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SKITCH, the second issue (2016) Full Video

Sunday, December 25th, 2016

The second installment to the skitch video zine series. Documenting our mini travels through the south east region of America. Featuring profiles on Steven Tat, Elliot Feltner, & Justin Chad Anthony.

Skitch Second Issue (2016)

Appearances by some of aggressive rollerblading’s top amateurs. The success of this video is what produced our motivation to Tour the nation twice. The documentation of those travels will be released in our third installment ‘Sorry America’ which will premiere here on January 1st, 2017. Thank you for your time. LONG LIVE ROLLERBLADING.

SKITCH, the second issue: Making The Cover (2016)

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

Dane Stivers is a pistol, full of ammo. We first learned of Dane as a very young person. His parents owned/ operated an infamous skate shop in Bowling Green, Kentucky named ‘Blue Wallace’. Dane has rollerbladed since he was in velcro’s. He’s constantly eager to climb up on something and scare himself.

Skitch Second Issue (2016)

There was a rather large group of people with us on this day. We were 5 cars deep when we pulled up to this untouched, unskated spot. If you have downloaded the latest SKITCH VOD, then you’ve seen the clips of Dane skating a yellow bar to drop over a hauling trailer.

It was only a matter of minutes after those tricks were landed, that the group was steered over to the shipping containers. The setting was too perfect for anyone to deny that the big one needed a grind out. No one else even debated giving it a slide. Dane climbed up the side of the U-Haul trailer like a spider monkey. We got the V up top and the crew scattered amongst the property for photo captures.

Dane and I were posted up top, surrounded by a fair silence. I could tell he was nervous, but ready to execute. Thats when the last bit of juice was initiated. “If you lace this, you’ll get the cover.” He simply replied, “Alright, bet.”

Dane is rare, he is an up and comer within an industry claimed to be dead a long time ago. Thankfully, his heart is solid. He knows that in order to prolong skating, one must skate. Thanks for landing the cover Daney Boy. Despite how far away we get, thanks for still skating. Thanks for still believing. LONG LIVE ROLLERBLADING.

Skitch Magazines are available on Sellfy.

Skitch Second Issue (2016): Trailer

Monday, May 30th, 2016

I never thought a second issue would happen. In mid June we will be moving into an RV & traveling America to spread the good news. The second issue is finished!

Skitch Second Issue (2016)

We will be premiering the film in the beginning weeks of June. Shortly after, it will be available for download in VOD format on sellfy. The second printed book will be available on or you can catch a copy from us in person while touring the country.

We are excited about the new release and getting it out to the public. Long live Rollerblading.