Thank You Haters: Featuring Brian Aragon, Iain McLeod, Dre Powell, Julian Bah & More

Filmed & Edited by Brazilionaire. 2012 Repost.


Starring: Brian Aragon, Dre Powell, Julian Bah, Brent Hicks, Fabio Enes, Max Jubin & Iain McLeod.

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  • Anonymous

    did i just watch a skate edit or MTV cribs?

  • nick

    thank god for valo

  • my sweet 16

    Ok.. Skating was ill… NO QUESTION… i am not a hater… im real!!
    stop being a bunch of fags…
    aragon you look like a fake tan model…
    the music sucked balls.. and the message is also bent…
    you dont need to tell haters you dont care… just means you do care…
    brazil you need to mix up your shit… all feel good mainstream fag rap… or im gona lose all time and resepect for you
    maybe open you fuckin minds and realise it doesnt matter what u achive youl never be better than anyone else.. take some lsd or shrooms or somthing.. wake up.. your american bullshit culture is fake as fuck… dont fall into that trap..
    much love to all ya nigs

  • Anonymous

    good vibes in this edit..not

  • Dre

    yea it’s true… I take it in the ass

  • ….

    wow this really ruined my day

  • Anonymous

    fuckin gay…jersey shore on blades… and the Aragon abashed with this girl. wtf

  • yorch

    aaaaargh puta mierda de musica, me sangran los oidosss, the worst music ever!!!! please kill me !!!

  • plasticmaiden

    were are you horn?! your team needs you stronger than ever…

  • Anonymous

    if i could live in brazils brain for 10 min i would delete my vimeo and youtube account and throw my camera away. also i would stop watching mtv. annnnddd… call my mom


    they should all pretend to be musicians cause thats not a cunty thing to do at all. This is no more embarrassing than Jeff Stockwell playing a guitar at the start of one of his sections

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    It was ok , i liked it

  • erik farmicheal From The USA

    Jeph Howard has swag!

  • trolling since 90’s

    real rzrs fans are faping to this ad !

  • Anonymous

    the funny part is, is that they are out there having fun doin what they do and all you with these negative comments are sitting behind your computer screens jerkin off hating on your sport which you will obviously never be good at. They are laughing at you negative clowns…. our sport has lost a step because of people like you all.. congrats

  • Me

    Must say Aragon lives in Colorado. He is a college grad while still being better than all of you at blading, snowboarding, walking. he buys his cars and “swag” from income he earns being better at life than you. Ignorance is bliss. Get your game up kiddos…

  • trollerblader

    i love iain mcleod but, fuck all the rest of them

  • raging morning


    “it was like…we skate, we pull girls, we have bbq’s….who gives a fuck?

    I drink stella, shag my bird and smoke embassy number 1…but i dont fuckin brag about it.


  • henk


  • jackswind

    Aragon has a carear lined up apart from skating and is a million miles and further better than the other losers in this edit.

    They all skate and have a couple of fans now, but in 8 years will be working at Wendys/BK


    Jbah thinks hes a rapper, kid you will be a coffee barister at Starbucks or some other lame shit hahah.

    As for Brent, have you seen the state of yourself in those shorts and those butter ass tricks?

  • Generalskij

    “its official: never ever gonna buy razors again in my life..”
    “game theory will not justify this horrible edit”
    “the team acts like clowns..”
    “remember how good razors used to be? shima, elliot, lievanos”
    “Almost too awkward to watch….
    I hope nobody outside our industry sees this….”
    “i dont think anything i could type could express how bad that was”
    “i wanted to skate today …. thanks razors for completly taking the drive out of me to skate”

    Doesnt these guys ever learn from their mistakes? You say you love money, prove it! Release videos and clips that make people hyped about your brand rather than 270+ comments consisting of 95% hate. Thank god for Valo.

  • Anonymous

    couldn’t quite finis watching this shit…
    were u guys drunk or mb high posting this up?

    this is not only a fucking disgrace, but the very reason u are a bunch of clowns

  • Anonymous

    to be honest i was pretty embaressed watching this shit and could only make it up to first minute or so..
    were you guys high or smth whilst posting this up?

    bunch of clowns

  • facebook stalker

    310 likes isn’t bad in this industry. Despite all of the hater comments, the people who enjoyed this edit showed their approval.

  • Jay

    everyone in this edit except for Brent gets respect…they’ve all done something or put an edit that got us a lil juiced but Brent…all I’ve ever seen was him dick ride on the rest of razors crew and J. Bah. (pause)

  • Jay

    and by the way you all are hating the skaters for the edit while that lil rat lookin motherfucker Brazilionaire is the one who filmed and edited this…blame that lil bitch Brazilionaire

  • Justin Bailey

    Remember when watching bladers fall on their nuts was funny? And the internet was for rich folks?

  • LOL

    best comment of the year in my opinion!

    ^^^^^ the one above

  • Travel Info

    Keep on writing, great job!

  • nice

    worst music ive ever heard especially after watching RZA talk about the state of hip hop. But the skating was sick, wish there was better quality though. 480p come on really?

  • funny shit

    1 we are in this year x games in the US
    2 this was a great video
    3 I’m not into this lifestyle the way the portray it because there’s no room to become your own boss only 2 front as though you have money when the truth is, they only get 1500 dollars a month.
    4 I stop buying resistance after the Mike Johnson Pro Model came out because there was no difference in the boot mode after his when the SL model came out I knew this was gonna have problems but the average person won’t be able to feel it and know that the design is flawed
    5 i still have my cult 7 unused just hate the way they hurt my feet and don’t allow for really tech tricks

  • funny shit

    I love half of you guys from razor assigns Ian is the homme. Madden doesn’t deserve the genesys skate or sl model. Give him your newest model. Him and Aragon. Everyone else can short the murdas , sl, or cults

  • D

    It’ so misjudged. haha. Funny stuff.

    I hung out with some girls once too. Forgot to post a video about it though.

  • Cajt Hbok

    klasika! du do kolen! sick