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Chosen Few: A Day in Our Lives episode 8 + Bonus

Monday, July 19th, 2010

A Day in Our Lives episode 8

Amazing Days staring Eric Miller, Beat Schillmeier / Claudio Bohli, Stanislaw Bondarik.

a chosen few

a chosen few

Bonus: Car Retrieval Edit

Last weekend at woodward during the intuition 500$ best trick I tried a disaster 540 true soul on the box you see in this edit.

I missed and hurt my shoulder, I was forced to leave my car there and catch a ride back with some friends.

I went back up the other night to retrieve my vehicle and Decided there was no reason not to make an edit if I had to take a 4 hour round trip to get my car. check out a little late night sesh with: Wake Schepman, Richie Velasquez, Duran Bickmore, Harbor Bickmore, Ruthless1.