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Victorian Inline Titles 2013 (Australia)

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Victorian Inline Titles 2013 (Australia)

Victorian Inline Titles 2013: Edit by Craig Smith
Featuring Tim Ward, Josh D, Cam Wesson, Tom Coley-Sowry, Hayden Golder, Trent Phillips, Matthias Ogger, Rhys Bell, Gav Drumm, Dom West, Josh Nielsen & Danny Jensen.

Victorian Inline Titles 2013: Kal Crew Edit by Thomas Dalbis
Featuring Danny Jensen, Tom Coley-Sowry, Josh Nielsen, Cameron Wesson, Gavin Drumm, Dom West, Hayden Golder and many more.

Velvet Couch: Best Trick Comp @ Victorian Inline Titles 2013
Filmed by Zac Hutchings and James McErlain, edited by Zac Hutchings.

Results (Full Results).

  1. Danny Hawkins.
  2. Gavin Drumm.
  3. Josh Nielsen.

Best Trick: Danny Hawkins (AO top acid on the wall out of the mini).

Victorian Inline Titles 2013 (Australia): Full Results

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Wow, what a massive turn out for the Vics! 5 hours of insane skating at Rampit Skatepark. Props to all the 60+ competitors for making this one of the biggest Vic Titles ever! Here are the results.Rollvic.


  1. Danny Hawkins
  2. Gavin Drumm
  3. Josh Nielsen

Best trick: Danny Hawkins (AO top acid on the wall out of the mini).

OG Bladers

  1. Vanderlei
  2. Chris Pullar
  3. Kayd Anderson

Under 18

  1. Billy Rivett
  2. John Jacob
  3. Nick Schill

Under 14

  1. lachlan keighery
  2. Benny Jacob
  3. Daniel Webster

Junior Girls Champion: Alana Boots.