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Chosen Few: Santee Comp (San Diego, California) 2011

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Chosen Few Santee Comp

Jeremy Cloe: Santee Comp, Slow Motion Edit



Santee Street Comp (2011): Results

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Top Ten

  1. Tyler Hester
  2. Russell Day
  3. Anthony Luna
  4. Tim Franken
  5. David Jones
  6. Rick Rodriguez
  7. Hayden Ball
  8. Franky Murcia
  9. Daniel Rosado
  10. Anthony Williams

Best Tricks

  • Spot 1: Anthony Williams – True Top soul to Fish brain
  • Spot 2: Russell Day – Too many to name
  • Spot 3: Anthony Luna – Soul transfer switch KG


Santee Comp (May 21, 2011): Park Construction

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

santee comp

I start this off with a wow simply because of how excited I am for this event. The Chosen Few Santee competition will really be one of those competitions that go down in the books.

This is also the grand opening of what will be one of the best skate spots in San Diego built by rollerbladers (Damien Wilson is a carpenter). Santee is building 5 new obstacles to put in this ditch. Over the last 3 days they have been taking soil samples, measurements and clearing out brush so they can be ready to cement everything in.

The event is going to be, as Nick Wood puts it “A skate carnival” and there is no lie in that statement. A few days ago Damien decided to buy a 150 pound pig to bring along to the competition. There will be BBQ best trick battles at every spot. All the money earned from the BBQ and drink sales go to the best trick. There will also be crazy side competitions like best Makio and best flying squirrel grab off a trick along with whatever other challenges the Santee crew wants to come up with. Winners of these challenges will be winning cash and product.

This will still be a professional competition and competitors will be skating for over $500. Top 3 will receive cash, and top 10 will receive product. Top 10 skaters will also receive 2 star WRS points and ACF points. We also have a prestige line of official judges which include Louie Zamora, Robert Lievanos , Eric Schrijn and Beau Cottington.

The After BBQ party which will take place at an amazing new property recently purchased by Sober Matt which has over 5 acres of open space. So that means plenty of space for parking! All ages are allowed! There will be alcohol for those of age, and bring your tents to party all night and camp out. Then drive home the next morning.

We will also be premiering a sneak peak at the new FESTER team video starring Damien Wilson, Nick Wood, Lyle Shivak, John Bolino, Joey Chase and Casey Mcfarland. There’s going to be carnival games set up all over for your enjoyment. We got horse shoes, we got sand bags and all sorts of fun stuff going on at the after party. As far as food goes we will have more BBQ and we also may have REMZ owner Kato making some of his famous Paella. It is going to be an insanely outrageously awesome event. Make sure you don’t miss out. Wherever your traveling from it will be worth it. Hope we see you there.


Chosen Few: Santee Stree Comp (San Diego): Promo Edit with Damien Wilson & Nick Wood

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Damien Wilson Nick Wood

Chosen Few: Santee Stree Comp (San Diego) – May 21st, 2011. Promo Edit with Damien Wilson, Nick Wood, a dude and a fake horse.

Funniest skaters ever.