Takeshi Yasutoko Website

^ Takeshi and Samurai are 2 different kanjis in japanese but they have the same meaning

Check an edit of Takeshi :
Takeshi Yasutoko, skating and grinding in woodwards

Takeshi Yasutoko

Takeshi Yasutoko

The Japanese Pro Vert Skater Takeshi Yasutoko got a personal website, where he upload photos from his travels, China, France, USA and more !

Visit Takeshi Yasutoko website here


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6 Responses to “Takeshi Yasutoko Website”

  1. alkobrosex Says:

    pas calé ^^

  2. Gonzalo Says:

    That edit was fucking amazing. I never thought takeshi could grind that well. He does grinds on a 14-ft vert I can’t even do on a practice rail. Bio 540 soul anyone?

  3. koubis Says:

    alko ? pas calle quoi ?

  4. alex eastwood Says:

    i made that grinding video

  5. koubis Says:

    alex : we want more ;)

  6. alex eastwood Says:

    http://www.highrollaz.org is releasing a DVD next year that will have lot’s more