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Adrien Anne in Malaysia: Wheel Love Edit (2014)

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Adrien Anne in Malaysia: Wheel Love Edit

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Xsjado 2.0 Custom Skates by Wheel Love

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Wheel Love posted an interesting custom of the Xsjado 2.0 skates.

Xsjado 2.0 Custom Skates by Wheel Love

Xsjado 2.0 Custom Skates by Wheel Love

The photo is not photoshopped. Oli Benet has been skating these (larger picture). Thanks William Wrenn.

Xsjado 2.0 Custom Skates by Wheel Love

Xsjado 2, Doop Skates

Doop skates are developed and produced by the world’s premier skate company, Powerslide GMBH.

Xsjado 2, Doop Skates

Thanks Rob & Michael.

Wheel_Love x Nike x Be@rbrick x Streething

Friday, September 28th, 2007


Wheel_Love were invited by Nike and Streething (a malaysian streetculture website) to do up designs for their upcoming Streething x Nike Windrunner x Be@rbrick design project. Contributions come in from artists all around South East Asia.

Check some pictures here and here. Thanks Sukeats.

Wheel_Love’s submission for Studio C

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

This video is Wheel_Love‘s submission for Studio C, a collective of malaysian creatives.

There are more to rollerbladers than meets the eye. Take away ESPN and MTV’s hype machine and you’ll find guys and girls with diverse lifestyles and dreams.

Church volunteer, father, ad man, pro skater, student, nature lover; all bound by the wheels beneath their feet.

Songs :

  1. Radiotheque hypnotique song : Idioteque
  2. Fierce Asian Gang – Arazona (Brooke Howard Smith and Scott Crawford’s band)

MYCK Wheels x Team Carat

Saturday, December 2nd, 2006

myck wheels carat team
up : Myck Wheels with Team Carat Labels

You surely know the Myck wheels (photo below), and what we got here is a funny (strange ?) story : The wheels you can see above are basically Myck wheels with a new label on it.

The Team Carat (Korea) who sell them just bought some Myck wheels, decided to put a design on them (the concept of the Myck wheels is to be sold ‘blank’, without any design) and sell them as their product.

Wheel Love who is producing Myck Wheels found the idea great ! What an original reaction to what we could called a rip. Read the story on their blog.

myck wheels carat team
up : Myck Wheels

Myck wheels

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

Myck wheels

MYCK Wheels
From Wheel_Love

Asia’s most dynamic rolling conglomerate, ‘Wheel_Love’, shakes up the scene once again with their newest rollerblading product ‘MYCK’.

W_L achieved a degree of international notoriety earlier this year with their first venture, ‘Blanks’ wheels, a product of unparalleled performance and cost. Unfortunately for European and American scenes, ‘Blanks’ were only on sale in South East Asia, where they managed to sell out in a little over 2 months.

After the success of Blanks, company owners Sukeats and Yeng returned to the drawing board, and now, after months of planning and research, they are proud to unveil their ‘MYCK’ wheel line.

The name refers to four colours (Magenta, Yellow, Cyan and Black) revered by design-buffs everywhere as the only colours needed to create every other colour in existence. Except maybe neon black.

The first line is on sale now in limited numbers and comes in Red, Black, Green and Blue. The second line will feature two new additional colours with the two less popular colours forced into retirement. ‘MYCK’ wheels place the emphasis on bright, vibrant colours that last, rather than vague prints that disappear after a few sessions.

The cheapest wheels on the market are the result of intense supplier sourcing and market connections. MYCK wheels will be sold for RM50 a set in Malaysia, with a suggested export retail value of €12 or US$15 for a four pack.

– George Amos

Retailers contact :
To find out more about Wheel_Love projects :

More Photos :

Wheel_Love x Whitedogbobby

Wednesday, June 7th, 2006

Wheel love

Here are some sketches done by a singaporean designer. You can check out her site at

Thanks Sukeats !

More artworks :

Blank Wheels from Malaysia

Tuesday, December 13th, 2005

blank wheels

The wheels beneath our feet are by far the most important parts of our skates. Sadly, in Malaysia, these bits of rubber cost a bomb! A good 4-pack set of Mindgames can easily set you back a whopping RM100. And with the Malaysian heat, badly tarred roads and freestyle frames, wheels rarely see past their 3rd month.

Well, the answer is at hand. Blanks, an in-house brand of ‘no-frills’ wheels co-developed by Rupert Rage/Cool Element and Wheel Love are here to the rescue of poor Malaysian rollerbladers! Priced at RM30 for pack of 4, these 55mm / 88a wheels will keep you rolling with minimal cost to your wallet.

Read the rest of the article on