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Zineth by Arcane Kids, Free Game for PC & Mac

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Zineth is a student game made over a few months meant to celebrate speed, movement, and twitter.


You can describe Zineth as a psychedelic Jet Set Radio, where you will skate, jump, grind & explore a world full of surprise.

The games was designed to work with a Xbox360 pad but you can play with a keyboard and a mouse.

Download Zineth at

Jet Set Radio-like: Zineth (Videogame)

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Jet Set Radio is coming to PC, Xbox & Ps3 this summer 2012. Here is a game inspired by Jet Set Radio (work in progress) developed by Arcane Kids.

Jet Set Radio-like: Zineth (Videogame)


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute collective Arcane Kids shared on reddit a rather slick trailer of Jet Set Radio “esque” Zineth, showing a character skating with a robot and rewinding his mistakes. The large, colorful world; the fast, furious traversing; and the grinding particle effects (at 0:30, for instance) really caught my eye.

I was even more impressed upon finding out seven students worked on this for just a half-semester in class: Jacob Knipfing, Russell Honor, Thomas Astle, Sylvia Forrest, Thomas Lanciani, Evan Gonzalez, and Dan Spaulding. Russell Honor spoke briefly with me about Zineth’s concepts, those seen and unseen in the trailer.

Honor says that the player can perform aerobatic feats such as skating at high speeds, jumping far distances, wall riding on any surface, increasing gravity for quicker descents, and grinding on rails. Zineth takes place in a world absorbed by a cellphone game, and players must remind other inhabitants by distributing a zine of what they have forgotten outside of their cellphones. […] Full Article.

The team is still tweaking Zineth, but they hope to make it available for free soon.