Taig Khris: Water Jump, World Record (2016)

Update: Article + video of the jump on Midilibre.fr.
+ Rough Google Translation.

Taig Khris: Water Jump, World Record (2016)

Taig Khris achieved the longest jump on rollerblades today today (october 22) in Grau du Roi (France). The jump was 31+ meters (around 102 feet), beating the previous record by Chris Haffey (30m) landed at the Fise Air Marseille in 2011.

Taig Khris: Water Jump, World Record (2016)

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  • Ras

    that is so god damn akward

  • Pau Salto Arrufat

    Are you serious? I mean thats very nice but very easy to beat am I right? Just take a fucking bigger ramp and higher speed and you can fly 60 meters or more.. And then whats the point to land in the water? Which skills do you need for that? xdd Give me a landing on a ramp and then we can talk. :) Respect over all. I think the eiffel tower drop in was a better challenge.