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Blader Toy by Artcore Studio

Monday, July 28th, 2014

Blader Toy by Artcore Studios

Larger picture. Photo: Andre Areas.

Aaron Feinberg: Old Flick Trick Toy

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Here is an old Aaron Feinberg Old Flick Trick Toy. You might find it on ebay if you’re lucky, Flick Trick is more focused on bmx those days.

Aaron Feinberg Old Flick Trick Toy
Thanks Mike Rise.

Kendama Usa: First Ever Team Edit

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

alex broskow

This is the Kendama USA pro team first ever edit.

Features Chiaki Ito, Alex Broskow, Franky Morales, Colin Sander, Jeromy Morris, Jeff Stockwell, Victor Arias, Fabio Enes, Don Bambrick, JC Rowe, some guy at the airport, Jeremy Stephenson, as well as filming by Doug Urquhart and the Upthink Lab.


Thanks Jero.

The amazing blading adventures of skate ranger

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

skate ranger

Well after hearing that Chuck Norris was the best paid actor in Hollywood with Texas Ranger (broadcoasted in about 90 channels), i’m not surprised we finally get a skate ranger… More seriously this remote controlled really reminds me Jean-Yves Blondeau aka Rollerman.

“Skate Ranger” is America’s latest super-hero. Our unique remote-controlled action-figure toy follows in the exciting and enormously successful tradition of Superman, Batman, Spider Man, and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This roller-blading, body-gyrating, dare-devil action figure is “the bomb” for kids from 4 to 12!

The Skate Ranger remote-controlled toy is currently stocked in select toy stores like FAO Schwarz in New York and Las Vegas. “Skate Ranger” is also available in stores around the world, from Dubai to Ireland to Moscow.

Additions to the product line are in development as-we-speak in several forms: comic book, motion picture, video-game, body-skating “extreme sport” gear, and a digitally-animated television series. The company that has developed and launched this worldwide-patented, multi-channel, multi-media action-hero is headquartered in New York, with a product-development and manufacturing facility located in China.

Official website : The images of the toy comes from this promotionnal edit by Jwalk Prod.

Thanks Enslaver and $naH.

skate ranger

Rollerblade Barbie

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

Rollerblade Barbie

Mattel got a lot of troubles with Rollerblade Barbie. Why ? Barbie was wearing rollerblades that shot out sparks when you glided her on any surface. On purpose…

After several little girls got some surprises when they skated Barbie around hairspray and gasoline and gassy men, Mattel admitted that maybe the Rollerblade Barbie was a mistake. Read this interesting article by Dave Barry :

Rollerblade Barbie by Dave Barry

As executive director of the Bureau of Consumer Alarm, I am always on the alert for news stories that involve two key elements :

1. Fire
2. Barbie

So I was very interested when alert reader Michael Robinson sent me a column titled “Ask Jack Sunn” from the Dec. 13, 1993, issue of the Jackson, Miss., Clarion-Ledger. Here’s an excerpt from a consumer’s letter to this column, which I am not making up : “Last year, my two daughters received presents of two Rollerblade Barbie dolls by Mattel. On March 8, my 8-year-old daughter was playing beauty shop with her 4-year-old brother. After spraying him with hair spray, the children began to play with the boot to Rollerblade Barbie. My little girl innocently ran the skate across her brother’s bottom, which immediately ignited his clothes.”

The letter adds that “There are no warnings concerning fire on these toys …I feel the need to warn potential buyers of their danger.”

In his response, Jack Sunn says, cryptically, that “Mattel does not manufacture Rollerblade Barbie any more.” He does not address the critical question that the consumer’s letter raised in my mind, as I’m sure it did yours, namely: Huh?