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Lausanne Street Bowl Contest 2010: Official Edit

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Lausanne is back! The 3rd edition of the Lausanne Street&Bowl Contest took place at the legendary site of Vidy where the well known IRCL was once held.

Still dreaming to put Lausanne back amongst the top scenes of the rollerblading community, the organisers invested a lot of effort into making this contest a public celebration of Rollerblading including not only skaters but also people that aren’t familiar with our sport.

The contest included Pro, Amateur, Girl, Junior, Best Trick categories and a variety of extra events such as downhill runs, slalom blading, rollerblading initiation and waterjump.

Not to forget the gathering of the Old School and the New School generation of skaters on the amazing site of the Vidy Bowl by the Leman Lake.

Featuring Romain Godenaire, Sven Boekhorst, Robert Guerrero, David Sizemore, Roman Abrate, Adrien Anne, Beat Schillmeier, Nicolas Schopfer, Warren Digne, Jeremy Suarez, Anthony Pottier, Bjorn Elias, Anthony Avella, Dominic Beck, Stephane De Freitas, Diego Guilloud, Mihai Bivol, Jeremy Kessler, Maxime Genoud, Taylor Latouche, Kevin Quentin, Geoffroy Dubreuil, Dick Heerkens, Silvain Humbert, Mathilde Monneron, Aurore Costabile, Mannon Derrien and more.

Cameras: Michael Hartwell, Maxime Genoud, Florian Rumo, Richard Ammann, Fabrice Beguin, Pierrick Dind, Robin Imhoof. Editing: Michael Hartwell.

Lausanne Street Bowl Contest 2010: Full Results.

lausanne street bowl contest

Lausanne Street Bowl Contest 2011:

Lausanne Street Bowl Contest: Time Machine
2010 | 2009 | 2008.

Lausanne Street & Bowl 2010: RemiX UH44 Edit

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Lausanne Street & Bowl 2010 contest seen through the eyes of Sven, Randy, Dick, Domo and Remy. Including some bowlskating , a football match and some street skating. This is a documentation of our RB road trip. Enjoy!

Skaters featured (not all actually skating haha): Remy Cadier, Toto Ghali, Vins Isaac, Tom Ahlqvist, Randy Abels, Sven Boekhorst, Dick Heerkens, David Sizemore, Rob Guerrero, Anthony Avella, Wilfried Rossignol, Dominic Beck, Maxime Genoud, Jair Smidse, Donny Straube, Wiboud De Boorder, Jeremy Suarez & Jean Jean Chanet.

Street Bowl Contest 2010 (Lausanne, Switzerland): Fenfanix & Session Edits + Pictures

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Fenfanix Edit

Street Bowl Contest 2010 Media

Team TRS @ Lausanne Streetbowl Contest 2010

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Featuring David Sizemore, Rob Guerrero, Warren Digne, Sven Boekhorst & Stephen Swain.

Filmed & edited by Greg Mirzoyan.

Photos of the Team TRS @ Lausanne Streetbowl Contest 2010.
by Dominic Swagemakers.

Skating in Switzerland: Trip, Contest (Lausanne 2010)

Friday, September 17th, 2010


Switzerland LINEmedia 2010 Trip

Around mid July i got a called from Blake Bird asking me if i wanted to go out to Lausanne to go skate the new bowl contest in September. Immediately i was onboard. I had been Switzerland once before and it is a beautiful country with some incredible architecture to skate. So along with Joey Egan and Leon Humphries we organised to stay with Stephan De Freitas in Geneva for a week.

Firstly, many thanks to Stephan and his friends for making our stay an unforgettable experience. We skated and chilled in Geneva for the first two days of our trip before driving up through Switzerlands beautiful country side to Lausanne. The bowl is situated only 50 metres from lake Geneva which makes it the most idilic skatepark ive ever had the pleasure of going to.

The competition itself was amazing. They had some of the most insane street course rails i have ever seen in my life, not to mention a vert half pipe at the bottom of the course too, which Joey Egan took pleasure in spinning the life out of. Without a doubt top three of the best contests ive attended in terms of skating, chilling and overall atmosphere.

So we got back from Lausanne exhausted and feeling pretty hungover and blurry eyed so took a day off before we hit the streets of geneva again.

Again thanks to Stephan and co for making our trip the sickest and we will see you again next year Switzerland.

Blake Bird short session in Lausanne by Bivol Mihai

Lausanne street bowl contest 2010 by Greg Mirzoyan

Lausanne Streetbowl contest 2010 by Tony Martins

Skaters: Jeremy Suarez, Rob G, David Sizemore, Jeremy Kesler, Antony Pottier, Sven Boekhorst, Romain Godenaire, Adrien Anne, Thomas Buggenhoudt, Bjorn Elias, Yannick Moens, Taylor Latouche & more.

Lausanne Street & Bowl Contest 2010: Rolls Edit

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Lausanne Street & Bowl Contest 2010


1. Setz Thomas
2. Botello Nicolas
3. Blondel Hugo

1. Dubreuil Geoffroy
2. Elias Bjorn
3. Humbert Sylvain

1. Monneron Mathilde
2. Derien Manon
3. Costabile Aurore

01. Godenaire Romain
02. Boekhoerst Sven
03. Cudot Julien
04. Abrate Roman
05. Schopfer Nicolas
06. Latouche Taylor
07. Quintin Kevin
08. Genoud Maxime
09. De Freitas Stephane
10. Guilloud Diego
11. Anne Adrien

Thanks Salim / Strastv.

Geoffroy Dubreuil: LSBC 2010, Promo Edit 3

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Lausanne Street & Bowl Contest 2010

Geoffroy Dubreuil promoting the Lausanne Street & Bowl Contest 2010 at the Vidy Bowl (Lausanne, CH) during a short morning session.

Filmed and edited by Michael Hartwell. Song: Bonobo – If You Stayed Over (feat. Fink).


Maxime Genoud: LSBC 2010, Promo Edit 2

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

maxime genoud

Fenfanix, Remz and Rollingrock team rider Maxime Genoud promoting the Lausanne Street & Bowl Contest 2010 at the Vidy Bowl and the ‘VallĂ©e de la Jeunesse’ Downhill (Lausanne, CH) during a short morning session.

Filmed and edited by Michael Hartwell. Song: Tm Juke – Get It Together.


Lausanne Street, Bowl Contest 2010: Promo Edit

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

high in the park

Fenfanix team rider Diego Luppi promoting the Lausanne Street&Bowl Contest 2010 at the Vidy Bowl (Lausanne, CH) during a short morning session.

Filmed and edited by Michael Hartwell. Song: Tm Juke – Get It Together.