Texas Blading: Promo Edit by Kristian Payne

Texas Blading by Kristian Payne

This is a promo for the launch of a film covering all of the talent in Texas. This promo was put together with unused and left over footage from other projects and footage from around Texas.Kristian Payne.

Song: After the Smoke – Wallstreet

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8 Responses to “Texas Blading: Promo Edit by Kristian Payne”

  1. you Says:

    Learn to skate more then downrails.

  2. Kristian Payne Says:

    For more info check out the fb page: https://www.facebook.com/TexasBlading

  3. Anonymous Says:


    word up to all you suckas!!

  4. smokey macpot Says:

    damn those were some killer jams.

  5. darek Says:

    texas scene always comes with the hammers there’s a 3 or 4 year old texas video called “the texas curse” i think???? super gnarly badasses

  6. Anonymous Says:


  7. Anonymous Says:

    pretty sick first rail tricks were steez

  8. Anonymous Says:

    eh, would watch again