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Nicholas Swan: We Love To Roll, Edit

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Nicholas Swan


Cameron Card. My Perspective: Utah

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

skating in utah

quoting Cameron Card:

Here is an edit of my perspective from some of the Utah rollerbladers / my friends. I’m defiantly going to miss the blade scene we have here in Utah.

I’ll be moving to State College, Pennsylvania in December and can’t wait to start my family out there! (lucky for me, I’m right next to Woodward, PA)

Featuring Nicholas Swan, Mike Opalek, Tad Tregeagle, Mikal Moore, Mikal’s Friend, Justin Mousley, Cameron Card, Hazen Bell & Jeff Stanger.


Chris Olpin: We Are One, Team Edit

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Chris Olpin

Utah’s biggest and most epic skatepark We Are One are proud to present their new team rider Chris Olpin.

Filmed in June – August 2011 ; edited by Chris Olpin.


Tad Tregeagle (Orem, Utah): We Love to Roll, Edit

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Edited by Chris Olpin.

Tad Tregeagle

TJ is Utahs next generation of rollerblading. This kid is steadfast and has a style in his skating that you cant help but notice. Confident and clean in all aspects.

I love how rad he makes our sport look. If you catch him anywhere on his blades his talent automatically steals your attention and whats even greater is how much fun you can tell hes having.

Kid loves rollerblading and our sport is lucky to have him. -Tory Treseder

Don’t miss the We love to Roll Contest (deadline: July 31st).

Erik Bill: We Love To Roll, Edit + Interview

Monday, June 27th, 2011

erik bill ndn

quoting – Nicholas Swan:

Life long friend Erik Bill has been working hard as usual to get clips for projects and edits that seem to never stop. Just a few include Valo, NDN, and online edits. His days consist of work, bacon maple bars, video games,his lady and blading.

Erik pushes himself to skate every single day and skate just as hard as the day before. Boise’s scene seems to grow more and more overtime. It’s amazing how fast Erik Bill’s transition was from Razors to Valo and how fast the transition was for the local kids to get new skates as well.

Every time I make it out there I see kids riding whatever is under Erik’s feet. I remember Erik’s frustrations with needing clips when we were younger because no one could film him and now with Boise’s growing scene, there is no problem for him to consistently get multiple clips a day to do with what he will. Erik’s rollerblading is something I love to watch and I am glad he has made it as far as he has with rollerblading.

Erik Bill: We Love to Roll, Full Interview by Cameron Card.

Chris Olpin: March to May 2011 We Love to Roll, Edit

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

chris olpin


Cameron Card & Chris Olpin: We just love to roll

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

we love to roll

Denial & Welovetoroll have teamed up to give one lucky winner a year supply of Cameron Card’s “i just love to roll” wheel. Link

quoting Cameron Card:

We can all relate to the words “i just love to roll,” but we want to see how and why YOU can relate.

Cameron Card: I Just Love to Roll, Example Edit
Video Offline.

Chris Olpin: I Just Love to Roll, Example Edit