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SRSC final 2006: Cold Productions Video Edit

Monday, November 13th, 2006

Ronni Skovmand just dropped me a line. A new video from Cold Productions is available on youtube. Here is the SRSC 2006 finals featuring Dominik Wagner, Claus Berg, Daniel Nielsen, Gabriel Hyden, Gagi Wagenblast, Jacob Juul, Daniel Prell & more!

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SRSC Finals 2006 report : Article + Photos

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

SRSC in Copenhagen

Friday the 11th of August was the SRSC in Copenhagen, Denmark. The spots this year were all in one place, the concrete beach called Amager Strandpark.

What could be better than to have a competition at the beach on a hot sunny summer day at probably the best spot in the country? I wouldn’t know, cause that’s not what happened!

Quite a lot of preparation went into the competition and some good foreign skaters showed up in Copenhagen from the Ignition tour and Grindhouse, so we were all less than happy when we woke up to see the city practically underwater with rain. Oh well, what are you gonna do? So we went on with everything in the hopes that it would stop raining by the time the comp was scheduled to start.

We waited and hoped that if we ignored the rain then it might go away. And after what seemed like a very long morning of waiting and denial. THE RAIN FINALLY STOPPED! […]

Daniel Prell, Gabriel Hyden, Martin Gade and Jacob Juul decided to show the rail who is the boss, they got so tech on it that the poor rail must have cried itself to sleep that night. […]

Read the full article + see some photos on Toxboe.

Results (Courtesy of Toxboe)

  1. Jacob Juul
  2. Daniel Prell
  3. Cristopher Herdman
  4. Kayre Lindberg
  5. Kenth Ulvedal

Daniel Prell

SRSC Oslo 2006: Report

Saturday, July 8th, 2006

skating in Oslo

Looking up at the sky, one thought came to my mind that morning: “Perfect!”
For the first time in 5 years, we were graced with pure, undisturbed sunlight on the day of the SRSC stop in Oslo. The stage was set and the juicemeters pumped for yet another insane contest.

People from all over Denmark, Sweden and Norway were there to rip apart 3 different skateable locations in the city of Oslo. People were meeting up at one of the latest additions to Oslo’s spots. Right next to the parliament there’s a number of flowerbeds surrounding a fountain. Yes, you guessed it; curbs all over! […]

Check the Report + Photos on Toxboe. Another huge photo gallery of the Real Street Contest Oslo 2006 is availiable here