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Fise 2011 Le Havre 2011 (France): Utopie Edit

Monday, May 16th, 2011

fise le havre

Featuring Stephane Alfano, Daniel Molinari, Anthony Avella, Romain Godenaire, Taylor Latouche, Adrien Anne, Jeremy Mellique, Maxime Iangev, Roman Abrate.

Edited by Benjamin Theurier (Utopie).

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St Maxime 2011 (France): Results + Utopie Edit

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

St Maxime 2011 (France)

Featuring Stephane Alfano, Daniel Molinari, Maximilien Vitu, Raphael Vitu & friends. Edited by Benjamin Theurier (Utopie).

Results: 17+ Daniel Molinari. Mini Rampe: Stephane Alfano.

Full Results

St Maxime 2011 (France): Results
St Maxime 2011 (France): Results

Fise Port Grimaud 2011: Utopie Association Edit

Friday, May 13th, 2011


Featuring Stephane Alfano, Romain Godenaire, Daniel Molinari, Taylor Latouche & More. Edit by Benjamin Theurier. Results.

precilia verdier

Fise Montpellier: Girl Contest!
More infos at
The contest will be broadcasted live there.

Fise Xperience Clermont Ferrand 2011 (France): Utopie Association Edit + Full Results

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Fise Xperience Clermont Ferrand 2011

Featuring Daniel Molinari, Taylor Latouche, Anthony Avella, Stephane Alfano, Romain Godenaire.

Filmed by Anthony Avella, Benjamin Theurier, Romain Godenaire ; edited By Benjamin Theurier / Utopie Association.

Results Pro: 1. Romain Godenaire, 2. Jeremy Melique, 3. Stephane Alfano. Girls: 1. Amandine Condroyer, 2. Mathilde Monneron, 3. Manon Derrien. Full results below.

Bonus: Official Edit, Day 1 (all disciplines).

Full Results