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Jake Eley (LocoSkates) + Scott Quinn: Interviews

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Scott Quinn

Jake Eley (LocoSkates) Interview

Tell us a little bit about Loco Skates, and the background of how it all came about ?

I opened Loco in December 2004 after the realization that I couldn’t work in a job where I had to take orders from someone else. I was heavily involved in skating so it made sense.

The Woodbridge brothers had opened the late Hold No Hostage shop near Portsmouth which was a massive inspiration. As it happens Rob Woodbridge now plays a massive part in the functioning of LocoSkates. We have a high street store in Eastbourne near Brighton Sussex and of of course the website is world wide! […]

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Jake Eley

Scott Quinn Interview

Tell us a bit about yourself ?

My name is Scott Quinn I am 22, originally from a small town called Chapelton but currently living in Dumbarton, Scotland; getting to session unit 23 everyday.

How did you start Rollerblading ?

well, I used to play hockey and I watched a couple of guys from my team grinding a bench after practice, I knew straight away I wanted to do it, and not long after that hockey wasn’t a priority any more so I left the team to have more time skating. […]

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Steve Swain (Uk): Uk-Rolling Interview + Edit

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

steve swain

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m Stephen, 23 years old, From Ackworth, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, but i live in Stockport, Manchester with a few friends now.

How have Rollerblade been treating you?

Rollerblade treat me good, there always sending me places, sending me whatever i ask for, and there always happy with anything i do for them. So all good there. […]

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Don Bambrick Interview: Ukrolling Interview

Friday, January 29th, 2010

don bambrick

UK-Rolling: Hey, Don, tell us a bit about you!
My name is DoN Bambrick, not Dom… its a weird mistake i have noticed over the years. im 22 years old and i live just outside of Detroit , michigan.

UK-Rolling: How long have you been skating now ?
I have been skating for 12 years going on 13.

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