care…
    brazil you need to mix up your shit… all feel good mainstream fag rap… or im gona lose all time and resepect for you
    maybe open you fuckin minds and realise it doesnt matter what u achive youl never be better than anyone else.. take some lsd or shrooms or somthing.. wake up.. your american bullshit culture is fake as fuck… dont fall into that trap..
    much love to all ya nigs

  254. Anonymous Says:

    good vibes in this edit..not

  255. Dre Says:

    yea it’s true… I take it in the ass

  256. .... Says:

    wow this really ruined my day

  257. Anonymous Says:

    fuckin gay…jersey shore on blades… and the Aragon abashed with this girl. wtf

  258. yorch Says:

    aaaaargh puta mierda de musica, me sangran los oidosss, the worst music ever!!!! please kill me !!!

  259. plasticmaiden Says:

    were are you horn?! your team needs you stronger than ever…

  260. Anonymous Says:

    if i could live in brazils brain for 10 min i would delete my vimeo and youtube account and throw my camera away. also i would stop watching mtv. annnnddd… call my mom

  261. PORTAS Says:

    they should all pretend to be musicians cause thats not a cunty thing to do at all. This is no more embarrassing than Jeff Stockwell playing a guitar at the start of one of his sections

  262. Anonymous Says:


  263. Anonymous Says:

    It was ok , i liked it

  264. erik farmicheal From The USA Says:

    Jeph Howard has swag!

  265. trolling since 90's Says:

    real rzrs fans are faping to this ad !

  266. Anonymous Says:

    the funny part is, is that they are out there having fun doin what they do and all you with these negative comments are sitting behind your computer screens jerkin off hating on your sport which you will obviously never be good at. They are laughing at you negative clowns…. our sport has lost a step because of people like you all.. congrats

  267. Me Says:

    Must say Aragon lives in Colorado. He is a college grad while still being better than all of you at blading, snowboarding, walking. he buys his cars and “swag” from income he earns being better at life than you. Ignorance is bliss. Get your game up kiddos…

  268. trollerblader Says:

    i love iain mcleod but, fuck all the rest of them

  269. raging morning Says:


    “it was like…we skate, we pull girls, we have bbq’s….who gives a fuck?

    I drink stella, shag my bird and smoke embassy number 1…but i dont fuckin brag about it.


  270. henk Says:


  271. jackswind Says:

    Aragon has a carear lined up apart from skating and is a million miles and further better than the other losers in this edit.

    They all skate and have a couple of fans now, but in 8 years will be working at Wendys/BK


    Jbah thinks hes a rapper, kid you will be a coffee barister at Starbucks or some other lame shit hahah.

    As for Brent, have you seen the state of yourself in those shorts and those butter ass tricks?

  272. Generalskij Says:

    “its official: never ever gonna buy razors again in my life..”
    “game theory will not justify this horrible edit”
    “the team acts like clowns..”
    “remember how good razors used to be? shima, elliot, lievanos”
    “Almost too awkward to watch….
    I hope nobody outside our industry sees this….”
    “i dont think anything i could type could express how bad that was”
    “i wanted to skate today …. thanks razors for completly taking the drive out of me to skate”

    Doesnt these guys ever learn from their mistakes? You say you love money, prove it! Release videos and clips that make people hyped about your brand rather than 270+ comments consisting of 95% hate. Thank god for Valo.

  273. Anonymous Says:

    couldn’t quite finis watching this shit…
    were u guys drunk or mb high posting this up?

    this is not only a fucking disgrace, but the very reason u are a bunch of clowns

  274. Anonymous Says:

    to be honest i was pretty embaressed watching this shit and could only make it up to first minute or so..
    were you guys high or smth whilst posting this up?

    bunch of clowns

  275. facebook stalker Says:

    310 likes isn’t bad in this industry. Despite all of the hater comments, the people who enjoyed this edit showed their approval.

  276. Jay Says:

    everyone in this edit except for Brent gets respect…they’ve all done something or put an edit that got us a lil juiced but Brent…all I’ve ever seen was him dick ride on the rest of razors crew and J. Bah. (pause)

  277. Jay Says:

    and by the way you all are hating the skaters for the edit while that lil rat lookin motherfucker Brazilionaire is the one who filmed and edited this…blame that lil bitch Brazilionaire

  278. Justin Bailey Says:

    Remember when watching bladers fall on their nuts was funny? And the internet was for rich folks?

  279. LOL Says:

    best comment of the year in my opinion!

    ^^^^^ the one above

  280. Travel Info Says:

    Keep on writing, great job!

  281. nice Says:

    worst music ive ever heard especially after watching RZA talk about the state of hip hop. But the skating was sick, wish there was better quality though. 480p come on really?

  282. funny shit Says:

    1 we are in this year x games in the US
    2 this was a great video
    3 I’m not into this lifestyle the way the portray it because there’s no room to become your own boss only 2 front as though you have money when the truth is, they only get 1500 dollars a month.
    4 I stop buying resistance after the Mike Johnson Pro Model came out because there was no difference in the boot mode after his when the SL model came out I knew this was gonna have problems but the average person won’t be able to feel it and know that the design is flawed
    5 i still have my cult 7 unused just hate the way they hurt my feet and don’t allow for really tech tricks

  283. funny shit Says:

    I love half of you guys from razor assigns Ian is the homme. Madden doesn’t deserve the genesys skate or sl model. Give him your newest model. Him and Aragon. Everyone else can short the murdas , sl, or cults

  284. D Says:

    It’ so misjudged. haha. Funny stuff.

    I hung out with some girls once too. Forgot to post a video about it though.