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The Summit Blade Comp, Presented by Jeph Howard

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

The Summit Blade Comp, Presented by Jeph Howard

Featuring Ben Weis, Jeph Howard, Alex Broskow, Butch Lehman, Kevin Meland, Ryan Parker, Brian Bruno, Eric Dooley, Troy DeZeeuw, Mike Lufholm, Chemi Simiyu, Andrew Murray, Cody Nehiba, Chase Linzmeyer, Ben Fredrikson, Derek French and more.

Filmed by Daniel Knapmiller, Mike Donovan, Daniel Fabiano. Music by Caravan Palace, Muddy Waters, Talib Kweli, Wagner, Link Wray & Nate Dogg. Article on Oneblademag.

Winners: (Division I) Corey Glanville – (Division II) Ryan Johnson.
Best Trick: David Walsh. Full Results.

The Summit Blade Comp (2013): Results

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Intermediate places

  1. Ryan D. Johnson
  2. Falcon Gott
  3. Alexander Berg

Advanced places

  1. Corey Glanville
  2. Logan Clark
  3. Tim Franken

Best Trick: David Walsh.

Thanks Jeff Howard.