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VLC Open 2010 (Spain): Official Edit

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

VLC Open 2010 (Spain)

Here’s the official edit of the WRS VLC Open 2010, organized in Valencia on May 29th by the VLC Freestyle Skating Club.

Filmed by Jon Goikoetxea and edited by Jesus Caravaca.

Previously VLC Open 2010 (Spain): Photos, Edit, Results.

VLC Open 2010 (Spain): Photos, Edit, Results

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

valo at the vlc open 2010

Photos of the VLC Open 2010
Valo | Conference | Inercia | Magma.

2 minutos en el VLC OPEN

Bonnie & Clyde Agency in collaboration with Cloud Unique Tees.

VLC Open 2010

Results (via)

1. Fabio Enes
2. Saul Escribano
3. Erik Bailey

Best Trick (USD)
John de Alicante (flatspin transfer)

Rainbow contest (Razors & Remz)
Emilio Subira

Cradle (Valo)
Aritz Ortega

Grind the wall (EFX)
Ganes Rios