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Paulie Haack: Tianjin, China (2015) by Mitchell Macrae

Friday, October 16th, 2015

Paulie Haack: Tianjin, China (2015) by Mitchell Macrae

Paulie Haack went to Tianjin (China) for 6 months to skate at the Happy Valley theme park. During the last 6 weeks of his stay he teamed up with Rob Kellett to film a street section!

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Rob Kellett (Australia): Tianjin City (China, 2015)

Friday, October 9th, 2015

Spent the last few months blading, filming and hanging out in Tianjin City, China. Tianjin is indescribably amazing! The culture, the people and the city itself are all things that make this place one of the raddest cities I’ve ever visited!

Rob Kellett x China (2015)

Out in the streets on the hunt for spots every day we could, Paulie Haack, Oliver Czaja and myself managed to stack a bunch of clips from our time there. China is like something else when it comes to street spots, perfect ledges, dodgy chrome rails, random architecture, amazing views, and seemingly not a single security guard that doesn’t like rollerblading!

Skating starts at 1:40.

For this section I tried to do something a little different, didn’t want to use the typical “song for an edit”, so I hunted down some old school chinese funk and went with that! Hope y’all feel it!Rob Kellett. Filmed by Oliver Czaja, Paulie Haack, AJ Stine, Mitch Macrae & Rob Kellett. Edited by Robert Kellett.

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Velvet Couch Team in China (2015) by Mitch Macrae

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

Some of the VC team went over to China to catch up with the guys doing shows in Tianjin and Beijing.

Velvet Couch Team in China (2015) by Mitch Macrae

Featuring Paulie haack (Razors Australia), Rob kellet (Remz Australia), Oliver Czaja, AJ Stine, Gerard Ahrens, Jamie Sims, Mitch Macrae, Marc Gyver, Benjamin Hudson (igi), Diego Galdames Salazar & Denis Gul.

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