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Brisbane Skatemeet (Australia): Dale Travers Report

Saturday, August 21st, 2010


Brisbane Skatemeet No.7
Write-Up: Dale Travers ; Photos: Dale Travers and Krisztina Szabolcsi.

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Dave Russell, Kindgrind. Photo: Dale Travers.

Skatemeet 6: Brisbane Report & Photos

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010


We all travelled down the Gold Coast to hit Narang and Varsity lakes skatepark. I also linked up with a Photography Strobist group who all work and learn with off camera flash.

So 40 rollerbladers, 10 photographers, a shitload of flashes and an amazing bowl at Varsity Lakes all combined to make one awesome skatemeet. […]


Skatemeet 4 (Brisbane, Australia) by Dale Travers

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

up: Luke Stonebanks / Kindgrind.

Brisbane Skatemeet No.4 was held at the Gap Bowls and a school right down the road. A combination of park and street.

The bowls have one really really long piece of coping and wax was applied early. Skatebiz had given me some wheels and Gerard from VC came with a bunch of wheels and shirts to give away to the best rippers of the day.

Fresh off the back of the Aussie Rolling Open, Ben Grenero ate the coping up with various switch-ups and the longest grind of the day earning himself 2 sets of wheels for achieving both. […]

Check the Skatemeet (Brisbane, Australia) 4: Report by Dale Travers.

up: Daniel Yeoman / Topsoul.

Skatemeet Brisbane (Australia) Report by Dale Travers

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

up: Peter Ball – Fishbrain.

Check the full Skatemeet, Brisbane (Australia) Report.
Write-Up and Photos: Dale Travers.

Skatemeet 7 (Harlow): Edit

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

skatemeet 7

Skatemeet 7 (Harlow): Edit by Dom West.

Check the video in HD Streaming.
Via Kingdom Mag.

Skatemeet No.7 (Harlow): Photo Report

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008


Well it’s been a while since i organized a skatemeet due to travelling and the weather here in the UK but it was time for another skatepark session.

This time i chose Harlow. A relatively new park with a bowl and small street section. I found out how small it really was after turning up on Sunday morning. The weather was awesome with the sun shining down and having an amazing turnout or around 50 skaters. The biggest yet.

Check the report on Dale’s Travels Blog.



Skatemeet 5 : Kingdom Photos & Report

Monday, February 4th, 2008

up: Adrien Crasnault – Lui Kang to topsoul

Skatemeet number 5 took place at Saffron Walden about 2 hrs north of London by train.

Meeting up in the city early then trecking it all the way there with 6 skaters was like the old days when you’d get to a skatepark at sunrise and wait for it to dry and then skate it all day. This took a little more organising with cars meeting up with us in the small town where the skatepark is located.

Good friends Jen and Sam picked us all up and then by the time we got the park we were greeted with a great view. Lots of rollerbladers!!! […]

Check the article on Kingdom Mag
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Skatemeet & Blading Photos by Bruno Mendes

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Up: Luciano Moreira – fishbrain cross grab @ the Skatemeet 5. Enlarge the picture.

Skatemeet & Blading Photos by Bruno Mendes.

Up: Luciano Moreira FishBrain. Enlarge the picture.