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The Aggressives (2005, Korea): Trailer & Full Video

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

The Aggressives Taepungtaeyang

The Aggressives (Taepungtaeyang) is a korean movie about Rollerblading released in summer 2005, directed by the woman Jeong Jae-eun (review).

Plot: The Aggressives centers on Soyo (Cheon Jeong Myeong), a seemingly quiet, unassuming teenager whose ordinary humdrum life soon changes when he discovers the thrill of inline skating. His love for the sport eventually causes him to meet up with a group of skater boys that include Moggy (Kim Kang Woo), a kid whose awesome board skills immediately capture Soyo’s attention. Moggy’s girlfriend, Hanju (Jo Yi Jin), asks Soyo to join them and with his parents out of the picture, Soyo quickly immerses himself in this new subculture, eventually bunking with the team. His friendship with Moggy and Hanju soon takes off, and his loyalty to the team’s leader Gabpa (Lee Cheon Hee) soon results in an exciting new development in the romance department.

But when Moggy is forced to shoot a commercial to score a plane ticket to the world inline skating championships, he snaps and deliberately causes an accident. Moggy’s act puts the whole gang into debt, forcing the team to scramble for money to recoup the loss. A rift soon develops among the team members: Moggy stops skating, Hanju and Gapba want to leave as well, and even the once-eager Soyo starts to lose interest. Can the team pull it together or is their friendship doomed to failure? (via).

You can check the full video in original version (with subtitles) on youtube in 8 parts: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08.

The Agressives : Stickman Intro and 2d Teaser

Sunday, April 2nd, 2006

The Aggressives
^ Screen Stills from the Stickman Rollerblading Intro Animation / Dvd Case of The Aggressives

Do you remember The Aggressives ? The South Korean Movie (Taepungtaeyang in Korean) about Rollerblading that were released in summer 2005 ? Here are the Stickman Intro video and the teaser.

Check more Infos about the Movie at the bottom of this news : Flick directed by the woman Jeong Jae-eun.

Download the Videos, More Infos about the Movie :
The Aggressives : Movie Teaser (2d)
The Aggressives : Stickman Intro, Opening Animation
You can save the videos, just check the ‘Download File’ Link under the player

The Aggressives
^ Screen Stills from the 2d Teaser

Skater Boyz : The Aggressives
by Erika Franklin at the Pusan International Film Festival | source

With a relative dearth of female directors making feature films in Korea in comparison to other Asian countries, such as China, where a number have garnered critical acclaim “ Jeong Jae-Eun is a rarity.

Her first feature, Take Care of My Cat, was an expertly-woven and tender tale following five young girls from the port city of Incheon, on the cusp of adulthood. It was well-received on the international festival circuit, despite selling a disappointing number of cinema tickets on home soil (roughly 35,000 admissions).

Her second feature, The Aggressives, centres on a more overtly “cool” (and perhaps even intentionally commercial) subject. Inspired by a trip to Paris and her own keen interest in the peculiar international urban subculture of skaters, Jeong conceived and wrote The Aggressives. Its narrative impetus driven by a series of acutely adolescent concerns (Is life exciting enough? Do I fit in? Am I the only one who feels this way?), the film presents a varied and fairly interesting tapestry of teenage-hood in modern Korea, complete with a stock of teenage characters – in – development and all the modern trappings – including a hand-held video camera to film a myriad of stunts, and the perennial mobile phone.

Events unfold mostly from the perspective of one young boy, Chun So-yo, a child abandoned by his workaholic parents and taken in by a group of skaters. We follow their angst, and witness their growing pains. We watch them manoeuvre their way from surface to surface with exquisite ease, our eyes actively seeking the next ideal launch pad. All this, to a soundtrack that is trying too hard to be edgy, sadly results in a film with a middle-of-the-road feel. Despite moments of real potential, and some well-helmed moments of adrenaline-fuelled action, The Aggressives is slightly disappointing: the dramatic potential is never fully explored, and emotional resonance remains at a tepid, even keel throughout.

After making a very different kind of film in her debut, The Aggressives could easily have brought Jeong plaudits for her attempt at deconstructing a close-knit community in a fictional setting. Unfortunately, instead of scaling dizzy heights, the film slides into obscurity. Given the potential displayed in her initial effort, let’s hope her next film is back on track.

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